Saturday, December 25, 2010

NLP Commercials at Xmas

Merry Xmas Everyone I hope you are enjoying your Holiday.
I have noticed people Love Xmas or they cannot stand Xmas, this has much to do with the Associations we connect to surrounding this Holiday.

Xmas is usually thought of as a Time to connect with Loved ones, eat drink and be merry.
It is a Field day for Advertisers who make full use of these Anchors and fire them off willy Nilly to get us spending and creating the suggestion of Magic at Xmas.

What Associations do you have to Xmas ?
If you don't like the ones you have you could always change them with the power of NLP.
I always enjoy the Commercials at Xmas to understand the way advertisers use the Power of Anchors that result in more sales.

Here are some Interesting ones to watch.

Have fun and I will speak with you soon.

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NLP Sales Coaching

Thursday, December 16, 2010

NLP - Spatial Anchoring | NLP is Fun

I thought this was a Cute Video to share with you.
Former President Clinton Famous for knowing his way around a Tricky Press Conference, is discussed in these clips provided by the Daily Show

What is Spatial Anchoring ?
This is Setting up conditioned responses (unconscious Expectations) in other people to influence then into an expected way of responding in non verbal communication.

Whole Body Positioning:
You may use Your whole Body by positioning it in certain areas of the stage or room floor
ie: Every time I move to the right it emphasises Bad
Every time I move to the Left it amplifies Good
The middle means Neutral.

Non Verbal Conditioning:
Or I can use My hands, Feet fingers Head, or any close by instrument (such as a pencil) for subtle and not so subtle ways to set up the Anchor and fire it, oer and over again during the course of a conversation.

How People use Space to Locate Choice:
When speaking to a person if you notice their Eye accessing cues and Calibrate you will begin to notice where he/she stores their Timeline and if their accessing cues are normally organised.

This is Involving pretty Good Calibration skills and asking provoking questions to get the responses to calibrate

Ask a Question:
I would start with questions that a person has immediate access to, and then compare how they find the answer for something way in the past of that may be untrue for example.
You could ask a person .. Think of somebody you like ... Think of somebody you really don't like.
You will notice they look in two different places for these memories.

Influence and Set up The Anchor:
If you wanted to Influence a person you would set up firing your anchor spatially by amplifying these feelings on the side that they had great memories of.

You can Use any Object too:
We can use any object we like to anchor a person, it is a One Trial learning association, and the closer we can get  to the peak on the leading up side the better our Anchor will be.
Depending on where you are get creative and pick up whatever is around you to set up the anchor.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

NLP - Is it Manipulation ?

I have often been asked if NLP is Manipulation ..
I often wonder when being asked, isn't all communication Manipulation ?

You see the word Manipulate has little meaning or attachment for me, it describes a process of Skillful Movement.
Truly we have many Hot Button words that create feelings within us and I believe this is a great one to explore today.

The Map is not The Territory:In my opinion it is not actually the word Manipulate that may offend others it is more the experience and Feeling they attach to the word.

Again words alone don't mean anything unless we fully understand what a person is attempting to communicate.

Chances are the Feeling a person is attempting to communicate has a Purpose ..
So we can gain more information when we ask:
What is that Purpose ?

Calibrate and Feedback Communication:
We need to listen more, sometimes to what is not being said to find out more about the meaning of a persons communication.
Is a person saying, for example:

a)I am afraid of being taken advantage of ?
b) I am afraid I will take advantage of others ?
c) I am afraid of  how any of this will Feel inside me ?
d) I once had a bad experience and this reminds me of it ?

We are all different, what would you be saying, if you said NLP is Manipulative ?

What Websters online Dictionary says about Manipulate:Here is How Websters Online define the word Manipulate.
How Websters have chosen to define the word may provide proof for one person to prove a point that NLP Can Manipulate.
In fact I could use it and say NLP can Manipulate ...

Let us look closer at what Webster is saying about the word Manipulate:

I quote:
1: to treat or operate with or as if with the hands or by mechanical means especially in a skillful manner
2a : to manage or utilize skillfully
b : to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one's own advantage
3: to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one's purpose : Doctor
End Quote.

Is NLP Ever used for anything Positive:
NLP by itself is just a Technology, that can be used in a myriad of situations. 

Can NLP be used to help others ?
Will they have the unfair advantage of benefiting through NLP ?

Can NLP be used to artfully play upon an Unfair (what does unfair mean ? - By Who's standard) advantage.
The result of which is always a change of one sort and another that serves one's purpose.
More likely to be win win more often, since NLP is about understanding what others are communicating.

A closer look at Websters Definitions:
Now we can add and take away from these definitions, I do not believe in Absolutes ..

1: to treat or operate with or as if with the hands or by mechanical means especially in a skillful manner
So ..
Would then a Seamstress Manipulate a machine or fabric ?
Would a Forklift Driver Manipulate Things they picked up ?
Would a Diamond Polisher Manipulate a piece of Rock ?
Would a Grandmother making a crochet blanket for a baby Manipulate the wool or crotchet hook ?

What other examples come to your mind ?
Lets look at the second one:

2a : to manage or utilize skillfully
b : to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one's own advantage.
So .. Questions to address this segment:
Would a Archaeologist manipulate their brush while carefully sorting through a discovery ?
Would a Concert Pianist manipulate sounds through use of Fingers and Keys ?
Would a Waiter carrying 9 Plates at one time Manipulate the plates in a way that they could be carried well ?
Would a Professional Footballer Manipulate the Ball across the Field ?
Would a Polo player who is winning Manipulate the Horse and Equipment ?
Would an Actor hoping to win a Oscar Manipulate their Acting skills to be the best Candidate ?

Taking the Stuffing out of a Word:
What do you think of the word now, all that happened is that we changed the Frame, it is still the same word.
When we add other implications, Suggestions the meaning of the word can change.
The thing about this is, the process is assumed and then it is not questioned.

If we were to ask more questions:
  • We could get more information
  • Make a qualified decision for ourselves,
  • Keep the process moving
  • Choose for ourselves if there was greater value instead of being told what to think
Uh oh, did you notice .... The frame just changed ...More about 2b

Changing the Frame by adding words that Change Meaning:
2b adds the word Insidious ... What does insidious mean ?
The word insidious could change everything, because now we know that The Frame is Negative, we are not given specific examples of how or why suddenly, but just the word being present has given additional information.

Is it possible ...
We have been given an Insidious suggestion to Influence our understanding of the word Manipulate.
See how easy it is to play with words ..

Moving on ...
Back to the examples ..

3: to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one's purpose : doctor has been given as an example.

I honestly have no interpretation for what is meant here !
I believe this suggestion is open to your own interpretation .. Deletions, Distortions and Generalizations.
We have been given a suggestion of a Doctor, are we to believe that Doctors are Unfair and Artful ?

more investigation needs to be done, and in what context are we establishing meaning ..

My point here is only to suggest that Language can be used however you would like it to be used.
In NLP we play with words and meanings frequently and since we are doing that, Let's play with our Kinesthetic associations to Words Too.

A Word Means:
Whatever Energy, Association Connection, Feeling you attached to it at an Unconscious or Conscious level of meaning.
"The Meaning of our Communication is the response you get", We often have no clue exactly what our communication means until we get the Feedback Loud and Clear, at which time we can continue the conversation until we are both on the same page. 

Being Creative with Communication:
The whole objective in communication is to find new and creative ways to use  Language keep the process moving, and not always to say things that people like or agree with.

The Language can be Verbal on Non verbal, all language is considered as communication, and all must send the same signal at the same time, for it to work well.

I beg to Differ:
Sometimes the best response can even be a response of disagreement, in any case the process of communication continues to flow.
Whatever it takes to get a person Talking means the process is still continuing and leaves room for agreement.

End the Frame with Agreement:
A skillful NLP'er will learn how to create a Frame that is suitable to draw an agreement all the way through the conversation, there can always be things to agree about if you look for them, we close with Agreement in the end.

Would it be better not to have that skill ... only you can answer that My Friend.

Monday, November 29, 2010

NLP Sales Coaching with December Bonus Offer

Recently I have worked with a series of People whom I have helped with Sales Coaching.
I have been asked repeatedly "How come you don't have a Sales Coaching Package", so after Much Thought I have designed a Sales Coaching Package of the NLP s Fun in Las Vegas Site.

Here were some of the things I took into consideration:

The Pricing is Super Low because when a person is Having difficulty with Sales more outgoing can be stressful so I have priced it at an Incredible Gift price for the simple reason to help you get back on your Feet again, and because it will be my Holiday Gift for the month of December.
In January the Package will change and the Pricing goes Up, Get it while you can at this Price.

When Your Hot - Your Hot and When your Not ... You know the rest..
The Main problem that Sales Persons have is the inability to maintain a state of Congruence, Super highs and Low Lows are often the norm with people who have difficulty with Sales.
The Package is a wealth of information and Strategies I have Developed.

Time Commitments
I have committed to giving you plenty of Time to reap the rewards of this Program, Most of it is done via Email which lends needed flexibility to the program with one 30 Minute Skype Call each week to Chat.

Initial Consultation Bonus
I have Given a 60 minute Initial Consultation, to begin with so that we may have a chance to Chat and I can get the full situation you are in at the moment.

The Value of this package is easily salable for more than I am asking, and my real Gift is the fact I really would like to have those of you benefit from it while it is priced so Low through the month of December.
I appreciate you taking advantage of it Now while I have it to offer you.

NLP | Well Formed Outcomes Explained | NLP is Fun

One of the most important Processes we can Do is really Get Clear with our Wants and Desires.
Before doing this exercise you can make sure you are congruent and really clear with This exercise 

When Goal setting in NLP we Chunk Down to the most Minute Detail, until we can actually have some real markers to Calibrate our Progress along the way, and have gone through Mental Drills of what Having it, would really be like.

I invite you to take some time and work on this exercise by yourself, Get Really Clear about what you want.
Your Well formed Outcomes Need to be:

1. Stated in the Positive.
i.e: I will achieve Excellence as a Professional Ballroom Dancer.

2. State what YOU can do and maintain (Independently).
i.e: When I complete the state Levels and win, I will then go on to practicing 4 hours a day and hiring a dance Coach to become more competitive.

3. Context, Where, Whom, and When. 
i.e: I am going to Win the Championships in Ballroom Dancing next March in Las Vegas at the Venetian, Rob and the rest of the crew will be there.

4. State Specifically in Sensory Based Language.
i.e: I will see myself wearing a beautiful Pink Dress while being handed the Trophy for the Gold, I can hear the crowd cheering and calling out my name, I feel elated on Cloud nine.

5. Sequential Bite Sized Chunking.
i.e: starting today I will practice 2 hours a Day, when I win the state Level, I will then step my game up and go to 4 hours a Day Practice, 2 between 8-10 am and 2 at 6-8pm, I am going to hire Carlos who I have already spoken to and from there I will .....

6. Be Specific and Include necessary resources.
i.e: According to my Funds I have enough money to cover me till the state Championships, at which time I am expecting to gain attention from a Sponsor, I have already spoken to ...

7. Specify Sensory specific Evidence of Achieving outcome.
i.e: When I can feel the Cold Gold Trophy in my hands and my heart is beating fast and I can hear myself say I just want to thank My Mum, then I will have achieved my Outcome.

8. Associate to Motivation for Outcome, and make it compelling.
i.e.: I am looking forward to the $500 k prize and all the sponsorships I will be offered .. I will be Rich !

9. Ecology Check - Does this fit your overall Functioning.
i.e: I am Ecologically Sound, I do not have a Baby or a Husband and I have always wanted the adventure so I can still respect my ecology.

You can do this List for every Goal you have, It really challenges what you say you want and you get the chance to experience and practice it which is great Mental Mastery.

How serious are you about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, what are you doing regularly to improve ?

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There are over 200 more Empowering articles to enjoy and remember NLP is Fun so enjoy the whole experience.
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

NLP - Rapport Better Connections | NLP is Fun

Rapport as an Unconscious Process
Since we know a larger part of Communication happens under the surface we can lend this theory toward understanding Rapport.
Rapport although can be a conscious process is much more effective when used in an unconscious and elegant Unconscious Competent way.

Kick some Boxes around 
Certainly taking a look at Traditional writings about Rapport is a great start. If one wants to care more than using a Rapport Outline then there is more to understand about Human Connection and Animal Connection and Infact the Energy of Connection.
Thinking outside the Box helps .. In fact I am a huge Box Kicker ... I believe in thinking outside of the Box once the information inside the Box has served a Purpose, That has been performed and duly noted, After all a Box is just a Box ... How many ways can it be used though ?

So What is Rapport Really Then ?
Rapport is a Connection to another Energetic Source which includes an Animal, Plant, Human or any other living entity.
In order to best understand Rapport one should begin the practice of connecting with a Baby or a Dog for example, who only really respond to energy and maybe Tonality anyway.

Why the need for internal Congruence ?
So the most important component for Rapport to work well is how congruent your own internal state is before the external communication begins.
Your internal representations have everything to do with your own state building. The Words, Pictures that you play and feelings these create then grow legs and become Actions.

Thought That Creates a Feeling = Emotion
An Emotion creates an Action ... Good emotions create Actions that support you and Fearful Emotions create Actions that you believe protect you ... these are not things you really want or feel passionately about.

Rapport is a process of using Energy 
My Personal theory is Rapport an Energetic process that  begins as a thought, from the first thought one creates an Energetic connection to the person one is thinking of.

Why Do we speak of Rapport, in any case ?
Rapport gives us a "In" a thick layer of influence with another entity when done well. It allows us more glue to explain our intentions and communicate them as being "Win Win" good rapport engages agreement every step of the way through the process.
Rapport is the basis of Hypnosis and Hypnosis is the basis of Rapport.

Isn't all communication persuasive and therefore Hypnosis ?
Communication is a way of sharing ideas and Good Communication is making sure your ideas stick out and are received well and the entity you are connecting with are happy with it.
Good communication is first set with an intention, and then creative ways to achieve your objective are worked in on the Fly, depending on the responses as you engage.
Good Communication is like a sophisticated Dance, like Salsa or The Tango for example. Many times you can appear to be dancing on the spot and it is necessary to remain Calm and focused during the process. People often loose Good communication with themselves when they are unable to stay calm and focused on the invisible outcome.
If you can hold the thought of your outcome, you will gain the agreement you are hoping for by staying calm and focused.
Slow things way down if you find you are getting hot under the collar and remember the original reason for communication.
Often people can get drawn into emotional clashes because they loose focus of the original objective and get caught up in a spaghetti junction of somebody else's Fear based Thinking + Feeling = Emotions = Actions/Behaviour.
You will put yourself in danger of loosing and not be able to maintain Rapport if your emotions get the best of you.
Instead Stay Calm and wait for the earliest opportunity when you have the reassurance of your opponent you should continue to proceed and see how far you can go expecting to reach the finish Line each time, and being patient and graceful if stopped (Interrupted) and repeating the process until you Win.

Do we Always Need Rapport ?
We always need Rapport, although there are many times when it becomes effortless and happens naturally for example when a person is with somebody they are attracted too or happy with.
Sometimes we need lots because a person can be disagreeable, the best thing to do is create the situation in your mind that you do want, this begin the flow and direction of the Energy. This sets the Intention which is invisible but strongly felt by both parties.

What Happens if we do not have Rapport ?
If we do not have Rapport we "Feel" Uncomfortable around the person who we do not have Rapport with and so do they.
We can call them "Stand Offish" "A loner" and so on.
Again Rapport begins with a Thought and if a person has little or no interest in socializing there begins the heart of the problem.

Can a Skilled NLP'er Find a way to create Rapport ?
Absolutely Every single Time and that has much to do with how a Skilled NLP'er communicates with themselves and develops and maintains their own Internal Representations.
They Should begin to pick up on what is exciting the person and allow them to speak about it for as long as they like and then agree with them, You can easily create an Agreement Frame and many other language patterns that help you to break down the barriers of discontent in other people. Remember you will be constantly Pacing the current Experience and then Lead them where you would like them to go, while using their own examples keep Testing, Keep Calibrating, keep going until you reach your goal.

Sometimes it can take a while, Like a Tug of war the way to do it is change Tonality and get creative sometimes asking the same question in as many ways as you can, always sandwiching in "softeners" that your audience respond well too, you must listen to what is important to the person you are speaking to and sometimes that means finding the integrity of a higher value they have not yet understood for themselves.

Being an NLP'er means you become a behaviour Detective looking for the incongruence between the words, How they are used and the Actions/Physiology/Behaviours and other unconscious Signals.
So it takes practice and skill but each of us begin somewhere right ?
And as I said earlier, Think of it as Hypnosis the more presuppositions you stack the more progress you make toward the direction of your choice.

How do we create and Maintain the best Connections ?
We maintain the best connections by managing our own state and personal Power, Physiology and having patience and commitment to a flexible approach focusing only on a clear end result.
The Pictures we see in our mind create the Feelings which creates the Behaviour ... Always. So make sure you have the right movies playing for the Game you are in Currently.

We pace the current experience and then Lead. we need to use wonderful calibration to understand the feedback that is being transmitted consistently no matter how subtle.
A word about micro expressions: while some may like to study these, I believe way before you will see these an unconscious knowing will occur if you are paying attention, so use micro expressions with a pinch of salt and just note the incongruence and explore further and adapt to engage in a more supportive and conducive way that makes progress with your original outcome.

Is there room for improvement from Traditional NLP  ?
Absolutely, Rapport is about developing a Flexible approach and getting good at thinking on your feet, each person is different and Real Rapport will not be transmitted without congruence.

Use what you like, practice, practice Practice watch how people communicate with each other from afar watch conversations on your TV with the Volume down and understand the connection and if people really are enjoying the experience.

Watch for subtle shifts and more that language can often schmooze over, begin to notice everything about the person you are communicating with.
Rapport begins with the Opening Communicators Intention. followed by great State building way before the first Physical Interaction takes place.

More about Energy and Collective Consciousness
My Belief is that we are all Energy, and can be tuned in, or can tune in to a collective consciousness of Rapport, way before we physically meet any person.
Being in Rapport with ones self lends much to the way in which we can be in rapport with other people ...
So if Feeling good Feels good why aren't we doing it just for the sake of it. And to make it even better we get more of what we truly want when we feel great.

Think of it as a Transmission ..
The most useful of processes is the one that will allow the Operator, and receiver/Transmitter to achieve our end result faster, more naturally, more congruently and more cohesively.

Consider these Questions as you study Rapport 
I would pose the question ... How can the process be improved, How we teach others to expand their understanding of Connection.

What is the Reason Behind Learning Rapport in the first place ?
What Type of Connection is the Operator Looking for ?
Is there any room for significant Improvement, Personally from the operators point of view ?
Is there any Room for improvement Personally from the Receivers Point of view ?

If you enjoyed reading this is article on our NLP Blog about Rapport then you may like to help yourself to the other informative and empowering Posts on NLP is Fun.

Find out more about our next NLP Practitioners Training

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NLP - Embedded Commands

Embedded Commands:
Here is small Chunk , you will likely find ez and Fun.
If I say to you directly "get yourself working on a plan" chances are I may meet resistance from your conscious mind which is wondering why did she say that, that's so rude and then the whole point is lost.

An Embedded Command will allow you to say what you want in an easy and elegant way as well as bypassing the Critical faculty (slipping past your conscious mind logic and reasoning).
The Critical Faculty is used to define Logic for yourself, compared to what you know to be true or realistic in your own personal Experience.

Bypasing the Critical Faculty:
Here is an example of Spiderman (who walks up a wall) and changes his clothes and then becomes a Superhero ... Logically your Critical Faculty will dispute the reality of this ... by sorting through your own experiences.

Sensory Overload - Submission to Hypnosis:
Luckily, Sensory overload is in position, just like in normal Hypnosis and eventually the Unconscious Mind takes over and the Conscious Mind (Logic Police) agree's to partake in the illusion for the sake of the overall enjoyment of the process.

Embedded Commands  - One of the 5 Subcatagories of Milton Model's Indirect Elicitation Patterns
Embeded Commands are Indirect Elicitation Patterns of the Milton model, most often used for suggestion in Communication.
Where we will see this quite a bit is in Hypnosis, Persuasion and Influence and Language Patterns used to move a process forward such as Sales and Negotiations

Indirect Elicitation Patterns Also Consist of :
Embedded Commands - As I am descibing
Analogue Marking - Making gestures to Markout Verbal or Nonverbal suggestions
Embedded Question - Questions that are sandwiched in the middle of conversation
Negative Commands - preceeding conversation with a negative - when you want somebody to do it
Conversational Postulates - Yes or No answer questions that envoke other responses

Example of an embedded Command:

I will first say something like
And when you become more comfortable in your new house as you know you will you will find you get yourself working on a plan and then things will flow much more easily and suddenly you will begin to notice opportunities are all around you, wherever you choose.

So as you can see I have used language to sandwich some Commands into the sentence.
The reason being is, if I said
Become more comfortable in your new house
get yourself working on a plan
Notice Opportunities

I may have met with resistance from the operator
Often people do not enjoy being told what to do, so the sandwich soften's it all up so it is nice and goey and easily digested.

We will speak about this again as it becomes important when we talk more about the Milton Model

Remember this chunk was a small piece of Milton Model Language
More Specifically Indirect Elicitation Patterns
and we spoke of Embedded Comands.

Next time I will share more with you about:

The Other 4:
Analogue Marking - Making gestures to Markout Verbal or Nonverbal suggestions
Embedded Question - Questions that are sandwiched in the middle of conversation
Negative Commands - preceeding conversation with a negative - when you want somebody to do it
Conversational Postulates - Yes or No answer questions that envoke other responses

Have fun practicing and let me know how you are getting on.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The NLP Interviews - Michael Perez

There is an Air of Gratitude as people are focusing on Family and Thanksgiving for the holiday coming up this week.
Seems like a great time to reflect on some Oldies and Goodies.

This week I am featuring more Interviews from The NLP Interviews we have some of the most incredible NLP interviews on this site and have alist of others we are going to add in 2011.

Today I am featuring Michael Perez who many of you know as the Incredible Community Mentor for NLP Connections sometime ago.

Michael is a wealth of information on subjects like Neuro Science, Hypnosis and NLP, I am fortunate to share that I was mentored by Michael for more than a Year and his Input and creative style of Communicating made a Huge difference to how I experience the world and help others.

He is a mesmerizing person to talk to for hours if you have a curious mind such as mine, I have fond memories of walking in Islington (London UK) with Michael and listening to his Philosphies and Teaching.

I invite you to Watch, Learn and then later Connect with the Incredible Michael Perez if you Ever have a chance to either be Coached by, Mentored By or Taught by Michael Perez I Highly, Highly, Highly recommend it.

The NLP Interviews Michael Perez

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NLP and Law Of Attraction Join Forces for Harmonious Effect

I would like to share my thoughts with you about Manifesting, and Attraction,Qualified enjoyable Clients, Friends, Money, Health, Business, Creativity and so on..

I know many of you have difficulty staying in a High Energetic Vibration, in order to Manifest Exactly what you Deserve for your Life and your Business.

It Really takes a Systemic Approach and initially quite a Bit of Discipline. It may help you to Remember though we ARE all conected and we ARE all one Energy Field.

When you consider this it makes perfect sense.
We are the Image and the Likeness of God. Which means Seperately and Collectively we/You have absolute unlimited potential.

We have heard this so much it somehow takes the juice out of it, because we havent yet been told exactly how to get past ourselves on the way to doing this.

Ok then Why isn't it working so Far ?
Well this is a Question I hear all over the place, and believe me when the movie "The Secret" came out, I bought it for everyone I knew that was working on their Personal Development, Are they all Wealthy and Healthy Now ?

Not so Much ..
Why do you think this is, well first of all nobody can MAKE anyone do anything, and if you have tried you can also feel the ripple of that same kind of energy come back in your life.

I am a Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) so because of this my mind is conditioned to think in Patterns, Codes and Strategies.

So what I learned about the Law of Attraction was learned through my own experience which I Reverse Engineered and then began to teach to other people who were focused on "THE Economy" which is not a real thing, it is not Tangible, it also is an installation in a persons Mind.
Just Like Manifestation, and with both thoughts Feelings are created, and the effects of each thought leads to an entirely different thinking process and ultimately Reality, which then creates your Lifestyle.

I could speak about this for hours because I live it, and use it in my own life All Day, Every day, it has become part of an unconscious thinking proces and indeed an "Alternate Reality". I am not saying it was Easy, it was not ! Because it challenges all previous mental teaching from birth.

There is so much more to say ..
If you would like to know from start to finish how it is done, please join me this weekend where I will be showing a select few Business People how to get into the flow of this lifestyle.

NLP I spoke about before helps to Challenge your Thinking processes and as well as that there are other several other componants.

Why Then is it that All NLP'ers are not Attracting like Mad,Again it is a discipline that Challenges your Beliefs Values and at some level your Identity so there are many reasons why not.

Here is the Link with the full Details. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Friday, November 5, 2010

10 Simple Ways That NLP Can Change your Life

NLP is Powerful and Flexible Technology, here are just 10 ways that NLP can be used. NLP is used in hundreds of ways by Millions and Millions of people all over the World.

Remember NLP is for more Fun in your life, so keep it Fun interesting and creative when playing with it.

1) In All of your Relationships:
NLP is Great Technology you can use and learn to simply step out of your own wants and think of the person you are communicating with and what their "Map" or Priorities are.
This information is imperative, in any relationship, Personal and Business, Potential or Existing.

2) Interviewing other people:
NLP is designed to help you become an Effective communicator, and ask the Questions that make all the Difference, when getting to know somebody in the matter of Minutes.

3) Negotiation:
When winning in Negotiation NLP has an Arsenal of Techniques to help you stay focused on your outcome, while remaining Calm and collected learning how to think creatively.

4) Changing Bad Habits:
NLP helps a person when they are ready, and are motivated by the outcome to use a variety of Techniques to change lifetime habits that were becoming sickening. These processes are simple Quick and lasting.

5) Modeling other people:
To have a role model is not always a reality for some, with NLP we are able to begin to observe and integrate the habits and strategies of People who have excelled in the fields we want to Master, so we can get into that mindset and become successful ourselves.

6) Learning New things quickly:
NLP works fabulously in Learning and retention, NLP can help improve memory and Learning ability and style. this is important as some people have had difficulty learning well in the past, others use these techniques to teach others and others yet still learn to expand their Learning capacity more rapidly than others.

7) Creating a Strategy:
A strategy is like a recipe for success, it has a list of necessary steps in order to make a process work and it also has an order in which these steps should be listed. All Strategies are tested and updated to include improvements, (humans are not machines) one strategy may not fit all, and the least amount of steps the Better think 5 Steps or Less.

8) Becoming more creative:
It is easy to become more creative once you allow yourself to think outside of the box, the person with the most flexibility wins, even in a game of Chess. NLP teaches to become more flexible in your thinking approach so you can win at your endeavour even in the tough times.

9) To Feel Great no Matter what:
There are so many techniques to shift attention from what feels bad to what Feels Great and NLP is super fast and thorough in this Area, Richard Bandler says "Feeling Good for absolutely no reason at all" is a great state to be in. I must admit I agree wholeheartedly.

10) To believe in what you thought was impossible:
You will learn how to make things that seemed so far out of reach really accessible and many times this is the difference that makes all the Difference.

Learning NLP is an Advantage to your Life, and you always have it. Even if you have experienced an NLP Training before and you are not sure how to use NLP you always can begin again, whenever you like.

If you are ready to Learn NLP you can Email here we have a variety of NLP Courses available and even Coach NLP'ers to get a better understanding of NLP

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NLP - Internal Representations | NLP is Fun

I often ask people to keep a track of what they are Putting into their minds, TV Shows,Movies and Pictures, all create lasting Impressions that influence our behaviours as do Radio Shows, The People you hang out with, your family, Loved ones etc.

Many Great Entrepreneurs that others like to Model have said "Birds of A Feather Flock together" and even, "If you want to know How financially successful you will be, take a look at the earnings of the people you spend the most time with.

So Definitely what we put in comes out, why is this so Important, well when one is attaining excellence an Excellent way to enhance and accelerate your experience is to make pictures of your desired outcome and engage :

Visual - What you will See
Auditory - What you will hear
Kinesthetic - How you will Feel when you succeed

Doing mental Drills to rehearse what we will expect in the Long run, not only enhances our belief it also helps us begin the momentum necessary to make it happen, when we combine our efforts with the Energy of Spinning Feelings too inside our Core.
Any Law of Attraction Seekers understand that what you are feeling much of the time determines your life, your results and how you are perceived by others.

How you are feeling is Related to what you are thinking. Here is a Clip from a Training Video to learn allot more about how what Internal Representations are, and how we can Instantly affect our state by changing our Physiology and internal Representations.

So practice for yourself and make it a ritual to do this regularly to begin to layer your beliefs and move closer toward it.

How serious are you about Training your mind for Peak conditioning and what are you doing regularly to improve ?

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There are over 200 more Empowering articles to enjoy and remember NLP is Fun so enjoy the whole experience.
Thanks for reading, Speak soon.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sexy NLP Takes Place in 19 Hours Gather your Wingman

Although we have this on the Calendar, I have updated the Listing on NLP is Fun in Las Vegas. To find out the Full details and RSVP please click the Link.

One Day Only RSVP's are limited, see you there.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NLP - Negotiation

Barely a Day goes by where there is not need to negotiate through around or with Somebody or something.
Today was no exception to the rule.

So this morning I had three meetings the third of the three proved to be the most Challenging, lasting over an hour longer than I had anticipated.
I was truly thankful for my negotiating skills as I often am, and worked several patterns pattern tirelessly through the course of our conversation.

Great Communication has much to do with being flexible and checking your emotion at the door.
It just so happens that "NLP is Fun in Las Vegas"Tonight will be learning the Agreement Frame which I am really Excited about.

The Agreement Frame is an Undisputed Champion to have in your arsenal but there is so much more to Negotiating and persuading.

Now that the weather has cooled down and we have less Trainings on the Calendar we can focus on our NLP & Hypnosis Study Groups more so mark your Calendar to head over and hang out with us.

Boy oh Boy do we have some exciting stuff planned ... no peeking ...

Anyhow those of you who are making great progress and keeping yourselfs in learning mode congrats, and those who have fallen off the Wagon, Now would be a great time to begin again.

Come out and join us for the Agreement Frame we will have as many laughs if not more as last nights group had.

See you soon, keep having tons of fun.
nlpisfuninlasvegas (at) gmail (dot) com

Monday, October 25, 2010

Irresistible Non Verbal Hypnotic Inductions - Study and Practice

Come and Join us for Irresistible Non Verbal Hypnotic Inductions
October 25 2010 at 7pm.

Hypnosis, is one of the most incredible ways I know of to De stress AND communicate (Install ) Irresistible Suggestions that Improve peoples lives in just a few moments.

Just By Mindlessly looking at this Picture you have been given a suggestion, isn't that true ?
What does the suggestion mean to you ... Everyone will get something different, even if there will be a theme of related Generalizations.

While I do not smoke myself .. Images and Suggestions can creatively be scattered through Body Language and Verbal Communication to help get your point across, just think of TV shows and Advertising.

Want to know how this is done, in your real Life ?
Would you like to DE- stress and experience Hypnosis with other people who are as curious and fascinated as you are ?
Would you like a safe place to learn and practice ?
Do you believe you can Hypnotize Somebody ?
Can you be Hypnotized do you think, and if you were .. what would that be like ?
Do you believe you can Hypnotize somebody else, without using words even ?
What about if you could Hypnotize somebody using a combination of Non Verbal and Verbal techniques, would that take the pressure off.
Could you imagine your confidence building more and more with practice ?

Come out and join us as we go over some of the basics of Hypnosis and learn some old and some New ways to get people out of their Trance and into yours.
The last time I offered this Event I hypnotized the Audience while I had my Back to them, installing Non Verbal Hypnosis on the Subject.

Ask anyone who was there, they all went down like Dominoes ... They found it irresistible, and even my assistants were lulled into trance.

Come out and have a go yourself, we always have a terrific time, all are welcome beginners, Practitioners and anyone in between.
Practice Study and Learn as a Group and separately with a partner.
Experience Hypnosis and Ask your Questions with the Group.
Let's have allot of Fun with it.

If you would like to join us tonight please email

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yessur More Fun NLP in Las Vegas coming up !

Wow who knew there were so many books you could read,  that would help with your NLP Studies !
And that is to say nothing of the movies ... Could get a bit overwhelming ...
I may take a nap first ...
Really .... Why ?
Oh Yeah ... I forgot !
Ok ... Thinking about it now ..
Yeah That was pretty Awesome ..

I love Candy Floss mmm hmm ... ok and then ?

Ok ... Intensified and Then .....
Yep ... and Yep ..

I did already because I knew you were going to say that ...
Ahhhh ... Yes and ...
Nom ... Nom in my mouth ... mmmm I like the French fries, didn't they win awards 4 them ..
Yessur  and ...
Yessur how long will it take .... u say 21 Days ... I had better get started ..

Sometimes stories are the best way 2 get on ..
Another way 2 Learn 
is to have ..
With us ... You know where ...
See you soon ...

Learn with us. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

NLP | Change your Mood & Change your Mind | NLP is Fun

Are you feeling some how the worse for wear ?
With NLP you can quickly change an unhappy mood into a pleasant mood.

What to have a go ?

Remember a Time when you were doubled over with laughter, in fact so much so you may have thought you were going to have a little accident ..
Can you notice how immediately you want to begin to laugh, and the more you think of how funny it was the more the laughter becomes uncontrollable .. in fact the more you try not to laugh it seems as if you are crying with laughter ..
Hahahahahahahahahahaaaa soooo cute !
Hahahahhahahahahaha now what was it I was Feeling bad about again ...

Oh Yeah hahahahahahaha .... so What ..... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... I'm only Human .. Hahaha
Stoppid ... I am going to have an accident if you are not careful ... Hahahahahahahaaa

My Sides are hurting ... hahahahahaaha ... Now what was the problem again ? I cant remember ..

Have Fun with it, and the more you practice the easier things become. Work it and achieve it you can still Kill it in 2015 with us and get amazing results get this 4 week NLP Online Coaching course.
Killing it 2015

Boom. Let's Go !
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NLP | How to create a wealthy lifestyle | NLP is Fun

See yourself Enjoying  a wealthy Lifestyle and think of all the things you will enjoy more of.
Travel to exotic places
Luxury and first class all the way
Shopping Trips at Places you love
Family Fun
Expensive outings
An abundance of Money in the Bank
Being with friends and Family at new and interesting places ..

What else can you think of
Maybe even:
Gold Bars
Vaults of Money

Go to your memory banks and remember a time when you surprised yourself by achieving more than you thought you could.  You could always do the Circle of Excellence  and Anchor the feelings of Empowerment you create for yourself.
Spend Time Reverse engineering and think back to how you did it, and the feelings of Victory that were created in this moment.
Then move forward as you Act as if this is going to be your Reality now too.

Think about your own Authentic talents, and what you are really great at right now, and make a list of exactly why you are an expert in this area.

Research what more you will need to know to master this Biz or Opportunity, take some time to get really Clear about it and create a plan based on the result you would like ... You can work backward ie: "I want x and I get it  by _________"

Find a Mentor who has done what you would like to to, she/he can be living or not and find out everything about how they achieved their own success, Overcame challenges and Triumphed and learnt from it.

Ask yourself often, "How else can I improve on this", and add value to what you are offering, keep learning more and more and be persistent in what you are dong until you achieve the signs of success.

Now Imagine yourself Changing your beliefs to make this an actual Reality for yourself.
And if you want to become a Mind Builder and learn how to Immerse yourself in Belief change then you should be here for the full effect.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Learning NLP always An Exciting prospect | NLP is Fun

I have heard people say to me more than once,
'I have studied NLP and have taken many NLP Courses and yet still do not know NLP".

When I was at school my Maths scores began to plummet and before I knew it  I was told I would need to be moved from an Advanced Maths class to a maths class for people who were having trouble with maths.

When I arrived at the new Maths Class my spirit was disappointed, because Intuitively I knew I had not performed at my very best and the consequence was going into a class with kids who had learning disabilities.
I lost sight of the idea at the time, that there was an option for me to be somewhere in the middle and then improve.

The idea in fact had not been presented to me by a teaching professional, instead I felt stuck.
I was in a class with people who were well below my Maths Level and because the Teacher put me there I felt I had run out of options.

I believed, it must be true because "They said so"

I gave up completely for that time being ... I didn't even try in this class because it was much too easy, In my mind, it was almost pathetic.
It wasn't until sometime later I developed a passion for Maths, in fact before I developed a passion for Maths I changed the Idea of Maths being Difficult, and decided that it was in fact useful and because it was going to help me I would have fun learning it.

I suppose at some stage I had taken matters into my own hands so to speak.

When I changed my mind about just the idea that there was a possibility, everything about that changed:
My Temperature changed
My Physiology Changed
My Neurology Changed
My Cardiovascular system Changed and later my comprehension changed what had seemed so hard in the past now was super and pathetically easy to me now.

I actually began to get Excited and was filled with possibility.
I realized I was intelligent, and this inspired me more then the old thought that this was impossible, or I can't.
It has in fact been times like that (paradigm shifts) that have led me to be the person I am today.

Now you said you had experienced a problem learning NLP .... When you were thinking it was supposed to be complicated, Is that True ?

Sometimes people may explain NLP in a way that seems complicated and less Fun and exciting.

Because when you change your mind about NLP having to be complicated it becomes quite exciting that finally you will allow yourself to get the hang of it, Don't you agree ?

Well whats next for you then ?
You should use it, shouldn't you you can begin with what you already know, the smallest chunks you can put them in to every day practice because whatever you know you can know it even better still.

I am learning that, although still learning that .. even better still.
Practice at work, with your family and friends make notes because every one is different and react to interventions in their own ways.
see if you can add bits that work better for you or even cut some steps out if you like. It is completely up to you and the great news is YOU CANNOT BREAK IT which means you only Fail if you completely stop the process of applying, Learning and Improving.

Now you can be an Armchair Philosopher or ... you can be an Elegant and resourceful communicator.
My Tip is begin with being as flexible in your attitude as possible.

We frequently have a Free NLP web Training via skype and you can come to any one of them to experience just how much Fun NLP can really be.

Let me know how you get on, and remember changing your life is an exciting prospect and therefore loads of Fun.

Btw: if you enjoyed reading our NLP Blog then why not look through  some of our other informative posts on NLP is Fun.
Thanks for stopping by, speak with you soon.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Incredible Anthony Robbins

I have to say I am a major Tony Robbins Fan, I love his work and think he is great at what he does.
So I was disappointed when Breakthrough with Tony Robbins was Canceled.

Although I am not a TV watcher myself and wonder how many in his Audience of Massive Action takers really were going to be tuning in to his TV Show.

So, Too Bad the TV show didn't work out for him, I have watched two episodes that I enjoyed very well on Hulu (link included) and will tune in to see the rest as time permits.

Tony Robbins seems to attract strong responses in the NLP Community some like him some loath him, in spite of it all he is making a difference in the lives of the Masses and affecting many who love his brand of Personal Development.

I recommend his Book Unlimited Power, in my opinion it is still a great Timeless classic Personal Development with tons of Techniques to introduce people to the Philosophies of NLP and specifically State Change, Internal Representations, Strategies, Physiology and More.

It sells for practically nothing on Amazon, with 92 plus out of 148 reviews giving it 5 stars:

Have some Fun with it and check it out for yourself.
Many people tell me it has helped them get a more thorough understanding of other NLP books that were less personal Development oriented.

Enjoy your weekend.

NLP is Fun in Las Vegas

Friday, August 20, 2010

NLP - Spinning Feelings Changing Brain Chemistry on Demand | NLP is Fun

One of the Great Things about Feelings is that they can always be changed.
Taking control of your life means paying attention to how you feel, and Often.

Noticing how you feel is a great way of taking Action and beginning somewhere.
Next Time you Feel

Stop Every thing and Begin to notice where that Feeling is coming From and what sensations it is causing within your body, There will be a flow and Directional Feeling.
If you decide to change the Feeling of not having much Fun, Change the Direction and begin to Spin the feeling at a new intensity in the new Direction

What you are showing in your Mind movie makes a Massive Difference.
Play a Brand New Event, until you Loose the Old one that was making made you feel bad on Auto Play.

Get a Happy Merry go round picture going on in your internal representations - Can you remember a time as a child you enjoyed riding one of these ?

Can you remember the Sounds of the Music and the squeals of Delight and Laughter of all the Children with loved ones having a Great Time ?
One of the Things I remember is the smell of

As we would walk on the

And if I was reaaaaaaallllly lucky I would be allowed to have a Steaming Hot
Now what memories can you remember, that change your Brain chemistry Immediately ? Have some Fun with it, and Practice makes things seem much better much Faster.

Think in terms of unlimited possibilities and live better.

Boom. Let's Go !
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