Thursday, May 27, 2010

Financial Freedom - 2 Day Breakthough

With so many people walking around upset about the Economy we decided to design a Training that addressed the "Mindset" of the Times.

As you know "The Economy" is a Nominalization it most certainly will not fit inside a wheelbarrow, it is not a Living thing, it is not even tangible in any sense of the word it is actually just a word.

This Word however has been used to change the Mindset of people all over the world and has Hypnotized the masses into believing there is nothing they can do, Everything is hopeless and a whole List of additional Low level energy Ideas.

We have noticed this word "The Economy" has influenced peoples behavior in other senses too, I have been told Domestic Violence and Crime has increased and in Las Vegas there seems to be statistical "proof" that we have been one of the worst Hit.

We began to notice how Contagious and influential for the worst, this type of thinking is and as we are workers of the mind are determined to make a difference in our community and eventually the world to Challenge this unquestioned Mindset.

We recently offered a Workshop Called "Who are you without the Stuff" the idea was to question the value of a person without all the Assets and Trappings of wealth that many mark as Social Proof of their own identity.

Our Initial Intention was to create personal value and build Self esteem and provide a plan of Action.
We learned so much by doing this Workshop that we decided to add all the input of the participants and extend it to a Two Day Workshop Retreat.

In this Workshop, we offer a Handbook of Questions that are designed to challenge how you think about your current circumstance beginning with influences from the Past noticing the Present and even the Future.
During the Course Some answers are discussed as a group and then Challenged.
It did not take long at all,  for people to completely change their thinking from when they first Arrived.

Because of the Success of this Workshop retreat. I decided to expand this Training into a Two Day Event. To allow time for the personalized approach in "Coaching" working through the answers and there also needed to be time for Reflection and ongoing discovery, sometimes separately with the participants.

The End result of this Training was 2 members of the Training noticed Areas in which they could compliment each other and formed a Business Partnership thus immediately resolving their original issues. They committed to meeting each other the very next day and are now business partners with a Contract !

The Training is a Mix of Teaching, Coaching, Group and Personal Discovery which is an all day event for two days.
Lunch and additional Refreshment is provided during the Day and a Hefty Challenging Workbook designed to completely Turn around your Thinking.

Because we are interested in being thorough we also offer a Bonus Follow up Coaching Session to make sure you have a Clear cut plan of Recovery and are taking the steps to make it work.
This is Offered to those of you who book Immediately to secure your seat and will be offered until June 11th or we run out of Seating.

The Investment of the Coaching Alone would Actually cost more than the Training if we were to price it like that ..

We already have Attendees on our list for the next event and cannot emphasize enough Take Action Immediately before we run out of Seating.

We have designed the pricing to make sense as an Investment that is designed to be Value packed and Fair.

We asked Everyone in the Training if they Thought their Financial Investment reflected the Value they received from the training and each one said it was incredible value for what they walked out with and that they would all attend another one of our Training's.

We are very proud of that.

I invite you to Attend our Next Financial Freedom - 2 Day Breakthrough, Seating is limited and first come first served.

For RSVP Details here is the Link

Financial Freedom - 2 Day Breakthrough

Change your Mindset, Change your Life !

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Become your Own Hypnotist | Perfect Self Hypnosis | NLP is Fun

Become a Hypnotist with Self Hypnosis


Did you know all Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis. We cannot Force any one to be Hypnotized and we can easily Hypnotize ourselves with Meaningful and Life Changing suggestions which will reside in our Unconscious Mind.

Why Self Hypnosis ?Self Hypnosis is a Great Tool to Condition your own Mind in your Own Time and as often as you like.You will be able to program your mind for lasting change in any area you choose.

Self Hypnosis is a Practical, Powerful and convenient tool for you to use at any time.
Get the most out of your Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis Courses Can go for thousands and Thousands of Dollars

Why is Self Hypnosis so popular ?

Self Hypnosis has been used by Celebrities, Speakers, Sportspeople, Students and Entertainers for Years

There is nothing New about Self Hypnosis.
Self Hypnosis May be the most Overlooked Mind programming tool to Date !

What can you program your Mind to Achieve:

Confidence to overcome limiting beliefs
Creativity Flow that was previously Blocked
Memory Enhancement to Learn new things Faster
Pain management for all kinds of conditions
Relaxation and clearing negative thinking Patterns
Fear and Phobia Relief
Focus and Prioritization
Anger Management 
Premature Ejaculation
More Success in your Life
The List is endless ....

What if I don't have any problems ?
And there doesn't have to be a problem 
Hypnosis is used By Top performers all the time ..
Self Hypnosis will reinforce whatever you program your mind to believe
It is a Skill that when used regularly will change your life 

You too can easily learn how to program your mind with Self Hypnosis 
Learn how to Hypnotize yourself Perfectly every single time
And increase your suggestions every time you go into Self Hypnosis.
Learn how to Transform yourself and Change your mind
Move out of Procrastination and Negative belief patterns, you will really enjoy this process.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NLP - Pattern Interrupt for Negative Thinking | NLP is Fun

Richard Bandler often says, "when looping negative thinking patterns, the best thing you can do is interrupt the Pattern".

This may mean saying things that will distract your thought processes like:

You may think Quietening the Mind with Meditation is helpful too:
Most important thing to remember in the first place is to Stop the Thought:
And then Immediately Replace it with something good:

Just to Recap:
Interrupt the Negative Thought
Say something to shock you and change the Pattern
Loose the thought
Think of something that makes you Feel good Now.

Have fun with it, practice makes perfect sense.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

NLP - Time Distortion

Sometimes it is useful to slow down time if it seems Time is going to quickly and you are running out of it and Speed up Time when Time is going to Slowly.

How can we slow down Time, surely that is not possible ?
How we react to Time has more to do with our own Projections in any particular Moment, and we are learning to suggest different things to our mind, so that our mind learns to Execute the action and not worry about too much or too little time.

Can you think of a Time that Time seemed to actually last for allot longer than it really did, Like an Exam, an unhappy Holiday Dinner, a Date that was going wrong or a situation you would rather not have been in.
Even Dreams seem to last longer than they Do.
You can make time to slow down or speed up it is an amazing resource that can be used in any way you can imagine, you can even make up for lost time by speeding things up or enjoy a moment much longer by slowing time down.

Your mind will process Time differently at the Speed of light with just a suggestion directed at the Area you would like to focus on.

If you would like to Focus on Time speeding up you can imagine that you are standing perfectly still and that the world is moving at warp speed around you, if you are studying you can make suggestions that everything you are studying is becoming perfectly integrated within your unconscious mind as you are processing this information clearly and concisely at Warp speed and all of the resources are available to you just as soon as you like.
If you wa----nnn----tttt ooooo g-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ooooooooooo sssssss----ssssss---lllllllllloooooooooooowww mmmmooooooooooo------t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tiooooooonnnnnn yyyyyyyyyoooo begin to slow everything down so that the world around you becomes veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy sloooooooowwwwww and again, you make the suggestions that you can savour every last milisecond of the experience as time goooess past and almost stands still in the especially good moments that you enjoy.

One of the things I like to do is Freeze negative thoughts in the Air and just let them suspend in time until I can either visualize and hear them shatter to the floor like broken glass or some of the more persistent thoughts can be put into another more resourceful time for me to sort through !

I can even push some of the thoughts back in time to the rightful owners people who originated these thoughts in the first place.

Have fun with it, and discover how you can change perceptions about time. There are so many ways you can play with Time and use it to your advantage.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

NLP - Submodalities - Mooooood Shifters

Here is a very simple way to change the way you feel about certain experiences. Although there are lots of ways of doing this.
In order to keep it light and Fun we will demonstrate just Three that pack a powerful punch in this Post.

When you think of a Memory begin to notice how big it is, How close it is and the color elements in your pictures.

Notice how this distinctions make a difference to your Mood by Playing with Size, Distance and Color.
For Example Make the Memory Bigger and Closer. Add More Color to make it Brighter.
Play around with it until you get it just the way you like it.

Notice how it makes your Feeling change.
Sometimes In subtle ways are enough to make all the difference and sometimes in Huge Dramatic ways that can be observed as Physical and immediate Shifts in Body Language.

Play around with this if you find there is some memory or picture in your mind that is getting you down, it can make all the difference.

You can fine tune the Submodalities by making further tiny adjustments.

Monday, May 17, 2010

NLP - All Behavior Stems from a Positive Intention | NLP is Fun

One of the NLP Presupposition' is :

All Behavior Stems from a Positive intention. This is a Great way of thinking and getting on the path of becoming more objective with your Thinking.
It can help you to loosen the grip to viewing the outcome from your own eyes only.

Sometimes we can be sure that a person means us harm, when really they are coming from a place of Positive intention, although it is possible you may not be included in their thoughts of positive Intention.

When they had the original thought, it was to respond to an intention that to the best of their ability (at that time) was Intended as Positive.
Sometimes The Positive Intention get can lost along the way, somewhere and when Feelings are involved and Emotion runs high, things can get Fuzzy.

Sometimes the best thing to do is Remember all of our Behavior stems from a positive Intention.
Try remembering for a week to see how you get on, and let me know how it changed your Own thinking.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Does Cute Packaging makes Women Feel Better ? | NLP is Fun

Did you know that women tend to spend more on Cute packaging ?
Well many Women will Tell you themselves "I am a sucker for cute Packaging"

There seems to be a Hardwired Equation to High End Brands having more luxurious Packaging.
Some women said, they did care if the Item was useless and some did not seem to care too much and enjoyed the experience of purchasing an Item just for the packaging.
Women Tend to smell things more than men too, did you know that Women want to smell Bath Lotions and Shower Gels before Buying.
This Company has managed to combine both and are Wildly popular.
Colour is very important as well, as you can see they have combined Visual, Gustatory, and Olfactory with Auditory because the next component is.
Social Proof, if their friends don't think it is great, there is no proof the packaging is even pretty, this is the driving force behind all the other stuff:
Kinesthetic /Colour /Texture

In Mass marketing, The Auditory Component amplifies the others and creates the Conditioning. Of course these can always be exceptions to the Rule.
Here is the Proof!

This Video Gets nearly 600k Views on You Tube.
What else do you notice about the content of the Video ?

Just Sayin' ...

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NLP - Moods and The Weather - S.A.D | NLP is Fun

Can Pictures make you feel Differently ?
Let's Find out here are a few pictures and they are all Different. It will be interesting to make your own notes of what Anchors they invoke in you and begin to notice how they change your own Physiology.

I am noticing a Change in my temperature already, what about you ?
How does this make you Feel are you noticing ?
Wow Quite a Big Shift I would say.
Yikes !
Ahhh That seems so much better.

Studies have shown that the Weather affects our Mood and in fact they have named it, S.A.D Seasonal Affective Disorder !
More info about it here More on SAD

I wonder what else can affect our Mood and we haven't yet realized, Any thoughts ?
Hmmmmmm !

Within this little  NLP Blog there are more than 200  Empowering articles to help you along. Do the exercises provided and change your Neurology.
You can do it for sure.

Have you always wanted to be a Licensed and Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming Our Next NLP Practitioner Training can be found here Thank you for Reading.

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NLP | Anchoring | What comes first the Thought or the Feeling ?

In NLP one of the Presuppositions is that Mind and Body Function As one System.
For Example an Idea that is created in the Mind manifests itself in the Body and in fact the Brain is a part of the Body.

This might cut to the chase on why an Idea that is created as thought produces behaviour action that perhaps is not even conscious Action, Like a Habit

This is a Huge point to consider when watching your thoughts as it is more likely that the unconscious mind's desires will win !

Interesting is that many literary staples discuss these ideas Including the Bible:
"As a Man Thinketh in his Heart so is He"

By the way what kind of Anchors "Conditioned responses" does this visual create for you ?

"He thinks in Secret and so it shall come to Pass" comes from James Allen Essay "As a Man Thinketh"
We can find many, many examples of this school of thought.

What do you think comes first the Thought or the Feeling ?

When we think a thing that attaches to a conditioned response it unconsciously changes the way we are feeling, and if we feel bad about a thing we often "Feel" Hopeless and can decide unconsciously not to bother with any further Action, we can "Give up" without any real proof we should.

Thoughts Create Feelings which determine our Actions !

Conditioned Responses can be so subtle we may not even know what has triggered it.
And Conditioned Responses (Anchors) are installed often in Todays society because they are so effective in changing moods.

Think Advertising:

Can you hear the Jingle and add the Catchy Phrase
Just some Food For thought !

More posts on Anchoring
Change your Mood quickly with positive anchors

About Spatial Anchoring 

How to Chaining Anchors

How to Anchor a Peak state

Enjoy, and I look forward to your thoughts.
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Criticism Analyzer | NLP is Fun

It has been said Criticism responses can generally fall into three categories:

1. 70% respond with overwhelmingly bad feelings
2. 20% Reject Criticism
3. 10% Have no opinion whatsoever

Steve and Connirae Andreas ('Change your Mind")

The Criticism Analyzer is a great pattern to consider the projections of Other people's Opinions and What they mean to you.
This pattern keeps the process of investigation going in a safe environment.

Why so Important ?

I chose this pattern as we as a people can be so influenced by the Idea that other people approve or do not approve of us, it can drive us Barmy sometimes we don't know which way to turn, or what is the right thing to do and have forgotten how to think on our own.
We are influenced by Media, Wealth, Social Proof, Culture other organizations and Groups, Family, Partners and so on. Often unconscious seeking approval for every small thing, and becoming stuck in a type of paralysis.
Sometimes so much so we have a hard time getting back to what we Want, as we believe another persons wants, Likes or Dislikes to be our own Ideas. !
The Criticism Analyzer gives us the chance to do a further enquiry as to the Validity of the Speakers intention, Control your own responses and Generate an Agreement frame and consider what the Words mean to you.
This fully Disarms Anger and the potential for having Anchors Fired (Conditioned, reactive responses) to people and their opinions that can cause disruption to our own positive behaviour.
Which Direction will You Go in, It takes Commitment to Change your Mind ?

Work it and achieve it you can still Kill it in 2015 with us and get amazing results get this 4 week NLP Online Coaching course.
Killing it 2015

Boom. Let's Go !
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