Monday, May 17, 2010

NLP - All Behavior Stems from a Positive Intention | NLP is Fun

One of the NLP Presupposition' is :

All Behavior Stems from a Positive intention. This is a Great way of thinking and getting on the path of becoming more objective with your Thinking.
It can help you to loosen the grip to viewing the outcome from your own eyes only.

Sometimes we can be sure that a person means us harm, when really they are coming from a place of Positive intention, although it is possible you may not be included in their thoughts of positive Intention.

When they had the original thought, it was to respond to an intention that to the best of their ability (at that time) was Intended as Positive.
Sometimes The Positive Intention get can lost along the way, somewhere and when Feelings are involved and Emotion runs high, things can get Fuzzy.

Sometimes the best thing to do is Remember all of our Behavior stems from a positive Intention.
Try remembering for a week to see how you get on, and let me know how it changed your Own thinking.

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