Thursday, February 10, 2011

NLP - Ambiguous Language | NLP is Fun

I have enjoyed the Intelligent Comedy of Two Ronnies since I was a young Girl.
And wanted to share my Delight with you too.

I love this Clip about a Shopping List of things with Double Meanings, it is really funny.. In NLP we call these Phonological Ambiguity as the words have more than one meaning.

These Ambiguities are used more often in situations that benefit from a little Trance: Nested Loops and Inductions for persuading the Unconscious mind in a Deep layers of perceptual awareness.

A common Ambiguity used by Sales people is Peppered with lots of language patterns we call this "Stacked":

"I am sure Buy Now you have made up your Mind as you are sitting hear you are ready to Book your Flight and stop the Madness Plane and simply".

There are many suggestions in this sentence we have covertly stacked ideas to move the process forward, just imagine what we can design in a whole script ....

NLP and Hypnosis are all about finding new and creative ways to move a process forward, and especially when a person has a behaviour they no longer find useful but seem to be hanging on to.

When they are Stacked used in succession, the unconscious mind will agree to let them in, after the subject has search inside for his/her own sense of meaning.

They can also be used with Scope Ambiguities about Perceptions an example of which is There or Their and also Punctuation ambiguity will be used in all Hypnotic language, this means the grammar leaves much to be desired and is left unhinged purposefully to add to the Overload.

This is similar to a Confusion induction, The unconscious Mind just becomes overloaded and gives way to a relaxed state of being instead, since there are other sensory aspects to be enjoyed.

Let me know how you get on with it and most of all NLP is Fun has lots more to share in the archives. If you like this NLP Blog then share it with somebody else who will benefit too.

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