Thursday, March 15, 2012

NLP & Hypnosis Practice in Las Vegas

Here are the pictures from Our Last Event in which the Participants were given a short intro and a 4 page handout.
I then took all the info I explained on the handout and demonstrated with two people from the group how to use these techniques in Hypnosis.

I wanted to show models in Hypnotherapy, Business and most excellent communication: as in conversational Hypnosis or in layman terms Persuasion.
The participants then paired up and found out what their partner would like them to work on influencing in the area of suggestion, and they then crafted a metaphor to slip into the unconscious mind.
Then everyone got stuck in and began to work on their induction skills, they were doing a progressive relaxation focusing on muscle groups with repetition and emphasis on relaxation throughout the body from head to toe.
After all Everyone could do with letting go once in a while.

Even though some of the participants had not done Hypnosis before, they got stuck in and made it happen the result of which was some powerful unconscious programming.
They then reinforced and summarized the suggestions, leaving their partner with revitalized powerful vibrant positive energy.
Then they were asked to create and deliver at least one post hypnotic suggestion, that would continue to powerfully move their process forward, in the days, weeks and months to come.
And then they switched so that everyone had a turn giving and receiving.
Afterwards there was lots to talk about, everyone had experiences to share so we had a Q & A session where they could all ask their questions and share their feelings.
Why don't you join us one of these days?
Our next group will be on March 26th and you can RSVP here