Saturday, February 18, 2017

NLP | Software for the brain | NLP is Fun

A Neuro linguistic programmer knows that NLP is software for the brain. With this being said NLP software is valuable, works well and yields a great result.

So many of us have been taught that to yield a great result we must work hard.
This programming was taught perhaps as a way to enforce the idea of laborers in time gone by.

This does not apply to NLP:
NLP is Easy
NLP is Fast
NLP is Efficient
NLP is Valuable
You can make a change using Neuro linguistic programming. Many people have changed an unconscious pattern easily in minutes that had been a massive problem for years.

Nowadays we have learned that working effectively is about focus.
The 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris, discussed cutting out most of the clutter in your life.
When you focus on what is really important, it can be easy and also valuable. You can become more efficient:
with your time
with your effort
with your resources

Perhaps then, if you wanted to create a change and it was really important to you, you might make it a priority ?

NLP is Fun | Imagination is Key 
The end goal would be clear,
The end goal would be mapped out
You would have created "Well formed" outcomes.

You would have a focused Intention with concentrated attention to your outcomes.
This is opposed to the reasons not to achieve the outcomes.

NLP is about efficiency getting to the result. Creating systems that work inside your Brain.
Systems that help you to achieve, what you have not yet achieved.
Systems that help you to improve on systems that already work.
Systems that are duplicable, that others can easily learn too.

It is not about why you cannot.
It is not about what stands in your way

It is about understanding the pattern of what you do, and how you do it maybe so that you can do something else instead.
It is about rewiring your Neuro linguistics for reprogramming.

It is always about achieving your goal.
How much attention are you spending on achieving your goal ?

When things get rough, are you able to stay focused on your outcomes.
Are you able to go the distance in your belief. for achieving your outcomes.
Are you fully associated and committed to your goal.

Does your unconscious mind accept that it can be easy and also valuable
Do you believe you deserve to achieve it
Is it possible for you, do you see yourself as capable
Do you say words that encourage yourself internally and externally.

Do you feel powerful enough to achieve it.

Neuro linguistic programming, is about engaging with your unconscious mind to create a transformation that was not happening before.
NLP is Software for the Brain and anyone can use it.
To create something amazing for themselves.

By the way hard does not always mean good either, I am sure your know this.
Sometimes hard means good
That does not mean, everything that is hard is good.
Sometimes easy means valuable
Sometimes valuable is also easy
Valuable usually means good.

NLP is valuable and easy to millions of people worldwide.
You could be one of them as well.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

NLP | Simplifying NLP | NLP is Fun

As an NLP Practitioner you become mindful of your state, quickly realizing that "State is everything".
In NLP we speak of Internal representations. This meaning how you "re present" information inside your own head.
(Your version of reality).

The Neuro part of Neuro linguistic programming is about your sensory experience:
Your Neurology
Your Nervous system
How your unconscious mind responds automatically using sensory experience.

This includes how your body automatically responds:
  • Embarrassment may change your face colour
  • Nervous may give you a twitch 
  • Anger may cause you to speak faster, turn red or shout and more..
  • Love may cause you to smile
  • Anticipation may make your heart beat faster
and so on ..

So Internal representations conscious or unconscious can cause a physiological response.
And changing a physiological response can change state.

For instance, I can shift your attention to just pointing to a thing that symbolizes something else. Or I can use words. Both are a pattern interrupt.
The tell is, what has worked, to create the state shift.

By listening to your linguistics we can usually identify your internal models and we can also change them using linguistics in various patterns to communicate with you.

Programming is a Pattern or a strategy, it can be one you are already using or you can use it to become more effective.
NLP is actually this simple.
You can make your own patterns, they can be established NLP Patterns, they can be adaptations of another persons pattern.

There are no limit.
How you use breath can be a pattern, for instance if it changes your state. Which it usually does.
In NLP we know all external consciousness affects an internal state change.

Communication Verbally
Communication Non verbally

As Neuro linguistic programmers we are looking for the patterns that work and seeking the patterns that seem to be causing a problem.

Many times a person is unaware of their own patterns
An observer may be able to notice them
This is the power of Neuro linguistic programming.

As NLP Practitioners we know what is on the inside will show up on the outside.
Also what appears to be on the outside, usually does influence your state.
This is a presupposition not limited to NLP, many schools of thought have this as a reality.

I invite you to expand your models and seek your patterns. The ones that work and the ones that do not work.
The goal is effectiveness.
NLP is Fun | "Gold Dust"4  Miracles and Magic  
The more effective your patterns are the better they will work for you.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

NLP Language pattern | Rear Loaded Suggestions | NLP is Fun

Our NLP Blog is Featuring a Hypnotic Language pattern today. This is a real example of how NLP is Fun and easy to learn. Your Neuro linguistic programming skills become fluent once you "chunk it down" by learning something new for your NLP Tool box consistently.

NLP is Fun Setting Goals | NLP Goal setting

Rear Loaded Suggestions:
1.Do you prefer learning this pattern now or later ... pick the easiest one ?
2.Maybe you would like to be fluent in NLP ... Just do it bit by bit
3.You can imagine how great that would feel couldn't you ... close your eyes and Imagine it now
4.Rome wasn't built in a day ... Remember that
5.Starting a new project always feels exhilarating ... Give it a whirl, one step at a time
6.Learning NLP would put you head and shoulders over the competition ... feel the win and stay on top
7. Now you imagine one or two examples of your own ... Get stuck in !
8. Practice makes perfect .. Fancy that
9. Its really easy once you get going ... have a go
10. Challenge yourself and win .. Let's do it

The Pattern structure:
a) Create a Suggestion
From example 1. "Do you prefer learning this pattern now or later" ..

b) End it with another "Rear loading intensifier"
 From example 1. "Pick the easiest one"

Can you find the Suggestion on 2 - 10 ?
Can you find the rear loading intensifier of 2-10 ?

Now that you have the structure,
Time to make up some of your own .... Remember, make it  fun.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

NLP | 10 Secrets of Persuasive communicators | NLP is Fun

As an NLP Practitioner you will learn that people have their own way of interpreting their realities. If you are trained in Neuro linguistic programming, the first thing you are taught is to understand another persons "Model of the world".
In today's NLP Blog, I am sharing 10 Secrets of Persuasive communicators on NLP is Fun.

In all great communication, a dialogue is a pleasant shared experience with a intentional destination.
As a Practitioner of Neuro linguistic programming you have the chance to be extremely specific in how you persuade others using:
Your Body Language
Your energy and personal power
Your Linguistics.
You can also consistently calibrate how you are matching by the unconscious feedback they are giving you through signals from their body positioning, energy, words.
Here are a few things to consider in persuasive communication:

You have a plan that includes the following:
It always feels great = In NLP we call this Rapport. The conversation is flowing nicely between all participants.
It will easily reach its intended destination without obstruction. No matter what they say, or tactics they throw at you, you stay focused on the end goal and never detour.
You know both parties being happy and satisfied with the journey and destination, is essential. This is true pacing and leading.
You have in mind the goal of their satisfaction always. They are so satisfied that they will want to engage with you, more frequently in other destinations too.

Here are some ways persuasive communicators ensure effective communication.

1. They are continually improving, from a mindset of: Improvement means Improved opportunities.
They consistently study, learn new info, practice and invest in their own self improvement.

2. They always raise their own bar, they have goals and constantly review and challenge their own limitations.

3. They know that to influence any one else one must  always first influence themselves.

4. They never allow rejection to hypnotize them from their desired outcome.

5. They always seek a solution, even in the most bleak of circumstances.

6. They believe the more you learn, the more you earn.

7. They are driven by achievement and the prosperous rewards of achieving, that ensure a higher standard of quality in their lives.

8. They expect challenges, and they are prepared to conquer them.

9. They are expert at focused attention and attainment of their clearest intentions. They listen, learn  and understanding the intentions of the people they are communicating with.

10. They match the best that they have to offer to the expressed strongest desires of the person they are communication with.

When you are serious about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, you will regularly improve.

Contact me if you are interesting in NLP Training and or getting started with personalized NLP Coaching.
"Thanks for being the most Amazing Coach in the world" S.K Cannes 
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Monday, January 16, 2017

NLP | D.V.P Pattern | NLP is Fun

One of the great things about Neuro linguistic programming, is that you have a chance to get clear with yourself about what you are hoping to achieve. This means you can also become a better communicator.
As a rule, the clearer you are, the more powerful you become. In order to get clear in the first place, you must go beyond a vague outline of what you desire..

If you have an interest in using NLP as a strategy you must connect to all of the information, organize, prioritize and understand exactly what you mean. We call this being fully Associated  to our outcome.
When you do this you will become very clear in fine tuning your communication internally (In your own mind) and externally (While speaking to others).

This is so important to gain leverage in persuading anyone that you are serious about your outcome.
When you are clear about the outcome and you can then learn to believe in it.
Then achieving it, is a natural conclusion for everyone.

Have you ever had a conversation with somebody who has a rough idea of what they want and they have no idea how to explain it to you.
If so you may remember experiencing their confusion leaves you confused too.
Then when they may become overwhelmed and upset and then pass this on to you too.

As an NLP Coach, I am constantly telling Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Sales people to powerfully refine their communication internally to work well externally.
Remember, I always say that maintaining your state is everything. If you maintain your state you also maintain your power.
This pattern allows you to execute your communication as effectively as possible,

If you have been reading "NLP is Fun" for a while, you may know that I am an NLP Trainer who Certifies NLP Practitioners.  
I also teach individual NLP Patterns through "NLP is Fun" NLP Study group.
One of the reasons I first created my NLP Practice group over 8 years ago now was to simplify one NLP pattern at a time in an easy and fun way that everyone can relate to.

In doing both, I have learned to emphasize that the process is also an important part to achieving the result.

The best Process gets you there faster and easier. If you start out with a great process, you can enjoy this as much as the result. With a great process, you can try it on in another context.
If you get creative enough, sometimes the same process will fit another "Situation" too.

My NLP Mastermind members will tell you that you if you know it, you do it.  As Bob Marley said who knows it feels it.
So clarity is essential in all of your processes.

Having a rough idea is never enough detail.
You must be able to see the Big picture as well as plan the detail and they must all fit in together.
This is called Chunking Up (Abstract) and Chunking down (Detail).

Even learning one NLP pattern, that you know how to use easily and effectively leads you to having an open mind about your own capability. When you Learn NLP and maximizing what you have learned you become more experienced in how your NLP Toolset works.
I wonder how much more would your own life would improve when you became fluent in using NLP easily.

My desire is that you have fun with this pattern, and anything else I offer you and fully use it to your own advantage.

The D.V,.P Pattern credit goes to Robert A. Yourell:
(Distillation, plus Vision, plus Passion).

I found this NLP Pattern in Shlomo Vaknin's "Big book of NLP". If you would like more exposure to Robert A. Yourell's interesting work then please enjoy this Hypnotic  "Shimmering" Video sample.
Here we go:

1. Choose the situation to be explored in greater detail.
Turn all of your thoughts into notes to remember on a piece of paper
2. Take a moment to just notice your notes, and ask yourself:
a  "what if I can create more detail here"
b  "Lets prioritize them"

3. Distill the thoughts by chunking down
Ask yourself:
"Which bits if any, are unnecessary"

4. Distill the notes again 
Ask yourself :
"What if I can make it even easier"

5. Distill the notes even more. Take a look at the themes, key points or metaphors that stand out to you. 
Create a slogan now to highlight and trigger this information. (think like a "Mad men" or an Advertising exec).

6. Connect to the information, in such a way that you would be able to add your own flair to it. 
Create some flash card sized talking points that would simply communicate your message. Remember to be as engaging and passionate as possible.

7. Kick it up a notch. Practice speaking to other people while getting your point across.
Anticipate maintaining your power and your message no matter what they throw at you.
Make this into a pitch that you own inside out.
Imagine scenarios where you are using this pattern: This could be in an interview, sale, relationship, presentation or any environment where you aim to be more persuasive.

8. Fully associate to all you have learned while refining this process so far.
Add pieces that turn it into a very smooth an easy conversation. Remember to think win win, while still being calm and strong about getting your point across.
even practice using it with people who you at one time thought of as difficult or opposing to your own desires and visualize them being persuaded by you using this pattern.
Make it an interesting story perhaps and something they can relate to.

9. Take enough time and energy to fully associate to and believe in this process.
Prepare yourself before using it.
For it (or any process) to work wonders you must see yourself as capable and filled with vital energy. Always check your own energy levels and adjust accordingly.

10. T.O.T.E
Practice always makes perfect. You cannot fail unless you stop at a point where it has not worked yet.
Test = Insert process
Operate = And gain feedback while improving and adjusting
Test = If you receive desired result go on to exit otherwise go back to improving and adjusting
Exit = When you are satisfied with feedback.

How serious are you about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, what are you doing regularly to improve ?

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