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What is being Associated verses Dissociated | NLP is Fun

In an Neuro linguistic Programming Training as you are eliciting Desired states you will consistently hear phrasing like "Be Fully Associated" and "Amplify" or "Now Dissociate", and now "Double Dissociate" NLP is like that. There are ways in which we can enhance or limit the impact of the experience.

So Let's speak about this today. firstly what I mean by enhancing the experience has to do with how connected you are to the experience.

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What does "Being Fully Associated" mean ?
This means you are running through the experience just as if it was happening right now. you are looking at the world through your very own eyes so you cannot see your whole body. You can see your hands and feet and bits of your body from within yourself.

If you look around you know this is exactly what you will notice in your memory too your surroundings and you can pay attention to what else is present. Association then is a Solid connection to yourself and also is a state of consciousness in that you are aware of your surroundings and the impact of your experience too.

What is Being Fully Associated and Amplify and Connect fully to V.A.K.O.G Representation systems
In this case you are engaging with your (4 T) Four Tuple as you experience your full range of sensory internal experience.

V= Visual
A= Auditory
K = Kinesthetic
O= Olfactory / G= Gustatory

The value of this is, let's say Being Associated was a "sketch" Being Fully Associated is filling in the details just like painting a master piece one stroke at a time.

In this Powerful state you can fully engage with all of the finer distinctions that can be found in each  of the Submodalities.

What is Being Dissociated mean ?
This means now You can see your whole Body and even your own facial expressions. You are watching yourself in many ways from a distance.
The further you go, the less the feelings of the moment seem real or connected to reality.

It is a way of having potential for objectivity, which can happen when you are dissociated.

What is Double Dissociation ?
Depending on the situation, like a Phobia for example, the pain may seem so intense that a person needs a barrier between even viewing the experience and them in the present time.
In that case imagine:

Watching yourself sitting down (Dissociated)

Watching Yourself, Watching Yourself on a Screen (Double Dissociated ) By the way depending on a persons Driver (Critical Submodality you can change the modality to have less impact in that area)
A= Sound Proof Plexi glass
V= Mist/Fog
K= A feeling of a Warm blanket
O/G = while eating smelling comfort food
Do you feel as if you know how to Dissociate and Associate now,when you are working through patterns ?

You will find this makes tons of difference.
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