Sunday, August 30, 2015

Create a State of certainty in your Outcome | NLP is Fun

The Power of NLP gives us the awareness of being able to calibrate ourselves as well as other people.

In this day and age getting sidetracked is a way of life for some. With so many online apps, networking sites and Facebook it is a wonder one ever reaches their destination.

Our success in any endeavor can simply be tracked back to our Feelings.
Either it feels Good
Or it Feels Bad

The other thing is at some level you must decide that you want to feel great and that all your choices result in you feeling great.
When you feel great you do great and you will open the window of possibility which moves the process further in the direction you would like.

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When you have an open heart you can connect to your passion and begin to live as Authentically as possible resulting in absolute fulfillment and satisfaction.

Once you have decided you need to maintain a level of certainty. here is an NLP exercise that will help you to do that.

NLP Pattern for Creating Certainty :
1. Think of something you absolutely know for sure
2. Notice all Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory responses present in the 4tuple
3. find the distinctions in each submodality
4. Think of something you are NOT sure of or do not absolutely believe
5. Notice all of the 4tuple responses for this belief
6. Chunk down to the submodality distinctions and notice the differences
7. Begin to draw a contract between what you are really certain of and what you are not certain of
8. Move the belief that is uncertain into the place of a certain belief until it feels different
9. Place the new belief into the Submodality space of the certain belief until it feels absolutely certain.
10. Future pace to determine if it now feels certain.

Enjoy the exercise and get a notepad to record how you are making progress with it.

Enjoy, and I look forward to your thoughts.
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