Thursday, December 31, 2009

The NLP Interviews

I have always been interested in other people and their Experiences. 

I have interviewed many people in the field of Personal Development - NLP - Hypnosis and Success.

This site is Conversations I have been Lucky enough to experience with World Class Contributors to the fields of Neuro Linguistic Programming - Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis.

Many of these Interesting people share their experiences before they become extraordinary at NLP & Hypnosis.

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NLP although extremely advanced Technology capable of changing people's minds and Lives is more interesting when it is applied with an attitude of Fun, Openness and curiosity.

This is the attitude I have towards Learning New Things and NLP in particular.

I encourage you wherever you are on your NLP & Hypnosis Journey and I treat it as an ongoing journey of Discovery, I can always learn something new about Life, Love, Empowerment, NLP and I hope you feel the same way.

Have a Safe and peaceful New Years Eve, and Happy New Year Dear Friends x.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ericksonian Hypnosis Study & Practice

Next Hypnosis Study and Practice will be on January 28th 2010
I thought you would enjoy this great Video, many times Milton Erickson speaks in such a slow and deliberate way some people have said that they would like to hear what exactly he is saying.
This Video is fantastic in that it has been Subtitled in English for all to see, Notice all you can about the way Milton Erickson easily communicates "Milton Model Language" as he hypnotizes.
The Video also is simultaneously being translated into Russian.
To find out more about Milton Erickson 
please click here

You will be introduced to the other side of Hypnosis How it works, why it works and the beginning stages of how to do it.

This Class is suitable for Hypnosis / Hypnotherapists who would like to practice newcomers to Hypnosis and anyone with a little bit of curiosity. 

Christmas Trance Induction

Happy Holidays to Everyone who celebrates Christmas Chanukah and or Kwanzaa.
Peace on earth and Goodwill to All Wo/men no matter what you celebrate.

It is interesting the spirit of graciousness that seems to flow from most everyone at this time of year.

All of a sudden people are happy and friendly and there are lots of smiles all around, we suddenly all become "One" in this glorious Xmas Bubble.

I love it I am not complaining for a minute, I am Just sayin ..

The idea of Xmas for many is such an Anchor to childhood. Dreams and Fantasies of Father Christmas and his Large Jolly Tummy, kindly soul who works hard to pump out all the presents in time for all the good girls and Boys to get their pressies in time.

Elf's in Green Tunics with striped stockings and Fairy's covered in beautiful sparkling pixie dust. The smell of Hot Mince pies or Gingerbread, The sumptuous taste of Trifle or Hot apple Pie and the jingling of the bells, that remind you of the frolicking reindeer hurtling through the sky with Father Christmas and the elfs delivering to all the good girls and boys ...

Quite an Induction isn't it ..

It is as if we are in all in a mass altered state for a few days out of the year and on the 25th of December we reach Anchor Point. The exact Peak of our State as we have induced ourselves into this exotic mass Trance ... I am wondering if this is what the 60's was about and if so maybe this is why Timothy Leary wrote books about advocating Acid.

Being a curious Mind, many thoughts dance around in my head as I indulge in just one more mince pie ..

Why do we not create this state of Euphoria in other times of normal life, would it not be convenient to change states at the drop of a hat and imagine all the things I have just described and get to Anchor point alone or with others and Maintain the state for as long as we want, when we want.

Is it that we only "allow" ourselves this indulgence at Christmas.
Do we not deserve it at any other time or is it something else.

Yes indeed, there are so many anchors Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Gustatory and Olfactory Representations reinforcing our Associations to the "Magic of Christmas" and if we decided to not participate it wouldn't have the internal effect on us.

Well it is quite nice to get caught up in it .....

Yes sure, influence has much to do with it although at some point we decide if we will be influenced... I'm just saying...

Is Christmas just another Matrix an Illusion how many people carry the original Religious Associations in their practices as before, is Christmas just a Retailers dream a time when they can sell more than ever as people are on such an emotional high and so easily influenced.

The word Christmas doesn't actually mean all it represents to each of us, for example my Idea of Christmas may be completely different to yours depending on cultural differences, where I grew up, Family Traditions, Values, Religious Beliefs and more ..

However strangely, at this time of year we seem easily able to overcome all of these differences and focus on what is the same about us.
The fact that we all want to share this Holiday in peace love and Unity.

What are your own thought about this just curious... please Chime in.

If you like this NLP Blog then be sure to share it with more people who will benefit too.
There are over 200 more Empowering articles to enjoy and remember NLP is Fun so enjoy the whole experience.
Thanks for reading, Speak soon.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Influencers of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Where did NLP originate from and why do people often reference Gestalt Therapy  when speaking about NLP.

NLP was comprised of many different applications including influences from Gestalt Therapy.

The Technology that Influenced NLP are as follows:

General Semantics - Alfred Korzybyski
General Semantics Website
Linguistics - Chomsky
Noam Chomsky website
Neurology - From the Neuro Sciences
Neurology Journal
Transpersonal Assagioli & Maslow
About Abraham Maslow
About Robert Assagioli
Existential humanistic Psychology Fritz Perls and Rogers
Address from Stephen Perls on his Father Fritz Perls
Carl Rogers an Analysis of his Theory of Personality
Family Systems - Virginia Satir
The Virginia Satir Network
Cognitive Psychology - Miller, Gallenter, Pibram
Cognitive Psychology
Transformational Grammar - Norm Chomsky
Look under Noam Chomsky Site listed above
Logical Levels - Gregory Bateson
More about gregory bateson
Medical Hypnosis - Milton Erickson
About Milton Erickson written by Doug O'Brien

Of course NLP has come along way since then once you begin to learn more about NLP you can search the NLP Family Tree in the other direction.

This makes really interesting reading and will help you gain more of an over all understanding of what NLP Can accomplish and why it was designed in the first place.

Happy Reading.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meta Model Deletions intensive - NLP Teleclass

The Meta Model is A Precise Linguistic Pattern of Information Gathering Designed to Reach the "deep Structure of The Speakers Map of the World" 

The Meta model is designed to "Chunk down" (get as specific as possible / Detailed Information) to understand the Speakers Experience.

This is useful to Gain a better understanding of how to communicate Excellently and become clear and avoid misunderstanding in the future.
This will prevent others from Bamboozling you and pulling the wool over your eyes with fancy Fast talking as you begin to understand deletions and get a firm grasp on the power Meta model Excellence !

Language and communication are important for all people who wish to improve their relationships to others personally and Professionally.The Meta Model has a Surface Structure and a Deep Structure which Interpret the Speakers Experience.
When you are fully Trained in understanding the Meta Model you will notice how the speaker codes their experience and relates it to the amount of choices available to Her/His Life.
Most Commonly the speaker is Dissociated from the Deep Structure of their experience, and code their language to Surface structure Linguistics.

In other words when you are trained in this modality you will learn to assist the speaker in moving their processes forward and giving options for them to change their mind.

Meta Model = Deletion & Generalization & Distortion

There are 3 ways to Break down this Communication Model:

People Can Delete - Generalize - Distort their experience.

In this Tele class we will be discussing Deletion = Gathering Information !

The Meta Model can be overwhelming to many old and new students of Neuro Linguistic Programming, it involves 12 Excellent Specific Linguistic Patterns
I have chunked this Class down for the attendee to get a full and conclusive understanding of how to successfully apply and master The Meta Model Deletions.

Full Details and RSVP here.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NLP Training Class - Representation Systems - Visual Sub modalities To The Max - Tele Class

Visual Sub modalities are Part of the Representation System used to code and interpret External information through our own internal process:
There are Five senses:

These combined are called the Representational System.
The Significance of the Representational System and the most effective way to access Sub modalities can often be over looked.
In this Class You will learn all you will ever need to know about bringing your' or other peoples Meanings, Beliefs, and "Maps of the World" to the surface.