Sunday, November 28, 2021

Speaking in Absolutes | NLP is Fun | Neuro linguistic programming

Neuro Linguistic programmers believe and overstand "The Truth of the Matter" is that it just may turn out that "Truth" is a version of a person's subjective reality.

What a person repeatedly does is an unconscious construct based on their habitual beliefs that they demonstrate as truth.

May be absolute Certain, unshakable truth to them. To a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic programming, it is that persons "Map of Reality". 

"The Map is not the Territory"| NLP is Fun | Nadia NLP 

Dr of Philosophy Robert Anton Wilson also added that it is more effective to let go of speaking in Absolutes.

Like: "This is True ... You are an Idiot if you do not know this etc." Type of "Frames" in conversation.

Instead, you could say:

"One might say, I believe that ______"

"I have found that _______"

"It seems to me ______"

And while we are on the subject he suggests:

"The Thinker Thinks" and "The Prover Proves" for instance:

If you believe it enough, you are more likely to adopt it as Truth and Prove it to whomever. Which you may believe validates your "truth".

And any person can do this.
This is why a Scientist can prove her own Bias. Journalist and Bestselling Author Lynne McTaggart wrote in "The Intention experiment" that it turns out a Scientist becomes a part of (Entangled) in his own experiment.

It may be his beliefs influence his result; she proves the result she expects. Each one may prove what they believe. It turns out all of this may be "Subjective reality"

As NLP Practitioners we have already learned that "The Map is not the Territory" 

Author and Biologist Rupert Sheldrake may add the Morphogenetic resonance of your thought influences (Changes) the outcome.

Perhaps the structures of your expectations show up in all of your behaviors. Like "The observer Effect" in Quantum Physics of Changing a particle into a wave (Double slit experiment).

Like Energy Technologies Author and Master Trainer Richard Bartlett D.O uses for his Matrix Energetix to transform any Matter.

As an "NLP'er" we are interested in all beliefs that support the highest probable outcome for our client.

so, the question may be How is having that belief helping them to achieve their outcome.
As long as it is helping them to get where they want to be and not hurting another person's ecology there is no need to challenge it. perhaps we can agree on something else if we disagree. we can agree they are allowed to believe what they like even if it is about us. Can we not?

I am curious, what are your thoughts about this? How do you feel? Do you believe this may be true in some way or do you know for sure this is Rubbish?

I encourage your feedforward.

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Happy Thanks Giving Thanks | NLP is Fun

Happy Thanks giving. I am grateful for so much. Today as Everyday all day. 
I am giving Thanks for my beautiful family and great friends. 

Students and Clients alike who are like family always.
I am grateful to have been blessed to do what i love and to have impacted the lives of many people for the better.

I am grateful always as a student and advocate of a. better life and improvement for myself and all. I am thankful for this.

I am grateful that to be kind and loving is a choice always no matter what.

I aspire to always choose it.

I am grateful, for all I have overcome and mastered in my own life and have been able to share my philosophies of mind mastery with so many other people.

I am grateful for how Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic programming have changed my life in profound and exciting ways and continue to be my love and my staple for over 25 years now.

Divine Nature | NLP is Fun | Snow in Las Vegas 

I am humbled and grateful for my understanding of consciousness and my qualified mastery of energy technologies. 

I am grateful for my 30-year journey as a Healer and Shaman for being a practitioner of Massage therapies, Hypnotherapy, Healing touch, Reiki, Crystal Therapies, Crystal Jeweler blessing and making, healing and Holistic Healing to name but a few.

I am grateful for having an open heart.

I am grateful to have taught so many to open their heart and how this transformed their whole experience. Relationships, circumstances.

I am grateful for all the resources available to me with my beautiful mind and heart connected and being brave enough to trust my Intuition for good of all.

I am grateful I learned how to love myself, I am thankful for internal peace and oneness with amazing Nature.

I am grateful for my connection and understanding of Almighty God, The Field, The Universe, The Unconscious Mind, the great I Am, and All that it ..

I am Thankful. I am grateful for so much more
How about you, what are you Thankful for I bet you have so many things too.

And last and definitely not ever least. I am Thankful to you Thank you for being a part of my NLP is Fun blogging journey.

From my heart to yours.

Happy Thanks giving Thanks 

Nadia x

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

10 Tips for Powerful NLP Mental Drills | NLP is Fun | Neuro linguistic Programming

Welcome to NLP is Fun Blog. Todays Neuro linguistic programming tip is about: 

"10 Tips for powerful NLP Mental Drills" ?

Have you thought about what will happen once you finally get whatever it is you want ?
In order to achieve this you must practice going inside and connecting to yourself. The benefits of leaning how to do this are endless.

5 reasons to connect with yourself NLP is Fun

Well today you will learn how to experience and perfect it using NLP Mental drills.
The best part about this is the flexibility you have to design exactly what you want in your mind so that you get is exactly the way you love it.

As a Neuro Linguistic programming Trainer I "Mind read" you are taking advantage of the wealth of resources available to you with Neuro Linguistic programming patterns.
Remember on NLP is Fun Blog you can enjoy over 300 NLP fully loaded and resourceful posts right here on the blog.

You may know there are so many NLP Patterns that are tried and tested and instantly will change your Neurology and how you perceive the world, yourself and your experience.

This is super important since as an NLP Practitioner you know you can experience this right now.
Just by "Stepping in to and acting as if" you can use powerful mental drills that design the sensory impact of your experience.
You can create just about any experience using NLP.

This is important for you as an NLP'er to train your Unconscious mind to expect to succeed in each of your goals. If you want to use NLP to practice and Improve your own Mental drills I have put together the following step by step outline for you to enjoy. If you are ready, let us begin:

NLP Mental Drills Exercise:

1) Connect with your Intention / Outcome
It is truly essential to get clear and develop a space of high expectation and achievement for yourself. The best way to guarantee this is by already having created your "Well Formed Outcomes click here to read this post

2) Go inside of yourself - bring all of your attention to the inner you.
Your mind is very good at this even if to begin with it seems impossible, the more you connect to yourself and notice what is going on inside you, the more you will be able to control your state.

3) Notice yourself slowing your breathing down as slowly as you possibly can - Just focus on your breathing while saying "I can slow my breathing down".

4) Create a flow of your slow breathing that is like a gentle wave that flows naturally.
If you begin to visualize this as an actual wave it is more likely to help you focus on turning it into a natural flow.

5) Begin to feel even better and slow your heart rate down in the same way. 
The mind and body are a cybernetic loop. The Mind can control the body, the body can control the mind.
This usually happens out of consciousness. Now you are Influencing your body with your mind, which is normal and natural. you have the power to do this and it has historically been done for hundreds and probably Thousands of years.

Your mind is very good at this even if to begin with it seems impossible, the more you connect to yourself and notice what is going on inside you, the more you will be able to control your state.

6) Wrap all of your thoughts into a safe blanket and give them to a Unicorn with wings for safe keeping.
Assign a colorful, fun, interesting and soothing thought keeper that allows you to feel safe letting your thoughts go for the time being.

7) Focus on the clarity of your mind.
Get clear with yourself and create a space of high expectation and achievement for yourself. The bolder, the better,

8) Present your outcome and you receiving it notice in detail, what you see, hear, smell, taste, feel.
Here is where Representation systems and submodalities bring your mental drills to like.
Richard Bandler says your Experience / life will be a reflection of your internal representations.
Rich Mental Drills / Rich Experiences (That you love and give you pleasure).
"Act as if" it is actually happening now Click here to learn more about this 

9) Sit with this and notice your ecology and how this fits with your over all higher functioning.
Where are the key people and external processes in your life, does everything fit together. do they approve and support etc.
Test, Check and correct. this will make a massive difference to your ongoing unconscious motivation strategy.

10) Connect yourself to this mental drill in great detail at least 3 times a day managing to keep your state (Breathing and Heart rate relaxed and slow) as you do so.
Practice and chunk down as much as you like until you achieve the ability to experience powerful mental drills.

Most of all the more you connect to your unconscious design and process the more chance you have to work out any kinks quickly and easily and achieve it faster.

Bonus tip if you like create and chain an Anchor find out how to use NLP here for Chaining Anchors 
I am curious as to how easily this has worked for you, remember there are still more than Three Hundred Blog posts left to read on NLP is Fun which one will you choose next ?

Thursday, November 4, 2021

What will you create Next | NLP is Fun

Students of Neuro Linguistic Programming learn how to become flexible in how they perceive reality. As NLP Practitioners we have learned that "The Map is not the Territory" and although something may seem "static and immovable" anything can most certainly be Improved at some level. Neuro Linguistic Programmers by now have discovered our Attitude (State) predicts our flexibility and how willing we may be to discover alternatives.

NLP is Fun blog has over 300 Neuro Linguistic Programming posts. 

Our Beliefs will help us or hinder us depending on how willing we may be to transform beliefs that prevent us in achieving our outcome. 

Quite simply, a belief is a construct nothing more or less. A belief is construct that has either been installed by others or ourselves, and all of our actions are a demonstration of our beliefs. 

The more information a person has, the more stimulation a person has in constructing, strengthening or deconstructing their belief.

The source of information is important and perhaps state dependent. Like attracts like which is great if you are always evolving you will seek an expansion of your knowledge.
The person with the most flexibility wins, and you will find the more you can maneuver through obstacles consistently and become adept at being creative and flexible the more choices you will find as a vehicle to achieve your goal.

Mental drills and mental rehearsal that takes place within your own mind are the field of unlimited potential and multiple choice. With your very own mind, everything is possible with that being said, what will you create.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder as well as the other contributing Founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming have created a vast ground work for us to make our very own playground.  It is up to us to indulge all of our sensory awareness into creating new experiences that make our own toes, curl back with pleasure.

How much time are you spending on creating something you will love for yourself, there are infinite possibilities when you turn your attention inward and create something else.

Bruce Lee said become  like water.  

Enjoy NLP is Fun blog and over 300 NLP and Hypnosis related posts for your pleasure and Neuro Linguistic Programming Edutainment.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Why Try | NLP is Fun

NLP is Fun is committed to helping you have practical NLP Tips, NLP Lessons and NLP Courses that change your mind and life for the better.

That being said we do not do Try here. Neuro linguistic programming has given us the resources to decide how to drive our own bus. 

NLP is Fun has more than 300 NLP and Hypnosis Posts 

"Why Try" when a person says "I will Try" they are in two states at one time these states are something like: 

  • I do not believe it will work or that I can do it but I will try anyway.
  • I will do it even though I cannot do it and I am not even sure I want it but I will try anyway.

This is incongruent and conflicted how much effort is going into the result. as opposed to the internal dialogue that doubts it can be done.

For me the greatest problem is in the Expectation, they do not congruently expect to succeed and they have not yet made an actual decision, or maybe they have but it is a secret.

Have you ever seen this being muscle tested ? it turns out the operator gives a very weak "Try" effort compared to when they make up their mind to do it which is a very strong and certain Muscle test.

Try to open your car door to get in, or Try to open a can of soup you would like to eat for lunch. What happened on your visualization did you achieve it or did you loop the movie over and over and over.

There are two things happening here Two states and one is moving toward and one is moving away from.

Do this Experiment if you find you have reasons not to that you have not "officially" committed to.

Just Try to visualize yourself having achieved it. what ever it is first. at the very least you will have gained more information as to what the real issue is. At best you will achieve it. and as Nike says Just Do it !

On the other hand many of us will use Try as a Negation language pattern, "Try not (or don't) to enjoy this as much as I know you would love to". it is super hypnotic isn't it. and the listener has to take a course of action if they want to get the conversation back on track,

Many of us believe "Try" means do not. and if a person uses it hears a watered down version of  "I will not ____________"!
For sure as a coach I believe it will be more resourceful to think of the client mismatching themselves. and look for further themes that repeat this pattern. where else does the client mismatch or contradict or polarize.

Calibrate Test Operate Test Exit. I welcome your thoughts on this matter

Come back to NLP is Fun as often as you like and browse through more than 300 posts about Neuro Linguistic programming and Hypnosis. You are very welcome. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Coupled Words two by two | Hypnotic Language | NLP is Fun

NLP is Fun in small chunks that lead to massive shifts and using "Coupled Words" is a Hypnotic Language pattern that can get really good Trance, remember to remember a Trance is specifically getting attention. Any person is generally in their own Trance already, we can always do something to get their attention and bring them into our Trance.  

A desirable trait of Neuro Linguistic programming is to learn how to become a conversational Hypnotist. To take every opportunity to captivate and tranceform using language. Because we are agents of change NLP Practitioners notice language often quite literally Especially when people are talking to us (Meta Model) and artfully Install language Ambiguously (Milton Model) as we are creating a change within a client.

300 plus NLP Blog posts on "NLP is Fun 

The more you expose yourself to becoming a highly skilled practitioner of Neuro Linguistic programming the more you will find yourself naturally using NLP Patterns and even become a skillful Conversational Hypnotist.
The more resources you have the better and more prepared you will feel and the deeper your subjects will go into Trance.

Let us have some fun, then with this exercise.

Coupling Word Two by Two:


It is ... You know ... Interesting that ... When you ... Change that ... Everything Changes .... Doesn't it .....

Many people already speak like this naturally as they are thinking and putting a sentence together you may have noticed this.

Say just two words or even three, the real pattern is how it begins to form, its own pattern and the unconscious mind will respond well to this as the listener pays closer attention.

It Draws the listener in to anticipate and pay more attention or even guess what is coming next.

Try this .... for yourself ... and see ... what happens ... next you ..................... may find .... it works ...... well for ......................... you too.

So I hope you enjoyed this small chunk to add to your resources, have you used this yet and how has it worked for you.

With over 300 NLP Blog posts NLP is Fun has several posts on Language patterns and Hypnosis so be sure to take a look through for yourself.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Ask this question | Emotional Shifting | NLP is Fun

 Ask this question as an NLP Coach and or Hypnotherapist and begin the process of change and Transformation instantly.

As a skilled Neuro linguistic programmer the more pattern interrupts you have at your finger tips the more creative you will be.

This one Emotional Shifting Hypnotic question will allow your client to go inside and continue the resolution process this breaking the pattern of "Holding" the Problem.

This language pattern is quick, efficient and easy it is a constant thought provoking tool that works in the right direction during the course of any session.

Credit for this pattern comes from The Language Pattern Bible by Kerin Webb p732 and it is called "Emotional Shifting" 

When a Client says " I feel lonely" the NLP Coach will say "And how do you feel about feeling lonely" it is a very simple way to redirect the thinking of a person who is saying they "Feel ______________ " of course the goal is to allow the client the space to discover new solutions inside of them and this creates a framework for that.

Speaking to you as an NLP Trainer, I have discovered the simpler the language pattern the more comfortable you as an NLP Coach and NLP Practitioner might feel using it. 

Try it on for size and ask yourself this question first, so you know how it feels and you have experienced it before.
Be sure to remember to ask this  question to your client the next time they seem to be in a pickle and looping an unhelpful pattern.

Here is another example of how to use it.

Client says "I feel _________"
Coach says " And how do you feel about feeling ___________ "

Have you used this pattern before, It reminds me quite a bit about Clean Language. Let me know how you like it and if you are using it now.

Friday, October 29, 2021

10 Steps that Powerfully transform your Emotions in 4 Minutes | NLP is Fun

10 Steps that Powerfully Transform your Emotions in 4 Minutes 

Neuro linguistic programming is perfect for creating lasting and effective change. With your emotions as well as helping other people to get out of a "stuck state" too.

We call this Changing your state or State change and much of NLP is about going from one state to another depending on what you want. It may be that you want to break the pattern of one state and then go into another state that leads to a "Chain" of reactions all leading into the congruent elements of a desired state.

Or perhaps you can go from an unhappy state state into a cozy state and now the original problem is not being experienced and there is now room for other possibilities. I am sure you know there are Infinite possibilities and they can often be found once you have shifted your state. If you are experiencing a state of survival the choice more frequently than not appears to be limited.

NLP is fun is all about huge shifts from a Problem to a desired state as efficiently as possible in the least amount of time, and if it is simple and fun it may seem "doable" to more people. Remember a "Trance" is what you are focusing on and it is that which has all of your attention. It is very easy to shift your attention.

Interrupt the pattern by focusing on something you like, and fill in the details of how much you would love that.

Relax and have a Treat

Consider the statement "Energy flows where attention goes". This may be a definition of consciousness that sounds something like this: Your reality is subjective to your experience.

What you are experiencing Seems Extremely real and you are experiencing it with all of your attention and highlighting all of the detail.

What you are experiencing with all of your attention may become your "intention" albeit unconsciously. Another way of saying that is you are creating your experience. Your experience is based on your beliefs and your beliefs can very easily change using NLP.

I am sure if your beliefs are affecting your emotions in the opposite direction of what you love, it is worth sourcing a change for the better.

What if it were possible, would you like to create a shift ?

  1. Bring all of your attention inward and focus on your breathing pattern close your eyes and desensitize the problem you were focusing on.
  2. Slow your breathing down 3 breaths in and 3 Breaths out.
  3. Breathe as slowly as you can and focus on holding the breath as long as you can before releasing it slowly.
  4. Slow your heart rate down using your mind and speaking it in to being ("I have the power to slow my heart rate down")
  5. Think of yourself as having the ability to affect how your body works as well as your mind.
  6. watch all of thoughts fly away on the back of a beautifully patterned butterfly right in between their wings for safe keeping ( you can decide later if you still need them or dissolve them).
  7. Relax deeper, tell yourself to let it go 
  8. Notice the new sensations of calm and relief of relaxation in your body.
  9. Decide to feel good because you can and indeed it feels wonderful.
  10. Focus on visualizing what you really want while maintaining this state of being.
* Bonus Tip:
Consider Amplifying this great state by spinning your feelings and sitting in the state longer to immerse yourself in it even further and right before your reach peak intensity anchor it using any sensory stimulus like pressing your thumb to your finger or pressing two fingers on your neck.
You will then be able to press it later on and recreate that exact state, it works as a sensory recording of the new state you have created. There are lots of different ways you can "Anchor" a state and NLP is Fun has many posts on it right here on this NLP Blog.

You see, once you have shifted your Physiology you have changed your state. The more you practice with this the better you will become at it.

The beauty of it for me is knowing you can be doing this in your head in 4 minutes.
I hope you have enjoyed 10 steps that powerfully transform your emotions in 4 minutes, I wonder how you are getting on with this NLP exercise now,

let me know and enjoy the other many helpful NLP and Hypnosis posts on NLP is Fun Blog.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Managing your State | NLP is Fun

 Hello Dear Friends it has been a while hasn't it.

So much has happened in the last two years and our MOW has inevitably shifted somewhat. It feels as if on many levels we have wondered into the twilight zone.  I am sure it has been disruptive for you, too and so how are you doing ? 

"Remember there is no spoon"

In 2020 the Live (in person) Study groups for the most part disbanded as we were unable to have live training or large get togethers at the time.
We have continued to get together online and I will post each event as it comes up for you to attend if you would like to.

In the meantime, please remember there are over 300 and something posts about Neuro Linguistic programming and Hypnosis on NLP is Fun Blog and so please continue to enjoy any of these NLP Training posts.

So for this moment, I would like to remind you as to the importance of  your own self management. You may feel as if the world being "Topsy turvy" creates a sense of Uncertainty for you, and if that is true remember to be the driver of your own bus.

Build Your Own state and Practice your reactions ahead of time 

This means choosing how or if you will become reactive and what that might mean for yourself. In many cases that is something that is better practiced before hand and it might look a little like this:

Create a daily ritual of becoming less and less reactive and more proactive in your own State management. You can Practice maintaining your state in highly stressful situations like this

Emergency pack = Breathing mastery, since it instantly controls Physiology and therefore state. Breath being the fastest was to achieve this. 3X3 deep breaths or 5 solid minutes of deep breathing.
This works best, when you have taught yourself to respond in this way for minor incidents rather than beginning in the middle of a "Fustercluck" that really threw you for 6.

Have fun, and let me know how you get on with it.

Toodles, Nadia x.