Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Coupled Words two by two | Hypnotic Language | NLP is Fun

NLP is Fun in small chunks that lead to massive shifts and using "Coupled Words" is a Hypnotic Language pattern that can get really good Trance, remember to remember a Trance is specifically getting attention. Any person is generally in their own Trance already, we can always do something to get their attention and bring them into our Trance.  

A desirable trait of Neuro Linguistic programming is to learn how to become a conversational Hypnotist. To take every opportunity to captivate and tranceform using language. Because we are agents of change NLP Practitioners notice language often quite literally Especially when people are talking to us (Meta Model) and artfully Install language Ambiguously (Milton Model) as we are creating a change within a client.

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The more you expose yourself to becoming a highly skilled practitioner of Neuro Linguistic programming the more you will find yourself naturally using NLP Patterns and even become a skillful Conversational Hypnotist.
The more resources you have the better and more prepared you will feel and the deeper your subjects will go into Trance.

Let us have some fun, then with this exercise.

Coupling Word Two by Two:


It is ... You know ... Interesting that ... When you ... Change that ... Everything Changes .... Doesn't it .....

Many people already speak like this naturally as they are thinking and putting a sentence together you may have noticed this.

Say just two words or even three, the real pattern is how it begins to form, its own pattern and the unconscious mind will respond well to this as the listener pays closer attention.

It Draws the listener in to anticipate and pay more attention or even guess what is coming next.

Try this .... for yourself ... and see ... what happens ... next you ..................... may find .... it works ...... well for ......................... you too.

So I hope you enjoyed this small chunk to add to your resources, have you used this yet and how has it worked for you.

With over 300 NLP Blog posts NLP is Fun has several posts on Language patterns and Hypnosis so be sure to take a look through for yourself.

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