Saturday, October 30, 2021

Ask this question | Emotional Shifting | NLP is Fun

 Ask this question as an NLP Coach and or Hypnotherapist and begin the process of change and Transformation instantly.

As a skilled Neuro linguistic programmer the more pattern interrupts you have at your finger tips the more creative you will be.

This one Emotional Shifting Hypnotic question will allow your client to go inside and continue the resolution process this breaking the pattern of "Holding" the Problem.

This language pattern is quick, efficient and easy it is a constant thought provoking tool that works in the right direction during the course of any session.

Credit for this pattern comes from The Language Pattern Bible by Kerin Webb p732 and it is called "Emotional Shifting" 

When a Client says " I feel lonely" the NLP Coach will say "And how do you feel about feeling lonely" it is a very simple way to redirect the thinking of a person who is saying they "Feel ______________ " of course the goal is to allow the client the space to discover new solutions inside of them and this creates a framework for that.

Speaking to you as an NLP Trainer, I have discovered the simpler the language pattern the more comfortable you as an NLP Coach and NLP Practitioner might feel using it. 

Try it on for size and ask yourself this question first, so you know how it feels and you have experienced it before.
Be sure to remember to ask this  question to your client the next time they seem to be in a pickle and looping an unhelpful pattern.

Here is another example of how to use it.

Client says "I feel _________"
Coach says " And how do you feel about feeling ___________ "

Have you used this pattern before, It reminds me quite a bit about Clean Language. Let me know how you like it and if you are using it now.

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