Sunday, January 28, 2024

Change is good NLP is Fun 2024

Happy 2024 Change is good is it not ?

It is good to greet you again  in a brand new year 2024.

A new year, has the phenomenon of feeling like a new chance, doesn't it. I hope this is how you feel. 

So many things happened in 2023, Didn't they how about you, how is everything going with you.

Richard Bandler said we must learn to embrace challenge, and the idea that there is always alot to learn during a challenge.

Learning things that will help us to solve our own problems in new unconscious ways. Even ways in which we may or may not have much or any conscious awareness of.

This is true isn't it for the most part and hindsight is 20/20 In my opinion change and or challenge is often easier said than done.

The 'frame' or the Idea of embracing challenge as an opportunity to learn something is not built overnight. 

Patterns, are embedded, unconsciously aren't they, we know this by now surely.

Although, to keep embracing challenge as a possibility will for sure help manouver through challenge better than not.

I will say in my life i am more than familiar with challenge and last year was for sure the hardest year I have ever encountered.

So far i have learned to realise some challenges take more resources than others, have you found that out yet ?.

Some challenges as we know take much more than a single NLP pattern provides.

Bandler has been clear about being creative in finding solution. There is no script .. Keep working on finding solutions until you find something that creates a more useful change for each one.

The brain is doing what it is doing at any given time. Learning more about the brain has been one of my new habits.

I will be sharing more about this as i explore more and discover why we do what we do with Neuro linguististic programming and why it affects brain chemistry.

Kinesthetics = patterns of behaviour.

Also remember perspectives on real challenge / change depending on our position, our perception and what our brain is communicating.

let us consider the feelings, the kinesthetics if u like.

The kinesthetics are truly the schematics, the underbelly of the construct.

It is so much easier to solve a problem that you are dissociated from.

This is why i have called it a construct which begins the process of change doesn't it.

When we think of submodalities we know the connection to a thing changes the magitude of its importance.

Depth of perception, possibility and ability to change it.

Even this is quite a bit to consider. I will leave you with a new feeling of what is to come a curiousity of what will come next.

In 2024 I will share new ideas and new solutions as well as discover things we may or may not have touched that much on yet.

One thing is for sure, there is alot to unpack watch this space change is coming.

If you like this post then be sure to enjoy more NLP patterns and discussions about Hypnosis and Neuro linguistic programming on one of many posts on this NLP blog. 

Always remembering if nothing else NLP is fun.

With love Nadia Harper.