Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 steps to a Happier Life | NLP is Fun

The best thing to do when you are creating a change is to really focus on the change you are creating.

Much of the time people struggle with a lack of belief and begin to focus on a downward spiral.
This is created from busy internal representations, because a person is representing themselves not really making the kind of progress they hoped for and then they begin to turn on internal mind numbing negative chatter.

They Visualize rotten pictures and movies, and the worst things happening then of course feel really bad.

Wow, no wonder you can't focus on anything else, it is quite hard to hear anything else.
when your positive internal voices fade away and bow in submission to the dominant ongoing Chaos

The most dominating thought in your mind will become your reality, if you were to check the submodalities the outcome would be miles away and the Fear factor would be as close as on the end of a persons nose.

In fact when this happens the awful expectation can grow to completely fade everything else out.
Something drastic needs to be done now to stop all of that self hypnosis.
Time to change the slide and quick, because feeling better, feels better, doesn't it!
I like Richard Bandlers Mantra (time for a pattern interrupt)  "Shut The F*** Up" and highly effective when you can sing or chant it as you will find out later.

Now remember I didn't say it he did .. don't kill the messenger !
The point is, it shifts focus and this is what we want.

The Great thing about Submodalities is that there is so much you can do to change your experience immediately.

Firstly; Understand that your mind is under your own control, your Brain, Your Mind, your responsibility for the results it produces.

It is eiter your mind dragging you around, or you systemically Training your mind to behave as you like.

Just as you practice physical fitness you can develop and train your brain to work wonders for you each and every day.

Let's have some fun are you ready ?
Good, I will take that as a yes.

Let's Go !

Step 1
So for today begin by chanting the Richard Bandler (Pattern interrupt) Mantra above .. to this tune.
It requires real elbow grease to break the pattern of negative internal clutter, so stick with it until it works.

If you don't like RB's words use your own, Remember they should have a certain amount of tough love and shock value to help you snap out of it. In any case chant them in time to this tune below until it just seems to ridiculous for words to beat yourself up inside your own head.

Step 2
Close your eyes and slow your breathing down and remember the last time you were really Happy. Take everything in, where you were, who was with you, what was so wonderful about it and pay attention to all the finer details.

Step 3
Crank up your emotional feel great thermostat and turn up more of the stuff you really enjoyed about it to get a more full on experience. Turn it all the way up until your Toes begin to tingle and every single cell starts to buzz and Vibrate with raw powerful energy that motivates you from your head to your toes. By now you should be pulsating everywhere.
Bzzz Bzzz ..

Step 4 
Find the natural direction and rhythm and Spin those feelings until your mind body and soul begin to quiver in anticipation for more Happiness right now.
I have found that when you spin feelings upward into a christmas tree shape:
Wide Base
Spinning upward
Pulsating light
Twinkling shining, interesting pretty things pulsating in time to your own pulsation of your blood flowing through your veins in anticipation of something great. Things feel as if you want to really seize the day.

Step 5
Find what you can do right now in this very moment to create more Happy Feelings inside your life and walk through the scenario in detail immediately in your mind and physiology. Here is one of my favorite mood busting Anchors.

Step 6
Create a Plan to commit to 15 Minutes of uninterrupted Happiness and Happy Thinking, feeling and experiences each day.

Step 7
Follow through with a Visualization in full effect of your Happy Moments

Step 8
Remind yourself consistently throughout the day of your brand new Habit.become conscious of how many times you can take 15 minute Happiness Breaks throughout your day.

Step 9
Join your  15 Happiness breaks together. For example expand to two = 30 consecutive minutes or three = 45 minutes and build up to one hour chunks only as soon as you are ready to really commit to experiencing happiness.

Step 10 
Begin to get creative about brand new ways you can increase your happiness.
Remember Mind and body connect and share the emotion creates true happiness, even when creating a brand new habit you must experience it in your body too.

Have fun with it.
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