Friday, October 29, 2010

Sexy NLP Takes Place in 19 Hours Gather your Wingman

Although we have this on the Calendar, I have updated the Listing on NLP is Fun in Las Vegas. To find out the Full details and RSVP please click the Link.

One Day Only RSVP's are limited, see you there.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NLP - Negotiation

Barely a Day goes by where there is not need to negotiate through around or with Somebody or something.
Today was no exception to the rule.

So this morning I had three meetings the third of the three proved to be the most Challenging, lasting over an hour longer than I had anticipated.
I was truly thankful for my negotiating skills as I often am, and worked several patterns pattern tirelessly through the course of our conversation.

Great Communication has much to do with being flexible and checking your emotion at the door.
It just so happens that "NLP is Fun in Las Vegas"Tonight will be learning the Agreement Frame which I am really Excited about.

The Agreement Frame is an Undisputed Champion to have in your arsenal but there is so much more to Negotiating and persuading.

Now that the weather has cooled down and we have less Trainings on the Calendar we can focus on our NLP & Hypnosis Study Groups more so mark your Calendar to head over and hang out with us.

Boy oh Boy do we have some exciting stuff planned ... no peeking ...

Anyhow those of you who are making great progress and keeping yourselfs in learning mode congrats, and those who have fallen off the Wagon, Now would be a great time to begin again.

Come out and join us for the Agreement Frame we will have as many laughs if not more as last nights group had.

See you soon, keep having tons of fun.
nlpisfuninlasvegas (at) gmail (dot) com

Monday, October 25, 2010

Irresistible Non Verbal Hypnotic Inductions - Study and Practice

Come and Join us for Irresistible Non Verbal Hypnotic Inductions
October 25 2010 at 7pm.

Hypnosis, is one of the most incredible ways I know of to De stress AND communicate (Install ) Irresistible Suggestions that Improve peoples lives in just a few moments.

Just By Mindlessly looking at this Picture you have been given a suggestion, isn't that true ?
What does the suggestion mean to you ... Everyone will get something different, even if there will be a theme of related Generalizations.

While I do not smoke myself .. Images and Suggestions can creatively be scattered through Body Language and Verbal Communication to help get your point across, just think of TV shows and Advertising.

Want to know how this is done, in your real Life ?
Would you like to DE- stress and experience Hypnosis with other people who are as curious and fascinated as you are ?
Would you like a safe place to learn and practice ?
Do you believe you can Hypnotize Somebody ?
Can you be Hypnotized do you think, and if you were .. what would that be like ?
Do you believe you can Hypnotize somebody else, without using words even ?
What about if you could Hypnotize somebody using a combination of Non Verbal and Verbal techniques, would that take the pressure off.
Could you imagine your confidence building more and more with practice ?

Come out and join us as we go over some of the basics of Hypnosis and learn some old and some New ways to get people out of their Trance and into yours.
The last time I offered this Event I hypnotized the Audience while I had my Back to them, installing Non Verbal Hypnosis on the Subject.

Ask anyone who was there, they all went down like Dominoes ... They found it irresistible, and even my assistants were lulled into trance.

Come out and have a go yourself, we always have a terrific time, all are welcome beginners, Practitioners and anyone in between.
Practice Study and Learn as a Group and separately with a partner.
Experience Hypnosis and Ask your Questions with the Group.
Let's have allot of Fun with it.

If you would like to join us tonight please email

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yessur More Fun NLP in Las Vegas coming up !

Wow who knew there were so many books you could read,  that would help with your NLP Studies !
And that is to say nothing of the movies ... Could get a bit overwhelming ...
I may take a nap first ...
Really .... Why ?
Oh Yeah ... I forgot !
Ok ... Thinking about it now ..
Yeah That was pretty Awesome ..

I love Candy Floss mmm hmm ... ok and then ?

Ok ... Intensified and Then .....
Yep ... and Yep ..

I did already because I knew you were going to say that ...
Ahhhh ... Yes and ...
Nom ... Nom in my mouth ... mmmm I like the French fries, didn't they win awards 4 them ..
Yessur  and ...
Yessur how long will it take .... u say 21 Days ... I had better get started ..

Sometimes stories are the best way 2 get on ..
Another way 2 Learn 
is to have ..
With us ... You know where ...
See you soon ...

Learn with us. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

NLP | Change your Mood & Change your Mind | NLP is Fun

Are you feeling some how the worse for wear ?
With NLP you can quickly change an unhappy mood into a pleasant mood.

What to have a go ?

Remember a Time when you were doubled over with laughter, in fact so much so you may have thought you were going to have a little accident ..
Can you notice how immediately you want to begin to laugh, and the more you think of how funny it was the more the laughter becomes uncontrollable .. in fact the more you try not to laugh it seems as if you are crying with laughter ..
Hahahahahahahahahahaaaa soooo cute !
Hahahahhahahahahaha now what was it I was Feeling bad about again ...

Oh Yeah hahahahahahaha .... so What ..... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... I'm only Human .. Hahaha
Stoppid ... I am going to have an accident if you are not careful ... Hahahahahahahaaa

My Sides are hurting ... hahahahahaaha ... Now what was the problem again ? I cant remember ..

Have Fun with it, and the more you practice the easier things become. Work it and achieve it you can still Kill it in 2015 with us and get amazing results get this 4 week NLP Online Coaching course.
Killing it 2015

Boom. Let's Go !
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Thanks for reading, Speak soon

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NLP | How to create a wealthy lifestyle | NLP is Fun

See yourself Enjoying  a wealthy Lifestyle and think of all the things you will enjoy more of.
Travel to exotic places
Luxury and first class all the way
Shopping Trips at Places you love
Family Fun
Expensive outings
An abundance of Money in the Bank
Being with friends and Family at new and interesting places ..

What else can you think of
Maybe even:
Gold Bars
Vaults of Money

Go to your memory banks and remember a time when you surprised yourself by achieving more than you thought you could.  You could always do the Circle of Excellence  and Anchor the feelings of Empowerment you create for yourself.
Spend Time Reverse engineering and think back to how you did it, and the feelings of Victory that were created in this moment.
Then move forward as you Act as if this is going to be your Reality now too.

Think about your own Authentic talents, and what you are really great at right now, and make a list of exactly why you are an expert in this area.

Research what more you will need to know to master this Biz or Opportunity, take some time to get really Clear about it and create a plan based on the result you would like ... You can work backward ie: "I want x and I get it  by _________"

Find a Mentor who has done what you would like to to, she/he can be living or not and find out everything about how they achieved their own success, Overcame challenges and Triumphed and learnt from it.

Ask yourself often, "How else can I improve on this", and add value to what you are offering, keep learning more and more and be persistent in what you are dong until you achieve the signs of success.

Now Imagine yourself Changing your beliefs to make this an actual Reality for yourself.
And if you want to become a Mind Builder and learn how to Immerse yourself in Belief change then you should be here for the full effect.

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There are over 200 more Empowering articles to enjoy and remember NLP is Fun so enjoy the whole experience.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Learning NLP always An Exciting prospect | NLP is Fun

I have heard people say to me more than once,
'I have studied NLP and have taken many NLP Courses and yet still do not know NLP".

When I was at school my Maths scores began to plummet and before I knew it  I was told I would need to be moved from an Advanced Maths class to a maths class for people who were having trouble with maths.

When I arrived at the new Maths Class my spirit was disappointed, because Intuitively I knew I had not performed at my very best and the consequence was going into a class with kids who had learning disabilities.
I lost sight of the idea at the time, that there was an option for me to be somewhere in the middle and then improve.

The idea in fact had not been presented to me by a teaching professional, instead I felt stuck.
I was in a class with people who were well below my Maths Level and because the Teacher put me there I felt I had run out of options.

I believed, it must be true because "They said so"

I gave up completely for that time being ... I didn't even try in this class because it was much too easy, In my mind, it was almost pathetic.
It wasn't until sometime later I developed a passion for Maths, in fact before I developed a passion for Maths I changed the Idea of Maths being Difficult, and decided that it was in fact useful and because it was going to help me I would have fun learning it.

I suppose at some stage I had taken matters into my own hands so to speak.

When I changed my mind about just the idea that there was a possibility, everything about that changed:
My Temperature changed
My Physiology Changed
My Neurology Changed
My Cardiovascular system Changed and later my comprehension changed what had seemed so hard in the past now was super and pathetically easy to me now.

I actually began to get Excited and was filled with possibility.
I realized I was intelligent, and this inspired me more then the old thought that this was impossible, or I can't.
It has in fact been times like that (paradigm shifts) that have led me to be the person I am today.

Now you said you had experienced a problem learning NLP .... When you were thinking it was supposed to be complicated, Is that True ?

Sometimes people may explain NLP in a way that seems complicated and less Fun and exciting.

Because when you change your mind about NLP having to be complicated it becomes quite exciting that finally you will allow yourself to get the hang of it, Don't you agree ?

Well whats next for you then ?
You should use it, shouldn't you you can begin with what you already know, the smallest chunks you can put them in to every day practice because whatever you know you can know it even better still.

I am learning that, although still learning that .. even better still.
Practice at work, with your family and friends make notes because every one is different and react to interventions in their own ways.
see if you can add bits that work better for you or even cut some steps out if you like. It is completely up to you and the great news is YOU CANNOT BREAK IT which means you only Fail if you completely stop the process of applying, Learning and Improving.

Now you can be an Armchair Philosopher or ... you can be an Elegant and resourceful communicator.
My Tip is begin with being as flexible in your attitude as possible.

We frequently have a Free NLP web Training via skype and you can come to any one of them to experience just how much Fun NLP can really be.

Let me know how you get on, and remember changing your life is an exciting prospect and therefore loads of Fun.

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Thanks for stopping by, speak with you soon.