Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Anchor a Peak State | NLP is Fun

If you are interested in being highly motivated then you will love this post about Anchoring yourself into States that leave you feeling on Top of the World.

If you were interested in creating a Chain to get you there then read this article.
This Article speaks about Spatial Anchoring 
This article also from NLP is Fun speaks about changing your mood with Anchors
Flip through for additional information about Anchoring.

Here is How to create an anchor for a Peak state for Peak Performance that you can do yourself.

Decide on the state you want to achieve 
Remember all of the times you had this state before, perhaps use the Circle of Excellence exercise to help you.
Maybe you had states that were similar too that you would like to revisit and incorporate, begin to focus on them and Amplify them so you can maximize your experience.

Watch yourself experiencing the state in a Mind movie and continue to build and expand the state using your full sensory experience:

Engage full sensory Experience
Visual = Seeing
Auditory = Hearing
Kinesthetic = Feeling
Olfactory = Smelling
Gustatory = Tasting

Now add these experiences into what you want to experience right now. Fully experiencing the Peak state you desire with your whole Mind Body and Soul, in full congruence.

Find the point you would like to anchor on your body or even use some type of other signal which means this is the state and locks it in.

You will anchor the state just before reaching the climax of the Peak so that you get the full effect of the association.

If you go past the Peak the association will be on its way coming down again.
You can do this very easily and quickly and each time you fire it, you will experience the state again and again.

Anchoring is One Trial Learning, it doesn't have to be complicated. It sticks unconsciously so don't over think it.

Having an anchor that you designed will override any opposing neurology.

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