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NLP - Spatial Anchoring | NLP is Fun

I thought this was a Cute Video to share with you.
Former President Clinton Famous for knowing his way around a Tricky Press Conference, is discussed in these clips provided by the Daily Show

What is Spatial Anchoring ?
This is Setting up conditioned responses (unconscious Expectations) in other people to influence then into an expected way of responding in non verbal communication.

Whole Body Positioning:
You may use Your whole Body by positioning it in certain areas of the stage or room floor
ie: Every time I move to the right it emphasises Bad
Every time I move to the Left it amplifies Good
The middle means Neutral.

Non Verbal Conditioning:
Or I can use My hands, Feet fingers Head, or any close by instrument (such as a pencil) for subtle and not so subtle ways to set up the Anchor and fire it, oer and over again during the course of a conversation.

How People use Space to Locate Choice:
When speaking to a person if you notice their Eye accessing cues and Calibrate you will begin to notice where he/she stores their Timeline and if their accessing cues are normally organised.

This is Involving pretty Good Calibration skills and asking provoking questions to get the responses to calibrate

Ask a Question:
I would start with questions that a person has immediate access to, and then compare how they find the answer for something way in the past of that may be untrue for example.
You could ask a person .. Think of somebody you like ... Think of somebody you really don't like.
You will notice they look in two different places for these memories.

Influence and Set up The Anchor:
If you wanted to Influence a person you would set up firing your anchor spatially by amplifying these feelings on the side that they had great memories of.

You can Use any Object too:
We can use any object we like to anchor a person, it is a One Trial learning association, and the closer we can get  to the peak on the leading up side the better our Anchor will be.
Depending on where you are get creative and pick up whatever is around you to set up the anchor.

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