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Love is All we Need | Changing Neurology | NLP is Fun

How to Reach Peak states and Change your Neurology with NLP
NLP Has the Power to change your Emotions (State as we call it in Neuro Linguistic programming) so Efficiently. 

Emotions Much of the Time are conditioned responses anyway and are truly responses to subjective perceptions of our Experience.

How about you, have you ever stopped to think about how much time you spend feeling Bad ? 
Or are you already spending most of your time benefiting from the Power of NLP. 

Richard Bandler Co Creator of NLP says you can learn how to feel good for absolutely no reason at all. 

Years ago I really got this and started studying exactly how Moods affect our Behavior, Motivation, Action and Results.

I found something super significant, in so many different people. 
It was all about Love. The Effects of Love are the most Powerful and underrated Power up juice ever. 

For instance, Did you know:
Your Heart and Mind work as one interchangeable unit ?
and have you noticed that sometimes you might completely swear off doing a thing and as soon as somebody says the right thing, it initiates the right feeling and you can change your mind.

You suddenly feel completely different about it.
Have you heard the expression "There is a thin line between love and hate"?.

Have you ever had an argument with a family member and been furious or deeply hurt, perhaps even convinced that you will never be vulnerable again with them. And then all these feelings magically dissolve and your moods change once you get an apology or a hug.
So much so that you may even feel guilty, for being cross in the first place.

Your heart can also change your body chemistry, your moods and even your well being.
The next time you feel, sad disappointed or Mad. Just think for a moment about your heart and how wonderful it is.

Then take a moment to remember a time when you felt extremely loved or the King of them all "In - Love" at the peak of a loving relationship. You will very soon notice your feelings change and begin to flow in a direction.

Remember, since it is all in your mind anyway, you can spin feelings as much as you like.
Love is the most powerful of all emotions it can make you feel super strong or even crumple up in a heap in the corner somewhere.

Of course if you have Self love and you are familiar with living a Lifestyle using "The Self love Process" you won't want to stay in a heap on the floor. You will want to live a life full of rich peak experiences.

Find out how to get the Self love Process Coaching here 

Let us see what else we can do to change our emotions by focusing on Love, truly we can access our mind through our heart and we can access our heart through our mind. Just think about it.

The next step is begin to add some juice to those feeling moving in a certain Direction we have spoken before about  taking 15 minute Happiness Breaks to get a great mood going.

Looking forward is a great way to remember to plan things that work out well for you and create good moods more often.

I hope you have a great deal of fun playing with this and then you create a great Resource Anchor when you need it the most.

Looking at the sad bits in the past can often mean a person will miss out on their present.
If you can't think of your last lovey dovey feeling to open your heart and mind then use this exercise which is really useful to recreate a piece of your own history.

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Do the exercises provided and change your Neurology.
You can do it for sure.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

100 Reasons to learn Self Hypnosis | NLP is Fun

There are easily More than 100 Reasons to learn Self Hypnosis| NLP is Fun 

While many of you may have a vague idea already, formulating in your own mind about the benefits and Value of Learning Self Hypnosis, I would like to give you a helping hand in understanding the importance of Knowing and using this skill.

Nikola Tesla used Mind power to Invent and use his Mathematical Genius
As you begin to gain control of your own mind, and your options change completely.

Self Hypnosis is a vehicle at your own disposal you can do with it what you will, once you know exactly how to activate your own Mind control.
While my list may be thorough with over 100 Reasons I have by no means even scratched the surface in over 100 ways of just how we can use Self Hypnosis to program our own mind for our own best interest.

How would you like to even achieve 10 things on this list, just Imagine how your life will change for the better wouldn't that be Good.
The truth is, we can all benefit from a little self improvement. 
With Self Hypnosis the only limit is our own Imagination.

Nothing is Off Limits.

Before we proceed, If you begin for just a moment to think of your mind as a loyal dog who wants to please you more and more in anticipating your need, then you are surely getting on the right track.
Your mind can automatically help you and fulfill your hearts desires once it truly begins to understand what exactly it really is, that your heart desires.

Truly learning Self Hypnosis can be the Golden Ticket then to a life that were before now completely unavailable to you for lack of know how.
For instance how would you feel, waking up in the morning after a restful nights sleep, and as you slept peaceful on a bed of contentment, your mind was continuing to sort and organize information for your good.
So that even as you woke in your first few moments you felt a feeling of fulfillment, purpose and joy.

Some people claim to know Self Hypnosis, and yet are not making any progress in the areas they say they desire improvement.
Once you know how to simply activate your own Self Hypnosis you too will begin to reap the rewards.

Here are over 100 ways in which you can start to enjoy self Hypnosis remember we are only just scratching the surface:

  • You can begin to relax and release stress
  • You can program your mind to be more resourceful
  • You can flush out Idle self sabotaging self talk
  • You can become congruent in your actions
  • You can learn how to connect to your mind and your body for alignment and peace
  • You can gain objective perspective in a problem at work or or home
  • You can create positive directional movement in a challenge or problem
  • You can Kick a Habit that is no longer useful
  • You can create a state of Prosperity, Health and well being
  • You can begin to focus on self acceptance of your finer qualities
  • You can rekindle your love for an old skill and improve on it
  • You can release pain from the past and learn forgiveness
  • You can build a belief in a certain area no matter what your skill level
  • You can overcome a fear that normally would have paralyzed you
  • You can find Harmony with an enemy that drove you nuts before
  • You can become clear about your purpose, your meaning and your journey
  • You can loose a free floating anxiety that kept you stuck in life
  • You can witness yourself at your best whenever you like
  • You can build confidence and practice something you are working towards
  • You can make yourself more powerful (Empowered)
  • You can build a solution after seeing the whole picture
  • You can overcome pain and anxiety before doing something new
  • You can overcome fear of speaking in public
  • You can rehearse for an important exam
  • You can learn a brand new language when you previously thought you couldn't
  • You can become the best Salesperson in your office no matter what your experience
  • You can Become fun and interesting to be around at personal and professional events
  • You can change your career
  • You can change your association to the past
  • You can change your relationship with yourself and others
  • You can change your bank account for the better
  • You can change how people respond to you and take you seriously
  • You can change a habit of being Messy and Cluttered
  • You can work on your self esteem
  • You can begin to notice how far you have improved already
  • You can change your perceptions about yourself
  • You can overcome fear and embarrassment of being in public
  • You can learn how to become an excellent communicator
  • You can learn to be less stressed out all the time
  • You can learn how to be more elegant in getting what you want
  • You can change a habit of Drinking too much
  • You can learn how to create your own boundaries in your relationships
  • You can change a habit of Smoking
  • You can stop choosing a partner for all the wrong reasons and find somebody caring
  • You can change a habit of eating too much and gaining weight that makes you feel bad
  • You can get focused more than you ever did
  • You can create a plan of success and achievement
  • You can learn how to overcome the not so easy bits
  • You can realize you deserve the best life has to offer you
  • You can overcome Anger towards others and yourself that causes embarrassment
  • You can learn to find the courage to travel the world
  • You can overcome Physical pain like toothache or a headache
  • You can prepare before meeting important people you would like to impress
  • You can become a much better student
  • You can work though a strategy that is designed with you in mind
  • You can become a better Golfer or Tennis Player
  • You can have better relationship at work
  • You can say No to Co – Dependence
  • You can gain stronger Calibration skills
  • You WILL become better at NLP
  • You can become an excellent dancer at any level
  • You can learn how to cook from scratch
  • You can learn how to develop your own self esteem and self image
  • You can become less obnoxious and more like able
  • You can program your mind to work for any of your goals
  • You can relax and accept yourself for who you really are instead of pretending
  • You can live like you mean it and allow others to do the same
  • You can find true happiness in every day living
  • You can have hope for the future
  • You can beat depression
  • You can find things to enjoy in every situation
  • You can release negative energy that is poison to your insides
  • You can figure out what you really want
  • You can Go for the Gold whenever you Like
  • You can Learn what works and go back to the beginning in any situation until you get it
  • You can Overcome Grief and Loss of a loved one
  • You can Strengthen your mind to become more agile
  • You can change how attractive you are to other people
  • You can STOP battling with willpower
  • You van gain more satisfaction in your work
  • You can enhance your sexual experiences
  • You can have more of what you like without feeling bad about it
  • You can overcome Shame and humiliation
  • You can become an attraction magnet
  • You can breakthrough in areas of personal success
  • You can lean to be more patient
  • You can overcome feelings of frustration
  • You can program yourself to be an incredible leader
  • You can become a much better Athlete or runner
  • You can work through internal conflict
  • You can become more persuasive
  • You can overcome a past failure and Rise above it
  • You can change from being Miserable to a Fully Complete human
  • You can thrive in negative environments and not be affected
  • You can Create Influence in your communication
  • You can program your mind to heal and overcome Illness in its own powerful way
  • You can overcome sexual dysfunction
  • You can overcome poor Body Image
  • You can overcome a lack of confidence in any area from the bedroom to the boardroom
  • You can connect more powerfully to others
  • You can create a plan to heal the world or pursue your own Cause
  • You can learn how to be more charismatic
  • You can learn how to retain more knowledge while reading

So just to recap these are more than 100 reasons to learn Self Hypnosis do you have 100 reasons not to learn self Hypnosis ?

Let us keep it simple, What are your Top 10 Reasons for learning Self Hypnosis and making it stick ?

Program your own Unconscious Mind  by Listening to this beautiful Mind programming CD.

Also if you are still looking for 100 more reasons to use Neuro Linguistic programming look here

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