Friday, August 24, 2012

Love is All we Need | Changing Neurology | NLP is Fun

How to Reach Peak states and Change your Neurology with NLP
NLP Has the Power to change your Emotions (State as we call it in Neuro Linguistic programming) so Efficiently. 

Emotions Much of the Time are conditioned responses anyway and are truly responses to subjective perceptions of our Experience.

How about you, have you ever stopped to think about how much time you spend feeling Bad ? 
Or are you already spending most of your time benefiting from the Power of NLP. 

Richard Bandler Co Creator of NLP says you can learn how to feel good for absolutely no reason at all. 

Years ago I really got this and started studying exactly how Moods affect our Behavior, Motivation, Action and Results.

I found something super significant, in so many different people. 
It was all about Love. The Effects of Love are the most Powerful and underrated Power up juice ever. 

For instance, Did you know:
Your Heart and Mind work as one interchangeable unit ?
and have you noticed that sometimes you might completely swear off doing a thing and as soon as somebody says the right thing, it initiates the right feeling and you can change your mind.

You suddenly feel completely different about it.
Have you heard the expression "There is a thin line between love and hate"?.

Have you ever had an argument with a family member and been furious or deeply hurt, perhaps even convinced that you will never be vulnerable again with them. And then all these feelings magically dissolve and your moods change once you get an apology or a hug.
So much so that you may even feel guilty, for being cross in the first place.

Your heart can also change your body chemistry, your moods and even your well being.
The next time you feel, sad disappointed or Mad. Just think for a moment about your heart and how wonderful it is.

Then take a moment to remember a time when you felt extremely loved or the King of them all "In - Love" at the peak of a loving relationship. You will very soon notice your feelings change and begin to flow in a direction.

Remember, since it is all in your mind anyway, you can spin feelings as much as you like.
Love is the most powerful of all emotions it can make you feel super strong or even crumple up in a heap in the corner somewhere.

Of course if you have Self love and you are familiar with living a Lifestyle using "The Self love Process" you won't want to stay in a heap on the floor. You will want to live a life full of rich peak experiences.

Find out how to get the Self love Process Coaching here 

Let us see what else we can do to change our emotions by focusing on Love, truly we can access our mind through our heart and we can access our heart through our mind. Just think about it.

The next step is begin to add some juice to those feeling moving in a certain Direction we have spoken before about  taking 15 minute Happiness Breaks to get a great mood going.

Looking forward is a great way to remember to plan things that work out well for you and create good moods more often.

I hope you have a great deal of fun playing with this and then you create a great Resource Anchor when you need it the most.

Looking at the sad bits in the past can often mean a person will miss out on their present.
If you can't think of your last lovey dovey feeling to open your heart and mind then use this exercise which is really useful to recreate a piece of your own history.

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Do the exercises provided and change your Neurology.
You can do it for sure.

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