Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Nurture yourself right Now

Many of the people who are interested in NLP are people who have had challenges within their own childhood experience.

This pattern will help you to decide the skills you wanted or needed in order to have the best advantage for our life.

After you have run through this exercise for yourself, a few times you may also like to use it with other people, It is awesome for coaching interventions.

Richard Bandler co creator of NLP says adjust and calibrate to suite the person you are working with or yourself. And do everything until you get the change you want.

Remember every single one of us has our own Map of reality.

Thank you to Shlomo Vaknin and  The Big Book of NLP Techniques for Including this pattern that we are playing with today.

Remember as you experience any NLP technique it is up to you to make it your own and be creative with how you tweak it just for you, or your clients.

Are you Ready to make some changes ?
Let us begin:

Step 1
a) Close your eyes and go Inside your own mind to think about the best types of attributes that  your chosen parents should have to meet your needs and how they will Guide you in the best way possible through life.

b) Consider all your emotional and developmental needs to create a more nurtured you. There may be many elements of parenting that you feel you were missing.
c) Now find / Imagine or create in the forefront of your mind / body a person or persons with the skills that you need to be your parents.

Step 2
Develop your parents to in every way be the best for you, fill in all the details until you are satisfied  and you are beginning to get a sense of what will work very well for you.

Step 3 
Internally experience your relationship now and notice how they express their nurturing and unconditional parenting skills that help you become the best person you can possibly be to the hilt of your own personal fulfillment.

Step 4
Access your Timeline and float above the top traveling to the very day of your birth, when they were waiting for you to be born.
Experience them waiting to welcome you into the world as your eager, excited and loving parents, engage all of your senses to fill in the quality of their parenting with all the nurturing skills you desire and draw your attention how it feels, as you experience it.

Step 5
Experience your life as you travel through each stage of childhood and to the now. Notice all of the positive differences that having these wonderfully supportive and loving parents have created in your own life conditioning.

You may also notice a few of your previously underdeveloped attributes have now become so much stronger and vibrant giving you a sense of wholeness.

Step 6
Make peace through love and understanding of where you are now, and release the shell of the person you once felt you were.

Keep your parents in your senses and accessible for any other time you may want to refer to them for Support, Love and Guidance.

Feel their loving comfort always in your life.

Step 7
Re orient yourself completely in the now fully integrating a sense of peace and well being from this wonderfully brand new experience.

Close your eyes again to fully associate to the well being of having wonderfully caring, loving and nurturing parents who are always available to give you guidance.

Feel their overwhelming love and support even as you open your eyes.

Have some fun with this exercise it is very easy to do and the rewards are instant and overwhelming, if you really get into it. do it as often as you like I am sure you will enjoy it.

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