Friday, February 27, 2015

Find your own Style | NLP is Fun

Find your own Style | NLP is Fun
The most important thing ever is feeling confident and secure about who you are.
I was having a conversation with my son earlier this morning about being unique while daring to developing your own Style.

We are from the UK and live in America to add to that our Nationality is English and Jamaican.
Because of our diverse Background and lots of exposure to other cultures via Travel we have been fortunate enough to experience plenty of options in self expression and have adapted and adopted bits and pieces that we admire. Frequently we are each considered unique..

Perhaps you are too, I have found as a person grows in their Personal development, you may discover things that you really like and other people do not.
Lots of people try their hardest to fit in, but it is really tricky and allot of work to please everyone.
"You can please some of the people some of the time, You can please all of the people some of the time, But you cannot please all of the people all of the time" - John Lydgate 
So How about creating your own style and feeling great about who you are.
As you know I am a great advocate of Self love so much so that I created The Self love process .

As you love yourself more and more every single one of your relationships will become easier and easier.
You will also know where you begin and where you end.
Many times when people meet others who seem to have it all together they try their hardest to impress and loose their own identity in the process.
Being true to yourself  is important in your Personal and Professional life and builds congruent self belief and Authentic confidence.

In this video I speak about 10 ways to be comfortable with yourself while dating. Remember people like people who like themselves.

Ironically, one of the comments I got on this video was that I forgot to comb my hair. I got a great chuckle out of this because the bigger and messier my hair is, the more satisfied I feel.
Obviously that is not everyone's preference, Case in Point :)

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

10 Solid Reasons you absolutely Must achieve your Goal | NLP is Fun

10 Solid Reasons you absolutely Must achieve your Goal | NLP is Fun

When you associate to your Goal, your Goal comes to life as a Reality. You know exactly what you want and exactly why it is important to you.
This is essential for Peak performance and acheivement.
Some time ago we spoke about Well formed Outcomes which is an NLP Staple to productivity.

I also wrote a post on 10 steps to congruent Goal achieving which I often use as a warm up to well formed Outcomes with my Coaching clients.
Before spending quality time doing these exercises, you can easily just simplify what you are doing for speedier results and fully associate V.A.K.O.G to every aspect of receiving it.

For this reason create a List of 10 Solid Reasons why you absolutely Must achieve this Goal, including all sensory experience (V.A.K.O.G):
What you will Visualize when you have it
What you will Hear when you have it
What you will Feel when you have it
What you will smell and taste once you have it

Immerse and delight yourself in the intense pleasure of it all.
Give yourself a sensory overload, so that it feels natural to you to have it.
This will make your Goal believable to your unconscious mind.
Keep this list somewhere that you can see it frequently throughout the day and remind yourself of this constantly.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Think about Yourself Differently | NLP is Fun | The Self Love Process

NLP is the foundation of The Self Love Process by Nadia Harper. The Self love Process or #TSLP engages with your sensory experience to make the most out of your internal representations.

What you think about more and more on the inside will eventually become your reality on the Outside. You are giving suggestions to your unconscious mind of  all of your expectations.

The Self love process changes the Foundation of your beliefs about your own self worth and personal Value. When you think differently about yourself and begin to value yourself more.
Your Decisions and actions change at an unconscious level.

You become congruent with what you say you want.
Patterns of self sabotage begin and continue to fade away.
The self love process replaces low self esteem and low self worth.

You will find yourself reaching for the better fruit at the top of the tree, instead of picking up fallen and bruised fruit from the ground.
Just because it is there does not  make it the only available option.

Learn the Self love process with this online workshop  which can be accessed in the comfort of your own home.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

NLP Meta Model Generalizations| Modal Operators of Necessity | Modal Operators of Possibility | NLP is Fun

The NLP Meta Model Generalizations| Modal Operators of Necessity| Modal Operators of possibility | NLP is Fun 

NLP | Neuro linguistic programming was created by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder. The Linguistic are of NLP  has a series of Language Patterns called The Meta Model which is extremely specific. The Meta Model Challenges the person who is speaking to clarify what exactly they mean whenever they communicate with ambiguity.

Universal Quantifier:
"He always walks so slow"
"It is the same routine every day" 
"All Fat people are happy" 
"He Never says I am pretty"
"There are no nice girls here"
"Everybody likes Elvis"
Generalized assumptions that limit choice and influence other people as if they are Rules.

Modal Operators of  Possibility/ Necessity:
"I Can't come right now"
"I Can come later"
"I Could come after I have finished the dishes"
"I Couldn't come before, because I was doing the dishes" 

Modal Operators of Necessity:
I must spring clean
I need to go to the shop
I Got to get my dry cleaning

What would happen if you didn't ?
What Wont happen if you don't ?
What wouldn't happen if you didn't ?
What won't happen if you do ?
See  this Informative Post about Cartesian Logic 

"Since you have got allot out of this, you may as well share it with somebody else"
"You will be far more empowered after learning these patterns"
"When you review them all in sequence they will make so much more sense"
"Because you like NLP stands to reason you will  love being a Practitioner of NLP"
"Since you love the way I simplified it you will probably want me as your Trainer"
"Now you realize I am such a thorough NLP Trainer you will probably take your NLP Master Practitioner with me too".
"Since you are going to do it anyway you may as well Book it Now"
"Being in the Entertainment capital of the world can only be considered a Plus while you are taking your NLP Practitioners Training with me"
"The Next stage of Training is knowing what you know about NLP and How to use it"
"Because these patterns are so easy to use you probably can think of ways you can use them even now".
"Now that you have enjoyed this post so much you may as well share it"

Another word for Presuppositions are Assumptions
When people use them, a way of challenging the real information is asking
"What has to be true for this to be true" ?

NLP Presuppositions can also be found in the Milton Model and they are extremely Persuasive. Co Creator of NLP Richard Bandler says, stack as many of them as possible, to bypass the critical faculty and Melt resistance.

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Nadia Harper is a Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming with the society of NLP.
Having Trained with Both Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NLP Meta Model Distortion | NLP is Fun

NLP | Neuro linguistic programming has a series of Language Patterns called The Meta Model which is extremely specific. It Challenges the Speaker to begin to clarify what they mean whenever they express themselves ambiguously.

There are Three ways in which The Meta Model is sorted into categories  each categories have specific Language Patterns to determine exactly how the speaker is creating their "Model of The Word" which is an NLP term for way in which they structure their Experience/reality .
Today I am speaking about the Meta Model Distortion which involves 5 ways in which people can distort their information.

"People are suffering because of the economy" 
"This Strategy is Rubbish and doesn't work" 
"You should have some consideration for me"
Verb turned into a Noun or an Event 
(Ask yourself this question) Can the Economy fit into a wheel barrow ?
(Ask yourself This Question) Can that Strategy fit into a wheel barrow?
(Ask yourself This Question) Can Consideration fit into a wheel barrow?

No, because (The Economizing) is an on going process that often changes every day, it is not a thing. 
No, because ( Strategizing) is an on going process that can change every day, it is not a thing. 
No, because (Considering) is an on going process that  can change every day, it is not a thing.
Add "ing" to the process and keep the conversation going until the person takes ownership of the specifics.

Challenging your Nominalization makes a persons choice of words less Challenging .
You learn who the subject is and turn the Noun back into a Verb. This clears up any confusion about who is doing what. and it is no longer confusing.

Cause / Effect 
"If you hadn't scared me, I wouldn't have shouted at you"
"He started it and I finished it"
Doing ________________ Caused _________________
How did an independent act cause you to respond in the way you did, these instances are unrelated. A Person chooses how to respond depending on their Internal Map.

Mind Reading
"She won't leave him, she luuuuurves him" 
"He is going to be drunk when he gets home"
Assuming without confirmation from the source
Did she/He tell you that?, How do you know that?

Complex Equivalence
"Chocolate gives you spots"
"Cloudy Sky Means Rain" 
"Cold Ice Cream Means I am going to have Brain Freeze"
__________always Means ________________

Lost Performative
"That's  a silly thing to say"
Ambiguous Value Judgement, See More here  

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The NLP Meta Model | Deletion | NLP Language Patterns | NLP is Fun

The NLP Meta Model is series of Language Patterns used in Neuro linguistic programming the Meta Model is extremely specific and so is used for the most part in NLP for Information Gathering.

The Meta Model is used by lots of professionals, including: Sales people, Speakers, Coaches,Therapists, Teachers, Leaders, People developers, In fact anyone who is seriously interested in learning where a person is coming from in their Unconscious processes.

Today we will speak about NLP  Meta Model Deletion Language patterns are all about Information gathering.
Learning the NLP Meta Model including 

  • NLP Deletion 
  • NLP Simple Deletion 
  • NLP Comparative Deletion
  • NLP Lack of Referential Index 
  • NLP Unspecified Verb 

The Deletion Category of the NLP Language patterns of The Meta Model help a person to learn more about the Mental Map of your Subject.
It is a Way for a Coach, Trainer, Developer or in fact anyone who has an interest in understanding the mindset of the individual you are speaking for.

What are the benefits of knowing the NLP Meta Model?
The people who are experienced in the Meta Model have an intention of understanding how a person processes information, and in fact operates at the level of Experience.

Because the information is so specific it is also extremely powerful. There is much practicing to do to become fluent in using the Meta Model Fluidly and it for sure is worth the Investment.

How Can I learn all about the NLP Meta Model?
The Most usual way a person learns the NLP Meta Model is in a classroom setting during the course of NLP Practitioner Training.
The information works best during the course of an interactive live Training so that the Trainer can asses your comprehension of this material and give you the chance to practice it and build confidence in working with it.

What else should I know about using the Meta Model ?
This article has given you a short burst of information outlining the benefits of learning the Meta Model. On the other hand, there is much that get's lost in translation just by reading and not engaging with an NLP Trainer who is elegant in communicating this information.

Why attend NLP Practitioners Training?
Most everyone who attends an NLP Practitioners Training leaves after having a life changing experience, many said learning the Meta Model allowed them to Revisit how they perceived the available choices in their own life.
This coupled with the whole NLP Practitioner experience allowed people to immerse themselves into a Trance of everlasting possibility.
This was for many the beginning stages of their commitment to excellence in their personal and professional life.

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Nadia Harper is a Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming with the society of NLP.
Having Trained with Both Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The NLP Meta Model - Surface Structure - Deep Structure - Experience - NLP Language Patterns

The NLP Meta Model is series of Language Patterns used in Neuro linguistic programming. The use of the NLP Meta Model is extremely specific. NLP  Meta Model Language pattern is all about Information gathering.

The NLP Meta Model consists of:

  • The Surface Structure
  • The Deep Structure 
  • The Experience.
The Surface Structure:
If you hear people in NLP speaking about the Surface structure they are speaking about the "Tip of the Iceberg" which is the persons way of  using language via Stories, Metaphor, explanations and details that they want to share with you at any given time.

This communication, has been prepared to be the most pleasing or effective in getting their point across coming from the Conscious Mind and is not necessarily congruent with the whole person.

The Deep Structure:
Is the way in which a Person sorts for information and processes through their own Communication Model.
This Involves their:
Sensory experience
Preferred Processing Style
Meta Programs
Past Experience
Perceptions of Choice and possibility 
And all Unconscious Behavior
Just like their Knee Jerk reactions and responses, that they may not want to make public info.

The Experience:
Is their Conclusion
The Roundup
What they have summarized before they respond to a question you have asked
Their Map and their Reality.
It is the way they have coded and Re Presented the Experience into their Neurology.

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Once you know NLP you can begin to change your own hard wiring.
This will put you back into the drivers seat for challenging your own beliefs, Feelings and Actions.

What Would you do if you felt better ?
What would you take on if you began to feel more Empowered ?
Are you willing to begin the process on investing in yourself ?

If so email me about NLP Training

Thursday, February 12, 2015

NLP Meta Model Deletion - Distortion - Generalization - NLP Language Pattern

Neuro - Linguistic - programming - NLP Meta Model - NLP Deletions - NLP Distortions - NLP Generalizations. NLP Language Pattern
How to Learn the NLP Meta Model.

When it comes to the NLP Meta Model it is super easy to learn. But some people feel intimidated and don't invest the time into owning it, so that you can become great at Recognizing it.
Think of the Meta Model in terms of Information Gathering.
To Understand the persons Model, you must listen intently to hear how they reveal their Meta Model Violations.

The Three Groups in The Meta Model are:
Deletion, Distortion and Generalization.

Now let's get specific.
To recognize language as well formed these conditions must be met.
1. Well Formed in English
2. Contain zero:

  • Transformational deletions 
  • Unexplored Deletions of any kind (All must be challenged) 
  • The person is positioned back into the powerful advantage of all the choices available to them,
  •  Beyond their previous expectations which were based on previous perceptions
In other words, because you say it as if it is true, does not necessarily make it true to me. I have the right to ask you a question about it, so that I can learn more about what you are communicating.

The speaker has a chance to revise their previous expectation, now that they know there is somebody who has another point of view.

Other Rules are:
3. Contain no Nominalizations in which a Process is turned into an event and or is made Final, without going challenged as the the available options.
4. Contains no words or Phrases without Referential Indices
5. Contain no verbs incompletely specified
6. Contain no unexplored presuppositions in the portion of the model that implies the person has no choice.
7. Contain no sentences which violate the semantic conditions of well formedness. 

These rules have been accumulated from The Structure of Magic Bandler and Grinder 1975

In order to become really good at using the Meta Model you must additionally become really good at how you connect with other people in terms of rapport.
If you respect the person you are speaking to, instead of judging or criticizing, you can get to a place of curious questioning.

The Meta Model works really well like this.
If you are not doing this you will find yourself arguing perhaps and that doesn't feel good for anyone.
Some people are super aggressive in using the Meta Model once they learn it, and become NLP Meta Monsters which are like NLP Mean Kids who are Language bully's.
They thrive of saying crazy things like "Aha I caught you Generalizing ....."

Anyway I know you operate from a place of congruent Win Win and it is you I wrote this information for. We have the power to empower with this knowledge and I really love doing so, hopefully you do too.

Next time I speak about the Meta Model I will split Deletions, Distortions and Generalizations into categories.
I hope you enjoyed this Mini Lesson and I look forward to your feedback.
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