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The NLP Meta Model | Deletion | NLP Language Patterns | NLP is Fun

The NLP Meta Model is series of Language Patterns used in Neuro linguistic programming the Meta Model is extremely specific and so is used for the most part in NLP for Information Gathering.

The Meta Model is used by lots of professionals, including: Sales people, Speakers, Coaches,Therapists, Teachers, Leaders, People developers, In fact anyone who is seriously interested in learning where a person is coming from in their Unconscious processes.

Today we will speak about NLP  Meta Model Deletion Language patterns are all about Information gathering.
Learning the NLP Meta Model including 

  • NLP Deletion 
  • NLP Simple Deletion 
  • NLP Comparative Deletion
  • NLP Lack of Referential Index 
  • NLP Unspecified Verb 

The Deletion Category of the NLP Language patterns of The Meta Model help a person to learn more about the Mental Map of your Subject.
It is a Way for a Coach, Trainer, Developer or in fact anyone who has an interest in understanding the mindset of the individual you are speaking for.

What are the benefits of knowing the NLP Meta Model?
The people who are experienced in the Meta Model have an intention of understanding how a person processes information, and in fact operates at the level of Experience.

Because the information is so specific it is also extremely powerful. There is much practicing to do to become fluent in using the Meta Model Fluidly and it for sure is worth the Investment.

How Can I learn all about the NLP Meta Model?
The Most usual way a person learns the NLP Meta Model is in a classroom setting during the course of NLP Practitioner Training.
The information works best during the course of an interactive live Training so that the Trainer can asses your comprehension of this material and give you the chance to practice it and build confidence in working with it.

What else should I know about using the Meta Model ?
This article has given you a short burst of information outlining the benefits of learning the Meta Model. On the other hand, there is much that get's lost in translation just by reading and not engaging with an NLP Trainer who is elegant in communicating this information.

Why attend NLP Practitioners Training?
Most everyone who attends an NLP Practitioners Training leaves after having a life changing experience, many said learning the Meta Model allowed them to Revisit how they perceived the available choices in their own life.
This coupled with the whole NLP Practitioner experience allowed people to immerse themselves into a Trance of everlasting possibility.
This was for many the beginning stages of their commitment to excellence in their personal and professional life.

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Thanks for reading, See you for the next Blog post in Meta Model series which will be all about the NLP Meta Model Distortions.

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Nadia Harper is a Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming with the society of NLP.
Having Trained with Both Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

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