Friday, September 26, 2014

Let go of it and stick with it - Old habits are Dead

Let go of it and stick with it Old habits are dead 

The past has Passed, let it go once and for all 

Overcoming a Habit, something you really wanted to stop is something you can maintain. Forever, when you decide Old habits are dead to you.

I mean have you heard of the fella who packed up smoking for 20 years and something happened and rattled his nerves and he picked up the fags again.

Or the person who had a problem with drugs and overcame it for years and years and then suddenly started up again, seemingly out of the blue.

Tell your self, the old habits you once had are dead, they do not exist only in memory which needs to be rewired and cut permanently.

So you just decide, are you leaving the door ajar, or do you want to absolutely disconnect from it and put it behind you.

I say Old habits are dead, what say you ?
Try as you might it is futile to go back to old habits you have fully committed to overcoming .

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NLP Meta Model | Lost Performative | NLP Language Pattern

NLP Meta Model |What is a Lost Performative| NLP Language Pattern

The Lost Performative NLP Language Pattern is a Distortion from the NLP Meta Model.
It is jumbled up info about the speakers Model of the World the persons specific belief, that lacks clarity and about the actual limitations in belief at this point.
It is a Value Judgement of what is an important belief to the speaker. This one is like placing high value or emphasis on what we are saying, while not including most of what we are saying.

So what the speaker is saying, is vague at best.
Which makes it super Persuasive / Hypnotic due to the ambiguity the listener needs to move into the direction they are steered into with the speakers statement.

Thats a silly thing to say
You know we don't do that
This is not the right way to do it
Big Girls don't cry
etc ...

So we would like to know Who the person is who is doing the judging and how does the speaker knows this for sure.
In other words, you really just want to know How the person knows the information. we will restore the deleted and Distorted Info.

The speaker may not have a real answer and therefore will need to consider their own attachment to the judgement.

Belief Change:
It has been said the person with the most certainty wins, so this statement will be challenged one question at a time.
The people who is using this types of language believes them to be absolutely true and without exception.
Of course this demonstrates their own deep structured belief system.

I like to think of belief change as simply moving stacks to where you would prefer them to be.
We will separate each statement as a layer on the belief stack and examine it by beginning with the following, and following the thread until all of the missing info has been recovered.

Then we will create new more useful stacks of certainty in the favour of the speaker in a Coaching context, in a Sales or Business Context. Win / Win = For the good of all involved.
****Please note: I am not a therapist and this is why I have not spoken about any other context.

Side note on Judgement:
I have come to realize there is little or no value in judgement. It simply is just not the only way to formulate an opinion and since people are experiencing through subjective reality it does not communicate the whole story.
I prefer to act on a case by case basis.
Robert Anton Wilson summed it up best for me when he said:
I put things in probabilities and not absolutes. To find out more about Robert Anton Wilson and his support of "E Prime" in support of non judgement click here 

Never listen to other people who say you cannot do something. It may be true that they could not do it but perhaps you can!

Here is an exercise you can use to Challenge a Judgement or to Install a Judgement, like in Hypnosis.
It is because you are noticing your eyelashes getting heavy that you can just close your eyes .. now.

Challenging a Lost Performative
We can also challenge a Judgement by asking any one of the following :
According to who
Says who
Who said that
Where did you get that Info
Did somebody tell you that

By asking one of the suggested questions above, you are encouraging them to continue thinking about how they know this information.
In the questioning process the speaker will come to realize their belief can be adjusted.
These deletions of the who the Performer is usually house pockets full of pain regarding the specific areas in which the speaker is mentioning.
During conversation these will be loosened by this exercise and perhaps replaced with the news stacks.

Find out about NLP Practitioners training here.

Enjoy playing with this language pattern to move the process forward. Thank you for stopping by.
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Hypnotic Visualization Process - Visualizing in HD | NLP is Fun

Engage your senses as you move you crank up your desires to a point of achieving Peak states in Belief and Desire. Hypnotic Visualization process has got a great response from all who have participated and was such a lot of fun to to do.
The most important thing about learning the Hypnotic Visualization Process is exactly how Connected and Fully Associated you become to your outcome.

Ever since I have been working on my own personal development and Professional Development. I have really Grown, as I am sure you are noticing in yourselves too.

I strive as much as I ask from my clients and students, which has been so helpful in helping me to design, simplify or construct new processes that help people to achieve their Outcomes.

When I created the Hypnotic Visualization Process, it was because I realized that when we were doing our mental drills as some many of the NLP Exercises call for, some people were struggling to move their internal representations to satisfactory visualizations.

Some people told me they could not visualize and truly believed that while they were already using visualizations heavily.
So I created this Class to focus on just this specific area of Representation systems.
The reviews I got from Hypnotic Visualization process can be found as an E course  here when you study this material your Visualizations will become real to you and you will connect more fully to your outcome.
This is really Important because at the same time you begin to shift your belief.

Once this happens your unconscious mind kicks in and you begin to take action doing all the things you were putting off before.

If you want it, make a change now and take advantage of this resourceful information.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

NLP Mindprogramming Audio - Expect the best | NLP is Fun

Listen to this NLP Motivation Audio Expect the Best and Jump start your Authentic Confidence and Motivation at the deepest levels of your unconscious mind.
Only Focus on what you want to get and not on the obstacles that are seemingly in your way.

If you see a Wall in front of it and move it to the side or get rid of it entirely as you bathe yourself in great feelings for Peak Experience and Peak Performance.

When you expect the best you teach your unconscious Mind to begin to expect the best in any situation you encounter,
This helps you to focus on consistently making progress in all your undertakings and Act as if everything is going to go in your favor.

Listening to this NLP motivation audio consistently will help you to program your own mind to expect the best.

Lets go Pump yourself up and Achieve your best, the more you listen the more Powered up you become.

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NLP Training in Las Vegas | NLP is Fun | Learn NLP

NLP Study Groups in Las Vegas| NLP Practitioner Training in Las Vegas 

NLP Training in Las Vegas, is always made as much fun as it possible. Which means nobody knows what will happen apart from the fact, it will be fun.

But three things are certain:
1.You will learn some Brand New Things about Neuro Linguistic Programming
2.You will enjoy yourself while doing so
3. You will be in great Company

The reason being, is that I remember what it is like when you first start out learning Neuro Linguistic programming.
I have trained many people who have already taken NLP Practitioners training with other NLP Trainers and are still not sure what they know about NLP,

I have met people who have tried their hardest to learn more about NLP and in the end gave up.
The fact remains, people are still curious about NLP and want to know how to understand it, and master it.

When you become an NLP Practitioner, you are just beginning your Journey into the deeper levels of this amazing life adventure which is not for the faint of heart.

NLP Practitioners frequently come to me for training and coaching because they just have no idea how to put everything together. I know that for many it can be overwhelming.

Richard Bandler says (and I wholeheartedly) agree the most important thing is, to "find more ways to feel better".
Remember all learning is state dependent, if you are panicking about  what you don't know, you are not focusing on what you do know.

And let's face it, you know some things, some good things .. I am sure. That is something you can truly be proud of.

Practice what you know and find somebody else who likes the idea of NLP, maybe start a blog of your own and Practice as much as you can.

Here is what people say about their experience learning Neuro Linguistic programming with me

Better still contact me and take some NLP Training or NLP coaching to put it all together.
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Nadia Harper is a Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming with the society of NLP.Having Trained with Both Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

If you liked this NLP blog post then share it with somebody else who will benefit and also the many other archives that can be found on NLP is Fun Thanks for dropping in, Speak soon.