Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NLP | How to create a wealthy lifestyle | NLP is Fun

See yourself Enjoying  a wealthy Lifestyle and think of all the things you will enjoy more of.
Travel to exotic places
Luxury and first class all the way
Shopping Trips at Places you love
Family Fun
Expensive outings
An abundance of Money in the Bank
Being with friends and Family at new and interesting places ..

What else can you think of
Maybe even:
Gold Bars
Vaults of Money

Go to your memory banks and remember a time when you surprised yourself by achieving more than you thought you could.  You could always do the Circle of Excellence  and Anchor the feelings of Empowerment you create for yourself.
Spend Time Reverse engineering and think back to how you did it, and the feelings of Victory that were created in this moment.
Then move forward as you Act as if this is going to be your Reality now too.

Think about your own Authentic talents, and what you are really great at right now, and make a list of exactly why you are an expert in this area.

Research what more you will need to know to master this Biz or Opportunity, take some time to get really Clear about it and create a plan based on the result you would like ... You can work backward ie: "I want x and I get it  by _________"

Find a Mentor who has done what you would like to to, she/he can be living or not and find out everything about how they achieved their own success, Overcame challenges and Triumphed and learnt from it.

Ask yourself often, "How else can I improve on this", and add value to what you are offering, keep learning more and more and be persistent in what you are dong until you achieve the signs of success.

Now Imagine yourself Changing your beliefs to make this an actual Reality for yourself.
And if you want to become a Mind Builder and learn how to Immerse yourself in Belief change then you should be here for the full effect.

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Thanks for reading, Speak soon.


  1. @altbert888 I am so Glad to know that you are doing well now. From time to time come back and read these bits to remind yourself that life is a Process. Nothing is permanent unless you make it so.

    I appreciate you so much.

  2. I have been indecisive what to do, your article kick-started my energy. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I am so glad this has helped you. All the best.


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