Friday, October 22, 2010

Yessur More Fun NLP in Las Vegas coming up !

Wow who knew there were so many books you could read,  that would help with your NLP Studies !
And that is to say nothing of the movies ... Could get a bit overwhelming ...
I may take a nap first ...
Really .... Why ?
Oh Yeah ... I forgot !
Ok ... Thinking about it now ..
Yeah That was pretty Awesome ..

I love Candy Floss mmm hmm ... ok and then ?

Ok ... Intensified and Then .....
Yep ... and Yep ..

I did already because I knew you were going to say that ...
Ahhhh ... Yes and ...
Nom ... Nom in my mouth ... mmmm I like the French fries, didn't they win awards 4 them ..
Yessur  and ...
Yessur how long will it take .... u say 21 Days ... I had better get started ..

Sometimes stories are the best way 2 get on ..
Another way 2 Learn 
is to have ..
With us ... You know where ...
See you soon ...

Learn with us. 

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