Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to use NLP to Build Confidence in Life and Business

Confidence is Key 
One of the greatest resources to have your arsenal is confidence.
Confidence is knowledge that whatever comes up, you have access to your own internal resources to overcome any external obstacles.
Confidence has roots in preparation, even if you are performing a task that you are not used to, you have the confidence in knowing you have overcome greater challenges than this one and therefore are the best candidate for the task at hand.
Always do all you can to prepare ahead of time, this will help you to increase your knowledge and preparedness. Your unconscious mind will have all the information for you to access if you can just relax.

Confidence is knowing on the outset and having a high level of motivation that no matter what obstacle is thrown in your direction you will regroup and sail through the finish line.
Sometimes things so not go according to plan, never mind Failing Publicly is Fun too, it builds resilience and helps you not to get the heebie -jeebies  whenever you find yourself in a tight spot.  

What internal representations are playing ? 
Confidence is about how you represent information in your own head, it has to do with the words you use to speak to yourself and if the words encourage you or not. Confidence is about what pictures you see when you imagine a situation you are in. Where your focus is and what you allow to take up the most space in your mind. Have you ever imagined something bad and began to break a sweat ?
Your Physiology and Brain chemistry respond to these movies going on in your mind, sometimes people get panic attacks because they cannot stop themselves from playing disastrous movies of Bad things happening. Well then that is easily remedied by changing the tape play something that changes your physiology for the better and loop that. Muhammad Ali was the master of that do you remember, he was known as simply "The Greatest" also used to make up  affirmations such as "I figured if I said it enough I would convince the world that I really was the greatest".

Your internal representations dictate what you imagine your current, past and future experience to be and how you represent this information to yourself.

Put on a show that feels good for a change
It is useful to replace representations that scare you or make you feel bad with powerful representations that make you feel good.
Much of the time even slight shifts to the way that you have stored these sounds and images can evoke intense feelings one way or the other.

Confidence is about representing that you have the necessary resources internally to do an outstanding job externally. When a person is confident they feel capable and ready for a brand new challenge, when a person is not confident they often feel worried and anxious and imagine all of the worst things possible happening.

Feeling bad is just a state of mind
Many times people feel defeated before they even begin an operation, and they reinforce these feelings with the words and pictures they present to themselves and auto play.

What if Muhammad Ali Imagined himself Getting Pummeled every time he got in the ring do you think he would have made it to be known as "The Greatest" ?
If we can learn to take these often distorted perceptions with a pinch of salt and replace them with perceptions that are empowering and motivate us to be even more creative in reaching our goal.

Since we are distorting information anyway, we could represent the greatest outcome ever and watch how other s would congratulate us on a job well done.
We could hear them say words such as
“Well Done”
“Thank you sharing for your expertise”
“You saved the day in the final hour”,
“You are my hero”
We couldn’t have done it without you” and so on.

Which one do you personally feel is more useful to you?
Next time you are facing a challenging situation remember all the other times you victoriously pulled through and place those pictures as representations of your strength and capability to do a fantastic job.

Adjust your submodalities 
Let us say you have a picture in your mind of you getting run over by your competition, The picture is:
Black and white
Close to your Face
Darkly lit
And it makes you feel down.
The thing with this is it is a Broken self management process because it does not lead to your progress.

Develop an accessible System 
Just making slight changes will make all the difference, what if you were to replace it with a picture of you doing the Best Job ever:
And make subtle changes like:
Make it Colour
Sharp edges
As Big the largest Tv screen you can drum up
A believable distance close to your face that evokes the best response,
Brightly lit
And it makes you feel Fabulous think of something that feel great .
Remember Feeling Great actually Feels great ... well isn't that reason enough ?

We can do the same thing with sound we can change everything about how we are representing our experience by changing sound. Changing sound had a powerful affect if something feels bad put a silly voice on it and s-l-o-w- i-t-w-a-y- d-o-w-n  to a pace that is in slow motion, or what about a super fast squeaky voice ? and change the place it is coming from if it originates from a Man put a Dress on him and turn him into a cartoon character or an animal or a character from a Broadways show that makes you laugh.
I am pretty sure you get the picture ;)

Find out what else you can do with Sound there are tons of ways in which you can change how sound makes you feel if you do nothing else Turn the volume ways down until it is barely audible .. and then well you might as well just turn it off with a Radio Button and change the channel, to something you like better.

Instead of having a movie that makes us feel bad in our heads replace with a movie that makes us feel great, Confident,  Powerful, possible, and any other feeling you would like to experience.

Remember how we were Chaining Anchors before well that is a great exercise to use here too.

Yes you Can 
In communication Confidence is transmitted in subtle unconscious ways if you begin to note changes in others you will become more aware of what confidence looks like here are some bits to calibrate to begin with.
Watch for:
Skin tone is it flushed in times of stress
Posture how is a person presenting themselves are they Tall as trees or slumped over
Language do they speak of possibility opportunity and things they move toward
Breathing do they give short breaths or relaxing breath
Where is their Focus, Attitude and Energy.

Confidence is created by having a "Can do Attitude", no matter what your skill level is you can always find something to be confident about.

Concentrate on the wins you have already achieved and the challenges you have already against all odds overcome.

How you perceive yourself will largely determine the level of success you will experience.  Building on your own confidence and Self belief is essential for excellent performance in business.

Learn how to change image and sound in your own mind which will create more favorable emotions for you to build on, subtle sub modality shifts will make all the difference.
Learn how to Control your emotions by controlling the movies you play in your own mind 
Learn how to change image and sound in your own mind which will create more favorable emotions for you to build on, subtle sub modality shifts will make all the difference. 

      Knowing that internally you have all the resources you need oftentimes outweighs a lack of external resources.

Lights Camera Action
2)      Create a Plan of Action with Well Formed Outcomes
3)      Fine Tune your Calibration Skills
4)      Improve your Rapport Skills
5)      Model somebody you greatly admire
6)      Practice Mental Drills of How you want things to turn out
7)      Become Congruent and Transmit with Certainty
8)      Listen more than speaking and Pay attention to subtle Clues in communication
9)      Remember your original Outcome in Communication and be Determined - patient and creative in reaching it
10   Always Be prepared to have a flexible approach with a can do attitude
In Life as in Business, there are any number of ways the chips may fall, Having a Can do attitude includes preparing a Plan B and assessing your risk. Sometimes no matter how carefully you have planned a situation Glitches happen, in these cases  Attitude is the Glue which will make or break your recovery in high pressure situations. 

Change internal Feelings Change External Results
How you perceive the situation can be clouded by how you feel about the situation, all of this is influenced by the words and pictures you are presenting to yourself.
Using your physiology to create positive energy inside you and presenting pictures that calm you down give you a clean canvas to create a new outcome.
Begin to put together a 15 minute internal brainstorming session on your clean canvas and compare to your external resources the solution that seems to be the best Fit at the time.
Once you have thought it through stick to the one you have chosen and follow it through.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Chaining Anchors | NLP is Fun | Submodalities

There are Times when you may need a little help getting into the most Optimal Peak State. From where you are beginning can be a big leap from no Motivation to Bags of Motivation. Chaining states helps you move in a progressive way from where you are to where you want to be.

Remember to fully Experience submodalilty shifts while looking for the drivers.
for example, what changes to submodalities make dramatic shifts to your moods, like when the picture is dim or ultra bright and so on.

The best way to do this is in around 5 Steps, anchoring your States to their Peak as you go along.
Let us Begin.

We will need a starting Point and an End point in mind.

Your Starting Point will be the usual mood you feel at the beginning of wanting to achieve the ending Outcome. It will likely be a mood that is not giving you the push you want and is  less than resourceful. The Mood will also be a mood that if expanded will lead in the opposite Direction of your End Point and Hopeful Outcome.
Now what would the First Steps be Away from this Mindset and in the right Direction ?
Consider these Steps as if they are a Bridge toward more resourceful state Step by Step leading to the Ultra End Goal.

First Knuckle - Anchor 1

What if you were not Sad , in order to think it one must feel it .. The Bridge is now in motion. Notice now even your Physiology is changing and you are becoming Alive with the idea of possibility, You are Creative and solutions come easily .. lets go even further... What if you were Happy .. What if you were Excited .. What if you were exhilarated ...
At Every Step of the Chain You must Reach the Peak of the state and then Anchor anywhere you like on your Body, I like the Knuckles for EZ Access

Second Knuckle - Anchor 2

Having Great Focus will be Magnificent to reach this peak state easily and effortlessly having precision Focused Attention to Detail as well as noticing the over all Big Picture. Noticing and Calibrating when something needs changing and having a sense of all is well in the world.
At Every Step of the Chain You must Reach the Peak of the state and then Anchor anywhere you like on your Body, I like the Knuckles for EZ Access.

Third Knuckle - Anchor 3

What about Additional Resources, it will be good to know that all the resources you need are Available to you and you can find them within you and you trust your unconscious mind to sort the right resources when and as you need them. This is easy because it has worked out this way many times before.
At Every Step of the Chain You must Reach the Peak of the state and then Anchor anywhere you like on your Body, I like the Knuckles for EZ Access.

Fourth Knuckle - Anchor 4

Slow and Steady wins the Race. Persistent Action will help you to reach your end Goal. Think with the end in mind and keep your eye on the prize until you get there.
At Every Step of the Chain You must Reach the Peak of the state and then Anchor anywhere you like on your Body, I like the Knuckles for EZ Access.

Fifth Knuckle - Final Anchor

Wowiee you made it what a Celebration of Victory. You actually made it against All the Odds Who knew it was possible. All your Hard work has come to fruition what a release, what a relief !
At Every Step of the Chain You must Reach the Peak of the state and then Anchor anywhere you like on your Body, I like the Knuckles for EZ Access.

T.O.T.E X5

Ok Now Time To Test them Test Operate, Test Operate 5 Times at least to create the Neural Pathways of this new chain of progressive thinking. You want this to become an unconscious process which it will, and the highly resourceful states to be maximized with each firing of the anchor.

Remember Anchoring is one Trial Learning, Get your Experience fully Amplified and Maximized to get the best Anchoring.

This is really good practice and you can create as many chains leading you into as many resourceful states as you like.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Circle of Excellence

In order to Be Excellent one must access a resourceful Excellent state Internally.

Here is a great Exercise to practice being at your most Excellent:

Circle of Excellence:
 Think of the Highly Profound Resourceful state you would like to achieve

Remember When:
When in the Past have you ever achieved this state at it's Pinnacle before .. Begin now to go there in your mind

Choose a Powerful Symbol: 
Imagine there is a small circle (or even another shape, colour or anything you prefer) on the floor that you can step into and it quickly powers up this response ... Your chosen Symbol powers up this response just by picturing it.

Activate Fully Associate:
Activate your Symbol..Visualise..Hear the sounds ... Feel the Feelings ...Now notice all of the pieces of the process.. Remember...what is first..Remember ..what is next..and what else..Fully Experience your memory of being in this Peak state making note of everything you learn and remember.

Turn it Up:
Now Crank it up by pulling the Lever past the highest range and feel the vibrations in your body of Amplifying more and more and more .... Higher .. Higher Resourceful Higher Targeted Peak State !

Now Blow the lid off it so that you learn all you need to learn in this experience and have fully changed your mentality and Physiology.

Break state ..

Activate and Engage again ..

Program the Flip Switch:
Keep going until you feel confident you will have created this automatic flip switch for your internal powerful resource in nought to 3 seconds you can engage your circle of Excellence however and whenever you like.

When you know for sure you have got it, keep it as an accessible tool and reach for it as needed.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NLP | Negative Emotions Out and Positive Lessons In | NLP is Fun

Have you ever noticed how Guilt, Shame, Fear and so many other negative emotions can Take over your emotional well being?
Often Causing a ripple effect of self sabotage.
Sometimes so much so that one in particular is looping over and over again in your mind and seemingly taking up all the room in your thoughts.

This can lead to a feeling of being "stuck" and not knowing which way to turn at all.
The long of it can seem complicated, and the short of it Simply is, It can be as if one never quite feels good enough and often has the desire to overcompensate for the feelings mentioned above.

The Goal in this case then is to feel well within yourself, and experience a Full range of positive emotions instead of just feeling stuck in a situation.

The Self love Process is Amazing for just this reason, it is a way in which one get connect with the deepest parts of themselves and just begin to breathe and achieve again.

Just slowing things down and begin to appreciate all that is good within you is a wonderful place to begin and reset your emotions.

NLP is Fun | The Self Love Process  by Nadia Harper

When you have caught your breath, you can Reflect for a moment and decide how now your life will be so much better after as you accept yourself fully.

It is good to accept yourself even after experiencing a mistake.
Think of it as a learning experience.

You will be surprised at what a difference this is going to make for you in your life.
After you have learned how to become congruent with yourself you will be ready to go to the next level.

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Killing it 2015

Boom. Let's Go !
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