Monday, May 4, 2020

What is a Yes Set | NLP is Fun

If you are in sales you may have heard of a Yes set and you may not yet be sure what exactly that is.

Let's go through it shall we.
A Yes set will look and sound like this

So you made it then ?
Was it raining when you left?
Did you get my text this Morning?

Now that is three yes's
Isn't it, assuming the person said yes.

The way to get the yes is by asking questions you undeniably know the answer is going to be yes to.

Then you ask a real question you want a Yes answer to either directly or setting it up with a couple soft and cozy ones first.

Like this:

"So you are coming to football on Tuesday then "
They agree and say Yes.

Liverpool killed it against (whomever) did you see the match
2 more yes's

"You gonna bring your kit and play this time"
They agree and say yes.

Is Holly over yours ...Yep

Gonna sign up for team training ?
yeah might as well.

So now they have said yes to you about signing up for your course.

And the person unconsciously has been programmed to say yes.

It is not an exact science, so you need to calibrate your pace and lead ratio.
As always go with your instinct.

Now you have a go !
Remember you need loads of Rapport as that will make a big difference to the level of ease the person feels.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Utilisation - Milton Erickson | NLP is Fun

Hello dear friends, oh how I have missed you.
Here is a small chunk 

Since you love to influence and persuade people with Language patterns, Hypnosis and Anchors, I will offer a new Hypnotic pattern for you to learn today.

Utilisation For Hypnosis:
Have you ever been performing Hypnosis and the door bell rings.
The Clock Chimes
And Ambulance sets off a loud Alarm.

In Hypnosis we utilize whatever is happening into the sensory awareness of our pre-talk and our Hypnotic induction.

In fact as you begin to do an induction you will bring attention outside and then inside like this.

"As you hear the quiet hum of the cooling fan you know all is well with the world and now you can easily relax".

"Every sound you hear will in fact lead you deeper into an unconscious state of comfort and ease .. Certainly".


Utilisation as a Language pattern:

Here is Utilisation is used as a Language pattern

"As you continue to increase your knowledge while reading NLP is Fun you increase your options in every area of your life."

"As you listen intently to the soft sound of my voice you may also notice how relaxed and soft your whole body is becoming."

"As you change your position to one of more comfort you will also notice how easy it is to change your mind."

"As you move your head to signal being ready suddenly things you had been waiting for suddenly appear out of thin air."

Isn't this fun.
Well let us see you write some out and practice them.

Sooner than later they will naturally show up in your conversation.

Whatever shows up adapt it as a prop to help you achieve your goal.

As you really tap into your outcome the need to hammer it in becomes obsolete !!

Utilise it = Utilisation

Until the next one

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A simple reminder about NLP Anchors

A simple reminder, NLP Anchors are as easy as can be because they are unconscious. They are out of conscious awareness.

A great example of this are small moments that create powerful emotions that have the power to change your mind because they have changed your (mood) State.

It is simply a Smell, that reminds you of home or of an intimate and romantic moment .

A song that makes you want to dance or sing out loud and takes you to your childhood.

A picture that takes you to a place that alights your soul, and resonates with you shifting your state one way or another.

A taste that takes you to another place and reminds you of a loving experience you had before.

Anchors are one trial learning.
If the experience engages your senses in an impactful way.. Good or bad they will be registered in your every day processes via your unconscious mind.

Even 50 years later they may exist.
NLP is fun blog has several posts about Anchoring.
So fire away !

Monday, January 6, 2020

Have you decided what is important to you in 2020 ? Take a few moments to clarify the direction you are moving towards.

Last week I set a task of 50 Goals for 2020 to some #NLP students. This evening I took a few moments out to sit quietly and complete my own.

Over the next few months I will be showing you how to be active, consistent and resilient in your Intentions.
Remember if u are congruent, sooner than later you will get there.

Thank you for an incredible year and here is to Improving even more in this Happy New Year x
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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

NLP Future Pace| NLP is Fun

When we have achieved a desired change using a Neuro linguistic programming Pattern we then want to make sure the desired result is set in our unconscious and conscious congruent processes.

We can find out if we are integrating these new NLP Patterns by Future pacing an Imagined unpleasant scenario to find out how well we respond using the new patterns.

This is so simple and here is how:

Imagine a less than resourceful Trigger, that in the past you would have had a negative response to.
Fully Associate to this experience without getting lost in it, just pop in using Visual Auditary Kinesthetic Olfactory Gustatory responses.

Were you satisfied with the way you responded ?

If you were satisfied, test a few more situations that would have caused you grief in the past and find out if you have new responses that you like now there too.

If you have the same responses as before doing the NLP Pattern, then go back to the NLP pattern (you were working on) until you experience a positive and resourceful shift.

When you feel you have shifted into the desired state using the Neuro linguistic programming pattern then future pace again.

Now experience any scenerio's you wanted to double check your progress on and notice you are able to have a completely different response than before.

The new response is resourceful and maintains your desired result and is integrated unconsciously into your selections.

Have you had success with NLP Future pacing before, if so leave your comments as to your discoveries using this technique.

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Tote Model of Strategies | NLP is Fun

When providing NLP Coaching and certainly in NLP Training  we are determined to create a check point to know if a strategy of any kind is working at it's highest functioning.

For this reason, every single time we do any pattern we will use the Tote Model of strategies.

The Tote Model is not exclusive to  Neuro linguistic programming as it was created by George Miller, Eugene Galanter and Karl Pibram for developing feedback loops to developed processes that were complete for operating and monitoring human systems for problem solving.

T.O.T.E stands for Test, Operate, Test, Exit.

1) Test where the system is currently
2) Operate a solution for Improvement and higher functioning.
3) Test how well the operation worked to overall functioning of the System.
A) If it provided the Desired Outcome Exit
B) If further resources are needed continue to Operate until an Exit point has been determined by the feedback loop.

4) Exit only when satisfied with the stability of achieving desired result.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

There is no such thing as Failure only Feedback | NLP is Fun

In Neuro Linguistic Programming we have established a few Presuppositions which we call the NLP Presuppositions, and many of them I have written about already.

Today I will discuss another one which is:
"There is No Failure only Feedback"

When things do not go as we planned them, it can seem normal to feel disappointment, Anger sadness or even Frustration after all we all have our own emotions.
We may have put so much effort towards the outcome that we even feel like giving up or that we have done a bad job and shouldn't even try again.

I call this a downward spiral and I have experienced it myself, it is quite normal.
To feel a wide range of emotions is normal and let's you know that you are alive so to feel your emotions is fine. What I have also found is that to feel your emotions for an extended amount of time causes other problems.

That is why I call it a downward spiral as it begins to go downward very quickly sucking in other bits with it and before you know it you could be telling yourself a very sad story about your current situation.

That is just not practical or efficient for anybody. so after you have suffered a loss, instead of going Full on Downward spiral take all experience as feedback.

If you got the result you want great, things are on track if you did not get your outcome, modify your approach until you achieve your Target.

Consider your result practical feedback or Feed forward and you get to choose how you will respond to it.
If you consider it 
a practice run, then the next time you go for it you already have some experience. Experience is like a layering effect. The more you do it, the better you can become at it.
Remember Test Operate Test Operate = The Tote Model  
If you want to know my thoughts about failure click here to read Failure is Final 

Neuro linguistic programming is about improving your subjective reality which will improve your overall experience.

The best way to improve your experience is to practice using Neuro linguistic patterns that allow choice to become a normal part of your reality, and then choose a behavior that supports your outcome.

If you like this NLP Blog then be sure to share it with more people who will benefit too.
There are over 200 more Empowering articles to enjoy and remember NLP is Fun so enjoy the whole experience.