Friday, September 30, 2022

4 Ways to Improve Auditory Awareness as a Neuro linguistic programming coach | NLP IS Fun

A huge part of truly mastering Neuro linguistic programming is your ability to calibrate information. We as neuro linguistic programming coaches and change workers have a different take on listening, this is because we are so interested in the words, tonality, cadence, inflection and so much more.  We consider all of this additional information that adds meaning to the words you choose.

The last two years during the pandemic is a perfect example of how becoming more adaptive with sensory based information became so much more relevant, since we were no longer connecting in the ways we had been so used to.
We were unable to meet in person or have a large group. In this case how we presented information changed. Neuro linguistic programming training that traditionally had been done face to face in many cases was 100% online or via telecommunication, email, video.

NLP coaches were mostly coaching with their telephones now and online.

We also found there may be times it was not possible to have any visuals and only have auditory sensory calibration capabilities.

Communication is what we as Neuro linguistic programmers do, we love to learn your "model of the world".
This information is relevant and priceless to us and considered information gathering. 

Because to us listening is more than just hearing. Being fully focused and present to the information being presented in its original form. Without adding anything to it, instead listening exactly how it is being presented and examining each subtle nuance.

Notice what you can notice that lends more information or creates some type of micro shift and explore it to find out what is going on.

If you have been one of my long-time readers of NLP is Fun you may be familiar with this post, I wrote about your Auditory representation system which is also a worthwhile read.

Here are 4 ways to Improve auditory awareness as an NLP Coach

4 ways to Improve Auditory awareness | NLP is Fun

1. Listen to tonality = the speakers tone always gives much more information as to the strength of the statement belief, or mind state at time of communicating. Ask yourself "what is the meaning of this" and explore more.

2. Listen to Rythm and Pace changes read my blog post about Rhyme, Rhythm and Hypnosis here   for more about communication Language and Rythm.

3. Listen to the speakers breathing and notice heart rate, if possible as well as body language does this appear to match the pace of the words being communicated. 

4. Listen to repetitions, metaphors, reasons and beliefs each one adding volumes of clues.

Think of yourself as a communication investigator and have fun investigating. Remember do not add assumptions of your own and be objective in your findings. 

It is your turn, how do you feel about doing this, perhaps you have another tip have you ever had great success by doing these and more please let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

10 ways to become solution focused with Neuro linguistic programming | NLP is Fun

It is possible to live at cause using Neuro linguistic programming.

As NLP'ers we speak a lot about feeling Powerful, being powerful and living at Cause to create the life that we deserve.
We speak of living at Cause and not effect.

Living at cause = feeling and being in control of your life, "I cause this to happen" I am in charge of my life, I have the capability to choose, make a difference etc.

Living at Effect = feeling Powerless, "This happens to me" People are in control of me and my circumstances.

When being in control even if dark skies seemingly loom ahead because you are "at Cause" you are looking for the light. this becomes a filter, in your thinking and expectations and naturally in your behavior and unconscious choices.

Nadia Harper Neuro linguistic programming Trainer and Coach.

How would your life change if you unconsciously filter a commitment to seeking the light? 

Here are 10 ways to become solution focused with Neuro linguistic programming.

1. Keep your radar tuned in to discovering the light because it has to be there somewhere.

2. Speak your own power into being "I can, I will, I am" capable.

3. See yourself as worthwhile, able, capable build up to powerful.

4. Become solution oriented, only focus on the solution and it will become a filter in all your do and how you think and also resolve.

5. Let go of the problem, disengage your kinesthetic responses and learn the structure of how the problem was created.

6. See the construct as pliable either way. Towards a solution or against a solution.

7. Decide the direction you will focus on and assert your power only to back up your commitment to resolution.

8. Do not allow anything to dissuade you from reaching your outcome.

9. Create mental drills that support your outcome.

10. Feel the shift ahead of time and act as if this is true.

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How much better would you be for having a coach like me, work on your life, like this.

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Get it if you want it | NLP is Fun | NLP Modeling

Do you know with NLP we are in the business of change and transformation?
We are speaking about Neuro Linguistic programming.
We will create a system for us to get whatever it is that we want, because those of you who know, know the heart of NLP is Modeling.

So, with that being said, define what it actually is that you truly want. and find somebody who is already achieving it in the way you would like to experience it.

Become a student of their behavior, their habits, beliefs, driving forces, rituals and patterns. Then Visualize yourself doing these things as often as you want to actually fully associate to yourself and changing your own perception of whom you are and what exactly.

Now remember that your sensory association to this process is everything, and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
In order for you to move into this process You absolutely must shift your consciousness which means begin something Brand Spanking New.

Be Prepared to step into something that looks new, sounds new, feels new, smells and tastes new.
We call this change.

As you focus 100% on these new patterns, they begin to replace the old ways for something even better for you.
And now you know exactly how to do it.

You will love it, be sure to let me know how you get on.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Improve your Auditory awareness | NLP is Fun | NLP Coaching Tips

Being an NLP Coach and using Neuro Linguistic programming means that you can really Listen well. For multiple reasons of convenience and adaptation Coaching over the phone and not having a visual can be a reality.

Because I have been Coaching for many years, I have listed a few things to focus on while enhancing your auditory skillset.
This is in no ways exhaustive there are so many other endless possibilities to consider. with the following tips for sure your coaching sessions will be effective.

Hiking in Las Vegas | NLP is Fun | Nadia NLP

Remember a huge part of listening is being 100% focused, attentive, engaged and present. the person wants to feel as if you are listening.

Remember as an NLP Practitioner your client is telling a story using their language, Maps, Metaphors and actions.
Become aware of the repetitions and emerging patterns in their delivery. begin to notice and explore their beliefs using the Meta model to ask questions about specifics.

Instead of "Mind reading" notice what seems to be the priority and explore it to discover more about it, remember you are speaking to the unconscious mind, the storehouse of their reality. It may be the conscious mind has another idea, find out by listening to the language and listening for subtle "Tells".

Notice what you will notice when they shift: has their breathing changed, were there any fluctuations in their Rythm, did they pause or hesitate. Has their tonality changed in any way did their voice crack, crackle, become higher lower, quieter or louder?

What else is happening now, explore, notice and make a note of it, ask gentle questions to see what else happens.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to think of it as a treasure hunt to the deep structure, the patterns the real wants.
Realeyes working with clients is a fine art that will be refined and developed over time as long as you focus on improving your understanding of the infinite possibilities available to you through Neuro linguistic programming and Hypnosis.

Always be curious, open and willing to learn more, practice more, experience more NLP and Hypnotherapy to become a better NLP Coach. 

For sure the best is yet to come, when every day becomes even better than right now, doesn't it? 


Thursday, January 6, 2022

Happy New Year 2022 | Neuro Linguistic Programming Blog | NLP is Fun

Hello Dear reader and friends, Happy New Year 2022 what a great time to be alive. I welcome you to NLP is Fun blog I salute you and thank you for continuing to enjoy NLP is Fun Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP blog. 

Nadia Harper NLP is Fun Blog 

We are beginning the third year of the Covid 19 Pandemic which is a life-threatening Pandemic that has Impacted all of us. It is no wonder so many may feel exhausted emotionally, spiritually, physically and quite a few people suffering from anxiety and loss. In 2021 I lost two of my dear cousins to this virus.

Even so at the beginning of this wonderful new year in 2022 I advise you to turn your attention inward as you forgive everyone for everything and continue to live with an open and willing heart for you, your life, your family and your success.

Do your best to remain resilient and in alignment with your goals as you reflect on that which your heart desires.

I recommend you find a way to manage and maintain your state as well as letting go of stress on a daily basis. Our journey is no doubt different now and what good is NLP if we are not using it all the time to reframe and conquer our best experience.

I am so grateful for Neuro Linguistic programming and Hypnosis and my understanding of each, to continually shift consciousness in myself and others for the better.
Becoming flexible, adaptive and determined to maintain the highest possible quality of life. 

This Blog remains a valuable resource available for you to learn and practice NLP patterns that literally work in minutes to transform problems into solutions.

Where there is a will, there is always a way. I wish you and your family divine peace and love in all you are doing, being and achieving. I salute you for the best year you have ever had in your own mastery of your mind body and soul.

There are more than 300 articles present in NLP is Fun blog available for you to change, transform shift and change your lives for the better right now, be sure to share as you Enjoy. 

Blessings to you all, Nadia x.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Speaking in Absolutes | NLP is Fun | Neuro linguistic programming

Neuro Linguistic programmers believe and overstand "The Truth of the Matter" is that it just may turn out that "Truth" is a version of a person's subjective reality.

What a person repeatedly does is an unconscious construct based on their habitual beliefs that they demonstrate as truth.

May be absolute Certain, unshakable truth to them. To a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic programming, it is that persons "Map of Reality". 

"The Map is not the Territory"| NLP is Fun | Nadia NLP 

Dr of Philosophy Robert Anton Wilson also added that it is more effective to let go of speaking in Absolutes.

Like: "This is True ... You are an Idiot if you do not know this etc." Type of "Frames" in conversation.

Instead, you could say:

"One might say, I believe that ______"

"I have found that _______"

"It seems to me ______"

And while we are on the subject he suggests:

"The Thinker Thinks" and "The Prover Proves" for instance:

If you believe it enough, you are more likely to adopt it as Truth and Prove it to whomever. Which you may believe validates your "truth".

And any person can do this.
This is why a Scientist can prove her own Bias. Journalist and Bestselling Author Lynne McTaggart wrote in "The Intention experiment" that it turns out a Scientist becomes a part of (Entangled) in his own experiment.

It may be his beliefs influence his result; she proves the result she expects. Each one may prove what they believe. It turns out all of this may be "Subjective reality"

As NLP Practitioners we have already learned that "The Map is not the Territory" 

Author and Biologist Rupert Sheldrake may add the Morphogenetic resonance of your thought influences (Changes) the outcome.

Perhaps the structures of your expectations show up in all of your behaviors. Like "The observer Effect" in Quantum Physics of Changing a particle into a wave (Double slit experiment).

Like Energy Technologies Author and Master Trainer Richard Bartlett D.O uses for his Matrix Energetix to transform any Matter.

As an "NLP'er" we are interested in all beliefs that support the highest probable outcome for our client.

so, the question may be How is having that belief helping them to achieve their outcome.
As long as it is helping them to get where they want to be and not hurting another person's ecology there is no need to challenge it. perhaps we can agree on something else if we disagree. we can agree they are allowed to believe what they like even if it is about us. Can we not?

I am curious, what are your thoughts about this? How do you feel? Do you believe this may be true in some way or do you know for sure this is Rubbish?

I encourage your feedforward.

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Happy Thanks Giving Thanks | NLP is Fun

Happy Thanks giving. I am grateful for so much. Today as Everyday all day. 
I am giving Thanks for my beautiful family and great friends. 

Students and Clients alike who are like family always.
I am grateful to have been blessed to do what i love and to have impacted the lives of many people for the better.

I am grateful always as a student and advocate of a. better life and improvement for myself and all. I am thankful for this.

I am grateful that to be kind and loving is a choice always no matter what.

I aspire to always choose it.

I am grateful, for all I have overcome and mastered in my own life and have been able to share my philosophies of mind mastery with so many other people.

I am grateful for how Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic programming have changed my life in profound and exciting ways and continue to be my love and my staple for over 25 years now.

Divine Nature | NLP is Fun | Snow in Las Vegas 

I am humbled and grateful for my understanding of consciousness and my qualified mastery of energy technologies. 

I am grateful for my 30-year journey as a Healer and Shaman for being a practitioner of Massage therapies, Hypnotherapy, Healing touch, Reiki, Crystal Therapies, Crystal Jeweler blessing and making, healing and Holistic Healing to name but a few.

I am grateful for having an open heart.

I am grateful to have taught so many to open their heart and how this transformed their whole experience. Relationships, circumstances.

I am grateful for all the resources available to me with my beautiful mind and heart connected and being brave enough to trust my Intuition for good of all.

I am grateful I learned how to love myself, I am thankful for internal peace and oneness with amazing Nature.

I am grateful for my connection and understanding of Almighty God, The Field, The Universe, The Unconscious Mind, the great I Am, and All that it ..

I am Thankful. I am grateful for so much more
How about you, what are you Thankful for I bet you have so many things too.

And last and definitely not ever least. I am Thankful to you Thank you for being a part of my NLP is Fun blogging journey.

From my heart to yours.

Happy Thanks giving Thanks 

Nadia x