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NLP | 10 Secrets of Persuasive communicators | NLP is Fun

As an NLP Practitioner you will learn that people have their own way of interpreting their realities. If you are trained in Neuro linguistic programming, the first thing you are taught is to understand another persons "Model of the world".
In today's NLP Blog, I am sharing 10 Secrets of Persuasive communicators on NLP is Fun.

In all great communication, a dialogue is a pleasant shared experience with a intentional destination.
As a Practitioner of Neuro linguistic programming you have the chance to be extremely specific in how you persuade others using:
Your Body Language
Your energy and personal power
Your Linguistics.
You can also consistently calibrate how you are matching by the unconscious feedback they are giving you through signals from their body positioning, energy, words.
Here are a few things to consider in persuasive communication:

You have a plan that includes the following:
It always feels great = In NLP we call this Rapport. The conversation is flowing nicely between all participants.
It will easily reach its intended destination without obstruction. No matter what they say, or tactics they throw at you, you stay focused on the end goal and never detour.
You know both parties being happy and satisfied with the journey and destination, is essential. This is true pacing and leading.
You have in mind the goal of their satisfaction always. They are so satisfied that they will want to engage with you, more frequently in other destinations too.

Here are some ways persuasive communicators ensure effective communication.

1. They are continually improving, from a mindset of: Improvement means Improved opportunities.
They consistently study, learn new info, practice and invest in their own self improvement.

2. They always raise their own bar, they have goals and constantly review and challenge their own limitations.

3. They know that to influence any one else one must  always first influence themselves.

4. They never allow rejection to hypnotize them from their desired outcome.

5. They always seek a solution, even in the most bleak of circumstances.

6. They believe the more you learn, the more you earn.

7. They are driven by achievement and the prosperous rewards of achieving, that ensure a higher standard of quality in their lives.

8. They expect challenges, and they are prepared to conquer them.

9. They are expert at focused attention and attainment of their clearest intentions. They listen, learn  and understanding the intentions of the people they are communicating with.

10. They match the best that they have to offer to the expressed strongest desires of the person they are communication with.

When you are serious about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, you will regularly improve.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

NLP | D.V.P Pattern | NLP is Fun

One of the great things about Neuro linguistic programming, is that you have a chance to get clear with yourself about what you are hoping to achieve. This means you can also become a better communicator.
As a rule, the clearer you are, the more powerful you become. In order to get clear in the first place, you must go beyond a vague outline of what you desire..

If you have an interest in using NLP as a strategy you must connect to all of the information, organize, prioritize and understand exactly what you mean. We call this being fully Associated  to our outcome.
When you do this you will become very clear in fine tuning your communication internally (In your own mind) and externally (While speaking to others).

This is so important to gain leverage in persuading anyone that you are serious about your outcome.
When you are clear about the outcome and you can then learn to believe in it.
Then achieving it, is a natural conclusion for everyone.

Have you ever had a conversation with somebody who has a rough idea of what they want and they have no idea how to explain it to you.
If so you may remember experiencing their confusion leaves you confused too.
Then when they may become overwhelmed and upset and then pass this on to you too.

As an NLP Coach, I am constantly telling Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Sales people to powerfully refine their communication internally to work well externally.
Remember, I always say that maintaining your state is everything. If you maintain your state you also maintain your power.
This pattern allows you to execute your communication as effectively as possible,

If you have been reading "NLP is Fun" for a while, you may know that I am an NLP Trainer who Certifies NLP Practitioners.  
I also teach individual NLP Patterns through "NLP is Fun" NLP Study group.
One of the reasons I first created my NLP Practice group over 8 years ago now was to simplify one NLP pattern at a time in an easy and fun way that everyone can relate to.

In doing both, I have learned to emphasize that the process is also an important part to achieving the result.

The best Process gets you there faster and easier. If you start out with a great process, you can enjoy this as much as the result. With a great process, you can try it on in another context.
If you get creative enough, sometimes the same process will fit another "Situation" too.

My NLP Mastermind members will tell you that you if you know it, you do it.  As Bob Marley said who knows it feels it.
So clarity is essential in all of your processes.

Having a rough idea is never enough detail.
You must be able to see the Big picture as well as plan the detail and they must all fit in together.
This is called Chunking Up (Abstract) and Chunking down (Detail).

Even learning one NLP pattern, that you know how to use easily and effectively leads you to having an open mind about your own capability. When you Learn NLP and maximizing what you have learned you become more experienced in how your NLP Toolset works.
I wonder how much more would your own life would improve when you became fluent in using NLP easily.

My desire is that you have fun with this pattern, and anything else I offer you and fully use it to your own advantage.

The D.V,.P Pattern credit goes to Robert A. Yourell:
(Distillation, plus Vision, plus Passion).

I found this NLP Pattern in Shlomo Vaknin's "Big book of NLP". If you would like more exposure to Robert A. Yourell's interesting work then please enjoy this Hypnotic  "Shimmering" Video sample.
Here we go:

1. Choose the situation to be explored in greater detail.
Turn all of your thoughts into notes to remember on a piece of paper
2. Take a moment to just notice your notes, and ask yourself:
a  "what if I can create more detail here"
b  "Lets prioritize them"

3. Distill the thoughts by chunking down
Ask yourself:
"Which bits if any, are unnecessary"

4. Distill the notes again 
Ask yourself :
"What if I can make it even easier"

5. Distill the notes even more. Take a look at the themes, key points or metaphors that stand out to you. 
Create a slogan now to highlight and trigger this information. (think like a "Mad men" or an Advertising exec).

6. Connect to the information, in such a way that you would be able to add your own flair to it. 
Create some flash card sized talking points that would simply communicate your message. Remember to be as engaging and passionate as possible.

7. Kick it up a notch. Practice speaking to other people while getting your point across.
Anticipate maintaining your power and your message no matter what they throw at you.
Make this into a pitch that you own inside out.
Imagine scenarios where you are using this pattern: This could be in an interview, sale, relationship, presentation or any environment where you aim to be more persuasive.

8. Fully associate to all you have learned while refining this process so far.
Add pieces that turn it into a very smooth an easy conversation. Remember to think win win, while still being calm and strong about getting your point across.
even practice using it with people who you at one time thought of as difficult or opposing to your own desires and visualize them being persuaded by you using this pattern.
Make it an interesting story perhaps and something they can relate to.

9. Take enough time and energy to fully associate to and believe in this process.
Prepare yourself before using it.
For it (or any process) to work wonders you must see yourself as capable and filled with vital energy. Always check your own energy levels and adjust accordingly.

10. T.O.T.E
Practice always makes perfect. You cannot fail unless you stop at a point where it has not worked yet.
Test = Insert process
Operate = And gain feedback while improving and adjusting
Test = If you receive desired result go on to exit otherwise go back to improving and adjusting
Exit = When you are satisfied with feedback.

How serious are you about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, what are you doing regularly to improve ?

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Friday, October 7, 2016

What if it all turns out even better than you expected | NLP is Fun

Have you ever wanted something but was unable to believe it was possible ?
Is the impact of the problem weighing you down, before you give up just consider this one thought.

What if it all turns out even better then could could have ever imagined ?
Did you know that so many people become paralyzed by the attention that they give to a problem and never ever move into an attitude of expecting a solution for the problem.

The solution to any problem will only be found on focusing on what you want. The bigger the problem, the more attention you should spend on the solution.

Controlling your state is number one, You must overcome all of the fear that you feel when in the middle of a stressful situation.

Empower yourself and use your internal representations to your own benefit. Motivate yourself into action. Speak words of life into your solution, show yourself pictures of success.
Visualize the finish line turning out in your favor.

Keep going until you feel better and the problem turns into a solution. Be consistent in improving the situation.

What if you took just a few moments out to daydream on what it would be like to have it ?

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Self Confidence as a Formula | NLP is Fun

Recently I spoke about Faith and "Think and grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. The info graphic I shared was my adaptation as I translated it into strategies we can use in NLP and Self Hypnosis.

The post was about having Faith and gaining it through Auto suggestion. When we speak about Auto suggestion we are speaking about Mind programming (Self Hypnosis).

Remember there are many benefits to using Self Hypnosis find out more here  the focus is on repeatedly giving yourself suggestions of what you want. You can do this via an Audio, writing, or pictures.
Your objective is to bypass the critical faculty and convince the unconscious mind.
Here is the "Self Confidence formula" which I Mentioned in that Post.

You can follow this outline to the "T" as a cheat sheet to keep yourself on track. when you program your mind, a whole new range of possibilities show up.

Btw if you enjoyed reading our NLP Blog then why not look through  some of our other informative posts on NLP is Fun.
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to develop Faith | NLP is Fun

I have written before about the NLP "Act as if"  Pattern here which is very helpful in rehearsing the idea of F.a.i.t.h :
Have it.
This Info graphic is adapted from the "Self Confidence formula" described in the book Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill.

Since I have been an NLP Mastermind Facilitator now for close to 4 years now.
Napoleon Hill speaks about the way to gain Faith through Auto suggestion which we call Self Hypnosis.
He speaks about suggestion and Mind power in programming the mind for success in order to get what you want.

In anyway of affirmation. The point is being relentless in persuading yourself it will happen.

To have confidence in oneself and ones contributions is essential. To believe that what you want and cannot see yet will materialize outside of your mind too.
In the Self love process I refer to it as "Standing with your self" If you have asked for it or put a project forward, then build up belief to impress on the unconscious mind that you are serious about it.

In other words have Faith, it will work out exactly how you want it to be.
Do you remember NLP Well formed outcomes you can read about it here  and if you want a relaxing strategy to get clearer using self hypnosis then set some time aside for 10 steps to congruent Goal achieving.

The clearer you get with your intentions, the more the unconscious mind will know exactly what you mean. And the more associated you will become to your outcomes.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Consistency is Key | NLP is Fun

If you are determined to achieve anything then one of the things you will learn very early on is the value of consistency.
It is easy to be consistent when you feel like it, but since we are "Bundles of conditioned responses " you may not always feel like it.

Get into the habit of saying words that inspire you, and decide to stay focused and motivated. When you set an intention to succeed in any given area also factor in to it how you will keep yourself on track.

One of the things to consider is every action causes a reaction. As long as we are not maintaining our state we are at the mercy of our environment and those who influence us on a daily basis.
This can be Family members, our partner, people we work with and anybody who we interact with. Not only that it can be News, Work, Church or anything that suddenly changes our mood.

If we are to consider things from an esoteric vantage point. All is information and Light.
All Information can enlighten us, or lead us into darkness.

Gold Dust 
I call this Christmas Tree which is an upward spiral of amplified feel great this is gold dust you can create magic within this powerful state.
Or a Downward spiral which is all of your personal power very quickly going down the drain.

To become mindful of your state, then is essential.
Decide to monitor your own moods for your own feedback as to how you are doing, also another thing that is essential is to do so without judgment.

I said in many blogs before Criticism and judgment are two sides of one coin. In other words if you do one you will also do the other. to others and also to yourself.
Criticism and Judgment both lead to a downward spiral.

The Alternative is always love, The Self love process reminds you to:

1. Think loving thoughts
2. Accept yourself fully
3. Stand with yourself
4. Be Kind with yourself
5. Take loving actions
The self love process can and will be expanded into how you engage with anyone too once you are used to thinking this way.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

10 Easy NLP Communication Tips | NLP is Fun

Did you know, one of the NLP presuppositions is "The meaning of your communication, is the response you are getting"
In other words how your communications lands, is the impact of your Communication,
Remember,  a great rule of thumb is:
Does it feel good or bad ?
There is a great chance that, if you feel bad when you communicated it, it will feel bad when being received.

Sometimes in a misunderstanding, the person who communicated did not mean to offend another person.
However, the person can still get offended. The person can experience the offence and still choose how to respond.
The action following the impact is in the hands of the receiver.
The receiver can always choose how they respond to any offence.

The transmitter can adjust their message.

In the end good emotional self management is essential to all parties.
The less a person can manage their emotions the more often they will find themselves being offensive and offended.

In communication, so many factors are present, so here are 10 easy NLP Communication Tips that work every single time:

1) Become even more mindful of your own intentions and clearly understand what you mean before you even start.

2) Calibrate the feedback you get from the persons response, begin to notice everything
a) What can you see
b) What can you hear
c) How does it feel

3) Always decide to take the higher ground, getting the communication back into the "feel good" zone

4) Be flexible and focused on your original outcome and intention always
5) Observe any triggering effects present in your own responses
6 ) Decide to become less reactive and more proactive in all communication
7) Use Breath to centre yourself at all times
8) Believe you are capable, of getting things back on track
9) See yourself as powerful, visualize the resolution
10) Hear yourself sounding at your best and others responding well to you.

If you spend a few moments practicing this each time, it will become an unconscious process for you.
I must say, the dividends are endless, starting with you feeling better.

Richard Bandler used to say "How much pleasure can you stand" ?
I think that is the real question. don't you ?

Btw: if you enjoyed reading our NLP Blog then why not look through  some of our other informative posts on NLP is Fun.Thanks for stopping by, speak with you soon.

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