Thursday, August 14, 2014

People have all the Resources they need - NLP Presupposition

One of the NLP Presuppositions is People have all the resources that they need.
It is quite an interesting statement isn't it, perhaps you have your own opinion about it too.

Remember Opinions are created by your own subjective reality. This is a result of your own life experience and what has been taught to you by those you respect and have come to love as your figures of authority.
So even though your opinions are extremely important to you, let's lay them to the side for just a moment so that we can explore this new way of thinking.

Richard Bandler has said "People work very well they just run poor programs"  
These programs have to do with how a person is managing their sensory experience and their internal representations.
What they can hear
What they can see
What they Feel, because of the meaning they have created from the above.

In laymen terms these are their emotions, and the vehicles they choose can be behaviors like::
Lack of Creativity 
A Focus on Scarcity
Looping the same problem over and over again 
Doubting themselves
Lack of Belief in anything Good
Negative attitude
Reluctance to change for the better
Lack of accountability 
Feeling sorry for themselves or feel like a victim

And so on.
So while we all have the same capability to problem solve and create new situations internally, when a person is unsuccessful in managing their emotions most of the time, the less results they will achieve externally.
Usually they will experience a sense of powerlessness.
They will feel as it they have limited choices, in just about any situation because this way of thinking becomes a habit.

Then their focus begins another loop of the same old stuff.
It is like a dog chasing her tail, which can be nice as a game but not so much as a success strategy.

Sometimes people are doing the wrong things, at the wrong time. This causes a lack of progress it is like putting a wrong region dvd on into an incompatible machine.
No matter how much you want the to see the movie, it will not work until you change either the Dvd, the coding or the machine..

Perhaps you insist on getting popcorn and sitting in front of it hoping it will all work out for the best. Then you get upset because it is not working and then say "Nothing ever goes right for me" you are not acknowledging your own part in the fiasco.

That is what Richard Bandler means by saying  "People work very well they just run poor programs" 
On the other hand, programs were written to be updated and adjusted.

We have seen severely disadvantaged people:
Overcome Massive Obstacles in their life.
Which of these stories, stands out to you the most ?

“ optimistic mind-set finds dozens of possible solutions for every problem that the pessimist regards as incurable.” Robert Anton Wilson (Cosmic Trigger).

If you want to create something that you are challenging yourself with:

1. Find and example to Model and notice everything about how they are doing what they are doing.
2. Realize you have in within your neurology to change the direction of your thinking and behavior
3. Start somewhere and there is no need to Rush is, slow and steady wins the race
5. Remove the obstacles that stand in your way one at a time and consistently
6. Focus only on your End Goal, resist the temptation to tell yourself it is Hard or that you can not
7. Encourage yourself and Tell yourself your current circumstance can be changed with your Actions
8. Change the way you use your mind, feel good = good Actions = Feel better = better connection to goal
9. If one person can do it, so can you and you can also even be the first to do it, if you like
10. Create a Map from start to finish and consistently adjust it until you get there

Enjoy your life now, because Now is where we are.
We are here now, in a minute we will be somewhere else. If you live in "what if", you are missing it and will never have the chance to enjoy "Now what shall I accomplish next"  !

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NLP Language Patterns - Non Sequitur Suggestions

Lets talk about NLP Language patterns today.
Quite frequently people speak in Non Sequiturs they begin with one statement and attach another seemingly irrelevant statement as a conclusion.
This can be quite confusing and distracting to listen to. It is usually used as a detour, a decoy, the person changes the subject by using this technique and your attention must shift when you allow it to go unquestioned.
Many of today's Reality TV shows are filled with people who use these as everyday language.

If any of you work with Coaching clients or in Management of people these non Sequiturs often shine a light on a Limitation and disconnect in a persons thinking. The person is not connected to their own accountability role, due to a deficit in belief of the available resources perhaps.

On the other hand, they are wonderful to use as a pattern interrupt and a confusion induction in persuasion, covert Hypnosis and Ericksonian Hypnosis.
So let us play with them a little, or a lot ..

Here is what they sound like:

1.You can Hear the Relaxing sound of my voice so you will go into Trance faster with grace and ease
2.Lots of people have had success with NLP and you can Visualize yourself at your Best now
3.Exercise is great for the mind because you begin to notice yourself being even more productive now
4.Practice makes perfect so you can notice becoming even more confident
5.Everyone likes chocolate and having a good night of sleep helps a person wake up early in the morning

Example One:
There are three parts to this sentence:
First part of sentence 1.
"You can Hear the Relaxing sound of my voice"

Then a bridge in the middle
Second part of sentence 1.
"So you will" 

The third part is a totally unrelated end statement
End part of sentence 1.
"Go into Trance faster with grace and ease"

Example Two:
First part of sentence 2
"Lots of people have had success with NLP"

Second part of sentence 2
 "and you can"

End part of sentence 2
"Visualize yourself at your Best now "

Ok, I wonder if you are getting the hang of it now because then you will become more flexible in your own communication.

Have fun practicing these Non Sequitur Suggestions

The two statements do not need to have any relationship to each other
It implies that the end result is a conclusion of the first statement
It does not need to make sense
It bypasses the critical faculty
The person goes inside their head to search for understanding of your statement = Hypnosis
Think in terms of rhythm when putting them together.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NLP - External Auditory Representation System

People who prefer to use their hearing for internal Processing tend to indicate or even point towards their ears.
Their ears are attached and they are attached to their ears.
So much so that while listening their eyes will often shift from side to side.

As in Eye accessing cues going to Auditory Construct = Listen to (Right ) and Auditory Recall = Remembered Info (Left).
The sounds they experience are super important to them which means so are your words and Tonality.
So make sure you are following their own preferred style of communication by listening to when they breathe and speak at their own volume etc.

Their Primary Focus is in this area of processing, in order to understand and be understood faster is to use this Modality as a lead in your communication.

Also they have a quite dense way of communicating frequently in long winded explanations as opposed to direct short and sweet answers.

It could be said they enjoy the sound of their own words, on the outside too.
They also spend a great deal of time listening to their own words on the inside of their head.

If it seems they are inside more than Outside then they will be considered Internal Auditory Digital.
who are influenced by what is going on inside their head more than people who are Auditory and Externally Influenced.

External Auditory are very good at listening and they are looking for the whole story, an extremely detailed explanation, that answers all of their questions in your communication.

The NLP Communication Model 
They are interested in knowing how the whole process works and in what order they can expect it.
Then will do an internal Transderivational search (do you remember the NLP Communication Model ) which you will witness (if you are paying attention) In their accessing cues.

Frequently you will find their breathing responding to the Rhythm of the speakers tonality as they begin to process what they just heard.
This shows them "Trying it on"
If you want them to learn something new it is a good idea to play up to their hearing capabilities for them to be more "In tune" to what you are saying.

Remember if there is a great deal of noise competing with the Speaker, these listeners will become overwhelmed and distracted, so make sure you are in a place where they can hear you clearly.

You may already know that Auditory People are interested in Reading, Learning, Music, and Understanding new concepts.
They may always have a set of headphones on because sound quality means quality all the way around to them.
They are responsive in debates and have their own ideas with which they will want to compare new information to understand it perfectly.

Of course you will also use the Auditory Predicates to use their preferred words that describe their experience.You can re use the ones they have already picked if you like.

If you find that this reminds you of yourself, you can use this simple exercise to change the meaning in experiences you have had in the past that rubbed you the wrong way.
Once you get the hang of it you can use it every time because it is super easy to do.

Here is How to change the Movie Music

If you think about How a Movie Anchors you to the Music which heightens your viewing pleasure, you can do something similar in your own head.

1. Pick a Memory that you were extremely unhappy about.
a)Think about it, while noticing all images and sounds play it till then end as if it is a Movie.
b) Now Take Note of how you Feel after experiencing it all.

2. Pick a Song that is Upbeat (perhaps from a happy movie you liked) or your favorite Dance Tune, or a Hilarious Cartoon for example.
***Please note the new music has the power to change your state in a big way.
I like this one and the best part about it, is that I cannot keep still when I hear it.
Music that changes Physiology has a Massive amount of power for instant State change.
Remember pick the one you prefer.

 3.Now Crank it up at Top Volume so much so that You are feeling pretty Great and then, play the movie again all the way till the end of the song.

4. If you want to, do it as many times as you like, because I bet you your feelings will change each time.
a) Play it until you only have a connection to the Happy Tune
b) Turn the music off when you feel ready and rewind the movie to the beginning and notice how you feel
c) If that tune doesn't work, pick another tune one that you want to play with, maybe Rocky, (Gonna Fly now) which is another empowering favorite of mine.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Mind and Body Are One System

One of the NLP Presuppositions is that the Mind and Body Operate from one system.
I have mentioned before that your Physiology affects your Moods.
This is a perfect example of this.

They cannot Not affect each other they are undeniably connected. perhaps though we have not yet given this enough attention.
Giving this some some attention today will help you to understand just how important it is to all aspects of perception.

Mind Body = Nervous system the Neuro in Neuro Linguistic Programming.
The maximum impact in our beliefs is created once we connect (Associate) to our sensory experience our Neurology.

Our unconscious mind is driven by our Neurology, we respond from the fused synapses in our own hard wiring.
Our automatic roads to behaviors that have held your attention for long periods of time, perhaps decades.

This further explains why a Placebo will work giving a person the Placebo effect.
Mind affects Medicine and wellness, take a look at some of the extra ordinary work Deepak Chopra and Bruce Lipton are doing in this Area.

Mind affects Heart in situations of Love, Like, Hate, Happy, Sad these perceptions are inter changeable with physiological responses.

Mind affects perceptions of Possibility in situations like  Dating, Interviews, Sales, Relationships, Money and what a person believes it is more likely to have.

All of these perceptions are inter changeable with Physiological responses.

Self Hypnosis
Heart rate
Connection to self
Connection to new Idea
Physical Movement
All change perceptions in the mind too

If this is true then, our beliefs are far more important that we ever believed before, aren't they?

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Which way are you Going

Movement Changes Everything doesn't it ?
If you are not moving, you are not making progress, because nothing is changing.
When you move your Body, you change your state
You could be moving a little, or moving a lot and if you break a sweat, you will really begin to feel a sense of accomplishment too.
But even slow and steady has proven to win the race.

I felt a great sense of accomplishment today because I challenged myself to go Hiking after my morning work out and it felt great.
Movement is Action and Action is Movement.
I felt good because I went further than usual, and I could feel the stretch.
Make your Movements and Actions to all go in the direction of your wants.
I felt good because I knew I was conditioning my body and Mind in the area of better Health and well being.
This is one of my main goals at the moment and I am totally congruent about it and committed to it, in NLP Talk we call that Fully Associated.
Plus I was with my son, so I got to spend quality time with him while he was doing the same.

Moving in the wrong direction is still movement so It can create a change but perhaps more of the stuff you do not want.

When you feel unsure and have not made a commitment to what you are going to do, you may move in the opposite direction of what you want.
Sometimes without even realizing it, maybe because you are dissociated = Unplugged from what you really want.
Perhaps because you do not really believe in it yet.

Your Unconscious mind is in charge of the direction you move in, so make sure you are supercharged and plugged into what you have committed to.

Step into it and act as if your every step is moving you towards it, this is much more important that what you are hoping to change or avoid.
You want to make sure all of your attention is plugged in to what you want.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Immerse yourself in NLP

Dear Friends,

Learning Neuro Linguistic Programming is a Process, which means it is an ongoing habit. The things that you already know well, you can perfect them.

The things that you have not yet learned can be understood and embraced by your unconscious mind congruently.

The best way to learn NLP is to begin to "Try it On" this means experiencing for yourself before thinking about applying the intervention with another person.

As  you begin to learn a new pattern for example, you can wonder how many ways in which you can use it. If you were to use it as a filter for a whole week, let's say you would get tons more mileage out of it.

Sometimes when I meet people who are interested in learning NLP, they want to have known it all Yesterday!
While I do understand NLP is the sexiest tool set I know, to know it is to experience it and really more than anything to live it.

It really is a spirit, a way of processing experiences, and a different way of responding to things, a new way of believing and thinking in terms of unlimited possibilities in every single area of your life.

This dear friend, will not happen over night although if you persist in practicing and applying it will happen and will only change your whole life experience for the better in  every way imaginable.

I encourage you to be kind with yourself in learning NLP, take your time and immerse yourself in it. Wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket of NLP and Hypnosis and wash your bad habits away with persistent application.

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Here is to your progress,


Friday, April 25, 2014

Jack of all trades or Master of None ?

One of the many great things about NLP is that Neuro Linguistic programming goes to great lengths to help a person become accurate in their Goal setting.
For example like when we create Well formed outcomes  which I wrote about in detail some time ago.
What I have found with most people is the habit of being too abstract in what they want. 
One of the reasons I think this happens, is because they have not yet connected their conscious and unconscious mind as one.

They do not yet have an internal alignment or in other words an unconscious congruent belief, that their goal is attainable.
In the meantime they find themselves focusing on what they do not want, and the impact of not having what they want.

For that reason I wrote 10 Steps to congruent Goal achieving which is an abstract way of getting into the state of Daydreaming and then noticing and connecting to smaller chunks.
The majority of this process is Self Hypnosis which is a stress free, relaxed unconscious way.
This has been really helpful to do before attempting to drill down to NLP Well Formed outcomes.

I have found that they are great to do in that order.
The Key to become more resilient in maintaining the action needed to succeed in any Goal is:
a) knowing exactly why you have this Goal, why it is important  
b) what is the driving force of ongoing internal motivation of your actions.

This will make all of the difference, on your journey of implementation.
So connect to the very reason that your Goal is so important to you, there is a great chance that your Goal is connected at some level to one or more of your Values even at an identity level.

For example the work that I do, Treating the Whole professional from the ground level up. I began by:
1) Wanting to understand my own experience. 
2) Then I wanted to improve myself, 
3) Then once I made progress I wanted to also help others in a generalized way
4) Then I wanted to Improve at communication with people to begin the process of change
5) Then I wanted to learn how to Influence other people to be motivated enough to create the change
6) Then I wanted to experiment with new things I had discovered by doing my work
7) Then I wanted to turn my work into particular systems I could share with other people
8) Then I wanted to make my systems holistic, simple, plus efficient
9) Then I realized the people I mostly liked helping were professional people who were interested in helping other people.
10) Then I wanted to just Focus on helping the professional service people who shared  similar values to me
So as you can tell, it is a constant refining process isn't it, to decide what is Important and why and then to continue shaving bits off.

When I very first started doing NLP my ideas were quite different, than they are today. They have evolved into using NLP at an unconscious level. 
I design new processes and create strategies that speak to the specific work I do. With NLP there is so much I can do, I have decided to focus on a specific group of people.

By doing this instead of being a "jack of all trades", I am becoming a Master who learns and studies daily to improve in my specific area.
I find that this creates Better Sales people, Better Leaders, Better Business People, Better Executives, Better Influencers, Better Coaches, Better Presenters etc.
These are the people I find myself working with the most and since I always work with them, I perfectly understand their experience.

This helps me to stay energized and focused to what I love, and plugged in to my most creative natural abilities and talents.
Because of this, I have been able to develop People who are more comfortable in their own skin, more confident, better self esteem, Self worth, more adaptable and excellent communicators.
Who are Self motivated, High achievers that expect the best for themselves and challenge themselves for excellence every single day.

Specifically because they are able to achieve more consistent resourceful States for a longer duration of time.

So to Recap:
1) 10 steps to congruent Goal Achieving
2) Well Formed Outcomes
3) Find your Compelling motivation (based on your Values)
4) Fine tune the Real Outcome
5) Shave the bits off that don't apply to you 
6) Focus on being a Master instead of a Jack of all trades
7) Continue to learn every single day 
8) Teach and develop other people with your knowledge
9) Create a more efficient process
10) Continue to refine and improve

What ideas has this article sparked in you ?