Sunday, January 28, 2024

Change is good NLP is Fun 2024

Happy 2024 Change is good is it not ?

It is good to greet you again  in a brand new year 2024.

A new year, has the phenomenon of feeling like a new chance, doesn't it. I hope this is how you feel. 

So many things happened in 2023, Didn't they how about you, how is everything going with you.

Richard Bandler said we must learn to embrace challenge, and the idea that there is always alot to learn during a challenge.

Learning things that will help us to solve our own problems in new unconscious ways. Even ways in which we may or may not have much or any conscious awareness of.

This is true isn't it for the most part and hindsight is 20/20 In my opinion change and or challenge is often easier said than done.

The 'frame' or the Idea of embracing challenge as an opportunity to learn something is not built overnight. 

Patterns, are embedded, unconsciously aren't they, we know this by now surely.

Although, to keep embracing challenge as a possibility will for sure help manouver through challenge better than not.

I will say in my life i am more than familiar with challenge and last year was for sure the hardest year I have ever encountered.

So far i have learned to realise some challenges take more resources than others, have you found that out yet ?.

Some challenges as we know take much more than a single NLP pattern provides.

Bandler has been clear about being creative in finding solution. There is no script .. Keep working on finding solutions until you find something that creates a more useful change for each one.

The brain is doing what it is doing at any given time. Learning more about the brain has been one of my new habits.

I will be sharing more about this as i explore more and discover why we do what we do with Neuro linguististic programming and why it affects brain chemistry.

Kinesthetics = patterns of behaviour.

Also remember perspectives on real challenge / change depending on our position, our perception and what our brain is communicating.

let us consider the feelings, the kinesthetics if u like.

The kinesthetics are truly the schematics, the underbelly of the construct.

It is so much easier to solve a problem that you are dissociated from.

This is why i have called it a construct which begins the process of change doesn't it.

When we think of submodalities we know the connection to a thing changes the magitude of its importance.

Depth of perception, possibility and ability to change it.

Even this is quite a bit to consider. I will leave you with a new feeling of what is to come a curiousity of what will come next.

In 2024 I will share new ideas and new solutions as well as discover things we may or may not have touched that much on yet.

One thing is for sure, there is alot to unpack watch this space change is coming.

If you like this post then be sure to enjoy more NLP patterns and discussions about Hypnosis and Neuro linguistic programming on one of many posts on this NLP blog. 

Always remembering if nothing else NLP is fun.

With love Nadia Harper.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

I have been hacked |NLP is Fun

 Hello dear friends, recently I discovered my phone and all electronic devices had been hacked.

The reason, I am telling you this is because it seems to be more of a stalker than a normal hacking situation.

Which of course is bad enough in itself.

I say this because frequently I cannot open my phone, laptop and other devices. My data has gone up even though I lock my phone up in a faraday cage to attempt to blog the signal.

It is as if somebody can hear what i am saying and see my screen and keystrokes.

As soon as i change passwords, they say "we cannot find a record of this password username combination"

All of the apps on my screen are constantly being phished and I am being asked to click this or that to gain entry into my normal accounts.

I believe the hacker gained access when they emailed me to find out about NLP practitioner training.

In the meantime, I have done my best to learn whatever I can about Hacking and cyber security.

I wish I knew more about how to protect myself.

If it is who I think it is they describe themselves as. Python Coach, Ethical hacker, and Computer science engineer. Obviously I am unqualified and unmatched to their level of expertise especially since they keep changing my screens every single day.

They have compromised my finances completely and all personal and business data.

I want you to know I have discovered more about bots and catfishing than I ever thought i would need to.

If somebody contacts you or asks you for anything or you see me on any type of dating site it would not actually be me but they have antagonised me daily and this would not be out of the question for them.

I have been on social media since 2006 and I am not sure how long this person has been watching me or what the purpose of this relentless harassment is but I just wanted to let you know and I feel better having shared it.

I will continue to plow through some days being more challenging and traumatic than others, if you have any tips I 100% welcome them.

Much love,

Nadia Harper


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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Neuro linguistic programming is fun | NLP is Fun

 Neuro linguistic programming is Fun

When you consider what you can do with NLP and you apply it to your own life, you will discover NLP is Fun.  It is so much fun to use NLP to run your own brain for a change.

With Neuro linguistic programming you can change just about anything in your emotional experience. habits that have held you down for decades, limiting beliefs, behaviors and decisions.

You can improve the relationship with yourself, it is amazing to have these tool to play around with your own mind state and beliefs.

Neuro linguistic programming is fun | NLP is Fun 

You can empower yourself to take on just about anything, you can study your own strong points and become even better in the areas that you detect you could do with the most improvement.

Most People will tell you NLP is about Modeling Excellence 

You can learn anything new and master it with Modeling anyone who has been successful doing anything, anywhere.

Goal setting with NLP | NLP is Fun 

You can achieve goals in the most concise way with Neurolinguistic programming. You can overcome problems as well as become a Top-level communicator.

You can win every argument using sleight of mouth patterns and you can become an influential Negotiator in fact it would be easier for you to ask me if knowing NLP will improve ___________?

You can break associations to habits and people that are no longer practical or useful. You can change your entire life and career.

Neuro linguistic programming is fun because it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
What fun are you having with NLP at the moment?

Monday, December 12, 2022

What is the single most important aspect of physiology and why NLP works to change your mind | NLP is Fun

What is the single most important aspect of physiology and why Neuro linguistic programming works to change your mind.

Did you know the single most import aspect of physiology and more importantly a physiological shift is to change your breathing.

To change your breathing, instantly changes your physiological state. If you do not believe me, just take a deep breath now.
If you would like to enhance this do more breaths, breathe more slowly, and notice what happens.

When you shift your breathing pattern, you literally shift your physiological state of being. 

What is the single most important aspect of physiology and why NLP works to change your mind | NLP is Fun

Changing your breathing pattern changes how you feel, here is another example: Think of something that really scares you, now notice your breathing. Did your breathing change? 

All of the exercises that we call patterns in NLP are designed to shift your state from Present state to a desired state. 

Why NLP works to change your mind

Now there are other things you can do to make it even better. Let's talk about using Neuro linguistic programming to change your physiology and why it works.

Your mind and body are a Cybernetic loop. Use your mind to think and you will feel. Change your breathing and you will regulate how you feel unconsciously.

So, this being agreed, to take it a step further you are the sum total of what you are thinking and how this makes you feel.

Your mind and body are an interchangeable unit.

The sounds and pictures are creating stories in your mind and your body is demonstrating how this is making you feel.

In Neuro linguistic programming we call these Internal representations. How you are representing reality internally (Inside your mind).

Also, as you exercise and or use exercise as part of your well-being on a daily basis, it will become easier to manage your emotions. Exercise can change brain chemistry in such a way that you notice great feelings very quickly.

Simply standing up, sitting up, and or jumping are examples of changing your physiology and shifts your consciousness which changes your mind.

We may have been told it has to be hard or strenuous exercise that does this although as we have discovered simply breathing is physical and also changes our psychology. 
Think of meditation for example, many who practice meditation feel feelings of peace and wellbeing in their body.

An example of combining movement and breath is Yoga. In NLP we combine breathing and using the sensory awareness of the mind to create altered states of consciousness that we call mental drills.

This is why NLP works to change your mind literally.

We pay attention to details of experience while relaxing and modifying how we notice we are feeling using our mind.

The best way to manage our emotions when things get tricky is to relax. All relaxation is done by slowing down our breathing.

We may want to create a feeling of anticipation, and this will be done by spinning our feelings in combination with using sensory awareness internally and this will change our breathing also.

One of the single more important aspects of noticing a physiological shift is to watch a person's breathing rate change. We will calibrate this in our communication to understand how a person is receiving our communication and if we are in rapport with them.

When we are in rapport you may notice we will breathe at the same tempo. As a Trainer of Neuro linguistic programming when I am speaking to a large group of people, I will set the tone by creating a pattern of breathing so we can all become harmonized and in good energy.  Good rapport feels like good energy and can be seen in body matching, breathing matching, heart rate matching to name a few.

Next time you want to change your move just decide to shift, change your breathing, perhaps sit upright, look up, get outside, change your position and use your mind to move the problem behind you just to go a step further.

Consider the power of how changing your breathing changes your mind, let me know how this works for you and while you are here be sure to enjoy some of the other posts on various other topics about Neuro linguistic programming.



Can NLP cure Anxiety | NLP is Fun

 Can Neuro linguistic programming cure anxiety 

Neuro linguistic programming improves the way that we relate to ourselves. In doing so recovering an impoverished emotional experience.

By Impoverished, I mean not having the best experience in any given situation. NLP is the art of improving a person's internal sensory awareness to create a more optimized experience.

Perhaps we can consider what happens to a person who has anxiety asking them to describe the experience that they are having.

Can NLP cure Anxiety | NLP is Fun 

It is more likely an NLP Practitioner would ask a person to describe how they are feeling at the moment and what they perceive to be the problem they need help with. The NLP Practitioner will then lead them into an internal discovery of how they are creating the state of consciousness they are currently experiencing.

If the person says "I notice myself breathing rapidly and my heart rate is faster than usual and also I am seeing pictures of something devastating happening, I am saying something that makes me even more afraid" etc.

Now the NLP Practitioner has something to work with and will take a client through a series of NLP patterns that transform this experience at present time to something better in the future if it were to arise again.
There will be several tests the Practitioner performs with the client to notice what happens until it seems to be resolved.

One thing to consider is that NLP is not therapy and for that reason is not a cure for any type of disorder including Anxiety which may have been diagnosed by a medical or psychiatric professional.

NLP is Not Therapy and is interested in how this behavior is being constructed

Neuro linguistic programming is more interested in how behavior is created, how it is constructed within each client than considering behavior to be a static state of being.

NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who studied Gestalt therapy at length as well as the work and patterns of famed family therapist Virginia Satire and Dr Milton Erickson.

If a person had been diagnosed with Anxiety, they will find numerous patterns that will help soothe and transform a state of anxiety physiologically very quickly.

The idea of a cure of anything implies linguistically a problem, and Neuro linguistic programming considers the value of creating a state of enhanced performance within every context.

NLP can help to ease sensations of anxiety, and this has been documented by Steve Andreas who was licensed therapist as well as a leading contributor to the field of NLP . Here are a few videos demonstrating his excellent work that can be found on You tube.

Remember NLP does not ever attempt to be a substitute for any medical diagnosis perhaps more of an ally and I am not a Medical dr or a psychiatrist.

If you find this to be helpful, please drop a note of what you have done and how this is working for you, to your health.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

What is NLP in simple words | NLP is Fun

What is Neuro linguistic programming in simple words

In simple words Neuro linguistic programming is the study of subjective experience. To be more specific I will give a little more information.

What is NLP in simple words | NLP is Fun

The Definition is Neuro linguistic programming allow me to break up these words to give you a foundation.

Neuro = Represents sensory awareness which is categorized by the following:

Visual = What you can see 
Auditary = What you can hear 
Kinesthetic = What you can feel
Olfactory / Gustatory = What you can smell and taste
This is the basis of a person's internal representations which means how a person perceives their own reality.

Neuro linguistic programmers believe that reality is different in every single person demonstrated by how they put their senses together to make their own pictures of what is happening, what has happened and what will happen.

Linguistic = How people use language to explain their Model of the world / How they use language to code their reality and how we as Neuro linguistic programmers use language to improve their reality.

There are three Language patterns in particular used in Neuro Linguistic programming one is called the Meta model which is a model used within a therapeutic context.

The second Language pattern is called the Milton Model which is a model for Hypnotic suggestion.
The Third Language pattern is Sleight of Mouth which is used to change beliefs within any context.

Programming = To Reframe a context that is no longer useful to the operator / client who comes for a change

What is Neuro linguistic programming in simple words | #NadiaNLP

Neuro linguistic programmers use language skillfully to create a lasting change for a client.
This can be through using an NLP pattern that creates the element of choice for an undesirable habit or challenge.

Many of these patterns create relief to the clients who come to NLP Practitioners for change work or NLP Coaching sessions. 

To Summarize the techniques a Neuro linguistic programmer uses are based on an expanded model of Personal development the objective is always for the betterment of relating to the problem in a different way as well as improving relationships in general and specifically.

Relating to self differently, relating to others differently and focusing on how we can cooperate and move forward.

I hope this is helpful and I am interested to know what you like the most about NLP so drop me a line.
If you are interested in more tips and posts about Neuro linguistic programming, please enjoy any one of the other many posts that can be found here.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

How to use Neuro linguistic programming to shift your state within Minutes | NLP is Fun

How to use Neuro linguistic programming to shift your state within minutes.

There is always time to take care of yourself emotionally we can consider it part of our daily routine.  Here are four easy actions to master this right now.

Use NLP to Shift your State | NLP is Fun

  • Interrupt the problem and shift your attention inward.
  • Slow you breathing down 3 times and 3 breaths each and watch all thoughts fly away.
  • Slow your heartrate down claim your desired state into being and relax.
  • Shift your state and connect to your best self in body and mind.
Taking control of how you feel is essential in Neuro linguistic programming and we call your mood your state (of being).

NLP is based on the principle that you prioritize your state to become highly effective. Each NLP pattern focuses on using sensory acuity to manage your state.

The exercise demonstrated uses Kinesthetic responses to Interrupt the pattern and shift your physiology while imagining something better for yourself while in this state,

When you manage your mood (state) you feel better and more capable of doing more, more easily, more consistently.
How to use NLP to shift your state within minutes|#NadiaNLP 
It is far easier to imagine better for yourself once you have shifted your state.

Energetically you may say you have "raised your vibration" which many say is the perfect state for manifestation of more of what you really want. 

Remember managing your state is easier than you think and simpler than you think, the benefits of doing so are endless. You may enjoy this and if you let me know how it works for you.