Friday, April 25, 2014

Jack of all trades or Master of None ?

One of the many great things about NLP is that Neuro Linguistic programming goes to great lengths to help a person become accurate in their Goal setting.
For example like when we create Well formed outcomes  which I wrote about in detail some time ago.
What I have found with most people is the habit of being too abstract in what they want. 
One of the reasons I think this happens, is because they have not yet connected their conscious and unconscious mind as one.

They do not yet have an internal alignment or in other words an unconscious congruent belief, that their goal is attainable.
In the meantime they find themselves focusing on what they do not want, and the impact of not having what they want.

For that reason I wrote 10 Steps to congruent Goal achieving which is an abstract way of getting into the state of Daydreaming and then noticing and connecting to smaller chunks.
The majority of this process is Self Hypnosis which is a stress free, relaxed unconscious way.
This has been really helpful to do before attempting to drill down to NLP Well Formed outcomes.

I have found that they are great to do in that order.
The Key to become more resilient in maintaining the action needed to succeed in any Goal is:
a) knowing exactly why you have this Goal, why it is important  
b) what is the driving force of ongoing internal motivation of your actions.

This will make all of the difference, on your journey of implementation.
So connect to the very reason that your Goal is so important to you, there is a great chance that your Goal is connected at some level to one or more of your Values even at an identity level.

For example the work that I do, Treating the Whole professional from the ground level up. I began by:
1) Wanting to understand my own experience. 
2) Then I wanted to improve myself, 
3) Then once I made progress I wanted to also help others in a generalized way
4) Then I wanted to Improve at communication with people to begin the process of change
5) Then I wanted to learn how to Influence other people to be motivated enough to create the change
6) Then I wanted to experiment with new things I had discovered by doing my work
7) Then I wanted to turn my work into particular systems I could share with other people
8) Then I wanted to make my systems holistic, simple, plus efficient
9) Then I realized the people I mostly liked helping were professional people who were interested in helping other people.
10) Then I wanted to just Focus on helping the professional service people who shared  similar values to me
So as you can tell, it is a constant refining process isn't it, to decide what is Important and why and then to continue shaving bits off.

When I very first started doing NLP my ideas were quite different, than they are today. They have evolved into using NLP at an unconscious level. 
I design new processes and create strategies that speak to the specific work I do. With NLP there is so much I can do, I have decided to focus on a specific group of people.

By doing this instead of being a "jack of all trades", I am becoming a Master who learns and studies daily to improve in my specific area.
I find that this creates Better Sales people, Better Leaders, Better Business People, Better Executives, Better Influencers, Better Coaches, Better Presenters etc.
These are the people I find myself working with the most and since I always work with them, I perfectly understand their experience.

This helps me to stay energized and focused to what I love, and plugged in to my most creative natural abilities and talents.
Because of this, I have been able to develop People who are more comfortable in their own skin, more confident, better self esteem, Self worth, more adaptable and excellent communicators.
Who are Self motivated, High achievers that expect the best for themselves and challenge themselves for excellence every single day.

Specifically because they are able to achieve more consistent resourceful States for a longer duration of time.

So to Recap:
1) 10 steps to congruent Goal Achieving
2) Well Formed Outcomes
3) Find your Compelling motivation (based on your Values)
4) Fine tune the Real Outcome
5) Shave the bits off that don't apply to you 
6) Focus on being a Master instead of a Jack of all trades
7) Continue to learn every single day 
8) Teach and develop other people with your knowledge
9) Create a more efficient process
10) Continue to refine and improve

What ideas has this article sparked in you ?

Monday Morning Motivation - Call

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to have more accessible communication, with those of you who are out of town. So three weeks ago I started doing Monday Morning Motivation Calls. So Far it was only something offered to regular Participants of my classes.

Because, these are people who against all odds show up in life and make giant strides towards improvement every single week.
Now I am extending you dear regular readers a chance to get in on the Call too.
It is a 15 minute Power call and here is a Recording of what I said about The Power of Focus last week.

If you would like to get on Next weeks Call list then you can do so here.
What are your thoughts about Monday Motivation Call.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just Show up Anyway

When all the chips are down and the bottom has fallen out of your world, Now is the time to Show up Anyway.
After all if there is nothing to loose because it has all been lost, just Show up Anyway 

Even if
The dog Ate your Home work
Your Ceiling fell in
Your wife ran off with the milkman
Your children don't want to speak to you
Your Furry baby may have been put down
You lost your job
You Lost your house
Learn how to draw a line in the ground Get back in the Saddle and Show up anyway.
You may Be
But just show up anyway
Then you will
Move Forward
Make progress
Get some Help
Feel better
Build up your power
Start something brand new
Never. Ever. Ever. give up. instead Just Show up Anyway.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

How much has having that problem cost you so far - NLP

Lets talk a little bit about Problems.
We all have them, and we have learned that it is not so much about the problem, that is the problem it is more about how you are responding to your problem, that could be the real problem.

For example do you believe that you are at Cause or Effect of the problem
At Cause = I can change it myself (I may need additional resources and yet it is possible) I will be accountable for designing my life.

At Effect = I cannot change it, it is beyond my own personal influence (I will wait until it blows over) in the meantime I will place the blame on people and things.

Your Beliefs are influencing what you think and that is influencing your behavior.
Beliefs = Thoughts = Feelings = Actions = Behavior

In the long run, is that really working for you in the way you had hoped for ?
Your Beliefs can be changed at any time, just by your decision to do something about it.

Once of the best things to do is to reverse engineer your results and find out if you think your action (in a certain behavior) supported your outcome.
If you don't think it did then you can begin to learn why you did not necessarily put your best foot forward.

Lots of people do great things most of the time, some time and then may also talk about ways in which they self sabotage themselves regularly.
The more choice and flexibility we live by the greater chance we have of Winning in any situation.

Something that Richard Bandler likes to ask is "How much Time and money have you spent on that problem"
So lets do this as a homework assignment:

Get a piece of paper and ask yourself:
What has having this problem cost me so far in actual money
What has having this problem cost me so far in Time and Energy 

How much more will this problem cost me in the next:
6 months
12 Months
2 years
5 years 

If you like you can begin to experience it on your timeline since you like having this problem and enjoy the full impact of being fully associated to the problem for a change.

Ok then, so what are you going to do about it ?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just How much more Sales success can you Stand ?

Just how much more success can you stand ?
If I taught you for example, the skills that Politicians and high ranking officers know about Influence and Persuasion, would that make you feel 1000 % more empowered.
And more comfortable in your own skin, when you were taking on new business.

How much more would this help you find your own true voice and communicate elegantly, and stand up for yourself against tricky communicators that know how to trip you up with your own words and out negotiate you.
If you are like me you operate from a place or integrity offering a wonderfully valuable service for a great exchange.
When you  understand your own high value you create a win /win proposition.

And What if (for example) you became really good at making more sales and influencing more people, would that cause a problem ?
And what if as a result of it, your money and your lifestyle improved Dramatically, would that be ok ?
What if because of it,you found the confidence to ask for what you really wanted, and you stopped selling yourself short and giving the farm away.
What if you found out that your services, were valuable and important.
And you remembered how much time and effort you had spent on developing your expertise and just needed to know how to share it with other people, and get a fair exchange for your extraordinary Talent.

And what if, you knew about Sales, and because you had some good days, and some bad days found out how you could create a system, that resulted in all good selling days no matter what.
What if this was a whole lot more simple than you thought after taking this knowledge packed Sales Training when you invest in the proper tools to do the job efficiently.

Well what will happen if you do
And what will happen if you don't
And what wont happen if you do 
And what wont happen if you don't

Truthfully, there is not a shortage of Sales or Buyers, but their may be a shortage of the appropriate knowledge and even the best knowledge activation.

Remember timing is everything, you cannot become an extraordinarily influential communicator by just reading a book (if that were the case I would just email you my 40 page manual) and wish you luck.

How do you know this training is the best for you ...
Curious ... Learn more about using NLP in Sales and start having more success in your selling, influencing and Coaching than you can imagine.

This is a Live Training in Las Vegas on Saturday March 29 2014 come out and join us, you will be thrilled you did as soon as you integrate these real NLP Sales techniques into your Sales Process.

Monday, March 17, 2014

How to Resolve Internal Conflict with NLP

There are many ways to resolve Internal Conflict. which most people experience at some stage or another. Things like Stress and Anxiety can cause loops of internal Conflict that lead to procrastination, indecision and even Panic Attacks, Phobias and Trauma.

These Loops keep a person stuck and unable to move forward asking for action can cause them to shut down all together.
When a person is in a stuck state of Internal Conflict this is a great way to begin to do quick work on a big chunk of Internal mayhem.

I like this because it goes straight to shuffling the Neurology and creating a pattern interrupt immediately. The beauty of this, is that it unravels the construction of the behavior which is Magic Dust to anyone in this type of agony. At the Least, this will loosen the connection to the problem, at the best it will solve the problem so that a person can gain a new vantage point and resume normal functioning.

 Everyone is different and the secondary gain and position of your participant are all contributing factors to your success.
So if you are doing this with somebody else make sure they want to resolve the issue enough for it to be compelling for them.

Magic Dust 
This will begin the shift as they can turn their attention to imagine normal functioning, you can ask them what will you do once we have resolved this that you couldn't do before (and have them do a sensory walk through beforehand).

So here is how to get it done.
1. Explain what The Conflict is
This begins to clarify and process any clump of unconnected generalizations which by Transderivational search you have made into a mental Tumbleweed and an unnecessarily complicated problem.

2. Remember a Time when you experienced it and take a Third position as Observer.
Begin to experience a dissociated overview of how the conflict plays out. Perceptual Position 3.

3. Now Experience it through your own Perceptions (Position 1) and Step into it and engage V.A.K.O.G sensory experience. 
VAKOG stands for Visual = Seeing , Auditory = Hearing , Kinesthetic = Feeling, Olfactory = Smelling, Gustatory = Tasting all of your sensory experience which helps to make it more real. begin to record your discoveries be really thorough.

4. Now Experience it through the alternate or opposing position (Position 2) and step into it and engage V.A.K.O.G sensory experience.
VAKOG stands for Visual = Seeing , Auditory = Hearing , Kinesthetic = Feeling, Olfactory = Smelling, Gustatory = Tasting all of your sensory experience which helps to make it more real. begin to record your discoveries be really thorough.

5. Find out the positive Intentions 
Check both positions one at a time while making notes about the distinctions.

6. Take a Higher (Meta) Position 
Act as if  you are an observer above position 1 and 2 continue to examine for further learning and perceptions
7. Begin to understand the overall agenda of what you have leaned
Now you can and consider the possibilities of how it is able to cooperate as a separate whole position.

8. Begin to align this new position with physiology 
You can use both hands to bring it in to your heart. Take time out to have your physiology welcome it and integrate this piece as a bridge to cooperation internally.

9. Experience a sense of wholeness
Deep Breathe x 3 and find purpose in your new alignment also future pace for any previous conflict and aim for wholeness in decisive action.

10. Ecology Check 
Make sure all of your Ecology /Values are honored during this process.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Internal Rapport creates External Rapport

When you feel great about yourself others like to be around you.

When you are uncomfortable at any level, people feel uncomfortable around you even when they do not know why.
Sometimes people who are nervous, send out incongruent signals that make others feel bad.
In other words having Rapport with other people, works really well once you have Rapport within yourself.

What you are thinking, affects what you are transmitting in your communication.
The Pictures you see in your expectations should be of hopeful positive situations instead of things that scare you.

The words you speak inside your head, should support whatever it is you want. If not, you are going against yourself at an unconscious level and it will affect your results. The same thing about the stories you tell about your experience and your life.
You can begin to Visualize and speak with personal power, no matter what has happened.

It doesn't become a habit until you have done it consistently so to begin with, it may feel like allot, and after a couple of months it will change what you can believe about yourself and your life.
That is pretty amazing, isn't it.

Keep going, sometimes the Big Chunk is just showing up, once you are there anything is possible.