Wednesday, January 18, 2023

I have been hacked |NLP is Fun

 Hello dear friends, recently I discovered my phone and all electronic devices had been hacked.

The reason, I am telling you this is because it seems to be more of a stalker than a normal hacking situation.

Which of course is bad enough in itself.

I say this because frequently I cannot open my phone, laptop and other devices. My data has gone up even though I lock my phone up in a faraday cage to attempt to blog the signal.

It is as if somebody can hear what i am saying and see my screen and keystrokes.

As soon as i change passwords, they say "we cannot find a record of this password username combination"

All of the apps on my screen are constantly being phished and I am being asked to click this or that to gain entry into my normal accounts.

I believe the hacker gained access when they emailed me to find out about NLP practitioner training.

In the meantime, I have done my best to learn whatever I can about Hacking and cyber security.

I wish I knew more about how to protect myself.

If it is who I think it is they describe themselves as. Python Coach, Ethical hacker, and Computer science engineer. Obviously I am unqualified and unmatched to their level of expertise especially since they keep changing my screens every single day.

They have compromised my finances completely and all personal and business data.

I want you to know I have discovered more about bots and catfishing than I ever thought i would need to.

If somebody contacts you or asks you for anything or you see me on any type of dating site it would not actually be me but they have antagonised me daily and this would not be out of the question for them.

I have been on social media since 2006 and I am not sure how long this person has been watching me or what the purpose of this relentless harassment is but I just wanted to let you know and I feel better having shared it.

I will continue to plow through some days being more challenging and traumatic than others, if you have any tips I 100% welcome them.

Much love,

Nadia Harper


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