Sunday, July 28, 2013

Are you focusing on the problem or the solution

So many times when a person has a problem, they tell everyone they meet about their problem.
And the thing about that, is that soon your problem seems much bigger and more overwhelming.
The Solution disappears into the distance.

And you spend your time and energy worrying about the Problem and the consequence of the problem.
Scaring yourself into procrastination and just waiting for the worst thing to happen.
Or you could begin to spend more time and energy focusing on the Solution ... couldn't you ?
How about Telling everyone you meet about the solution.
I used to have that problem until I found that the real solution was making sure I spent my time and energy focusing on taking action and moving toward solutions.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Can you Imagine | NLP is Fun

Hmmmm .. just Imagine if __________ can you ?
I wonder what that would be like ?

You can ... close your eyes, right now even, if you just wanted to see the pictures of that up close for a minute or two and then hear the sounds that you like resulting in changing your feelings for the better.

Of course, it is entirely up you and as you know best I will continue to trust your judgement.
But .... How would that be, having it ... I mean.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Time for something Different

Welcome to 2013 this may be our first time getting together this year, and a great time for us to concentrate on the really important parts of our lives.

The New Year is a metaphor about taking action isn't it, it can speak volumes about:
A fresh start
A clean slate
A process of renewal
An emergence
A rebirth
A Second chance to do things differently this time around.
The new year is indeed an affirmation, for you to take as you choose.

I wonder what will you accomplish this year, perhaps you will move closer to your hopes and dreams daring even more than ever before to put your own happiness at the forefront of all you do.

It may be that this year, you will learn much more about how you can use NLP in your own life. Changing our own internal representations and creating indestructible belief systems for the better. Putting patterns of behavior where you want them, while dumping out more of those useless habits that held you back in days gone by.

Even now we are a month into the new year and what positive changes have you already began to notice.
I believe just knowing about NLP no matter what experience level is one of the best things that can happen to a person.
Because we can always improve by learning more and practicing, can't we.
How many ways for example can you begin to use your own knowledge of NLP right now. Have you ever taken a moment out to just sat in a comfy chair and think about just how much you already know about the resources you already have within you ?

You as a curious NLP'er, have an indispensable selection of solutions that will enrich your life experience forevermore, as long as you continue to use them.
Becoming a whole person, whatever that means to you, is the first step in personal and professional development.
Finding out what really serves you in a meaningful way and daring to take baby steps at first to make giant progress is the mark of a real champion.

Perhaps not a champion in the sense that we are used to, but a champion to your own liking. Mastering yourself, a champion capable of going for and getting the Gold in your own life.
A solid part of you that you can count on through thick and thin, that shows up in any challenging circumstances.

The ability to master your own mind and be more flexible in any situation will twinkle and glisten long after all of our Holiday decorations have been put away and forgotten.

Daily mastery of your own mind will simply come easily to you, when you begin to practice a Self hypnosis plan.
Self Hypnosis used frequently will work on the utmost levels of unconscious thought processes
that may have been going against the grain.

Also, you may be surprised how writing a positive expectation journal and moving into it will give you a focus and direction in your life which shows up in your unconscious beliefs and actions.

You can also incorporate ever so easy exercises like:
All of these exercises are greatly improved when you play with your submodalities and if you are having any challenges in those areas remember to Overlap your rep systems to get you stared 

These little habits that you develop when you begin to challenge yourself and raise your own bar repeatedly, really are the difference that make all the difference in the long run.

How many ways for example, can you use NLP to improve your own life ?.
I hope you will consider the importance of your own happiness this year too, and getting yourself to a place where you can say;
Today was a good day, there was some challenges and yet overall today was a good day”.

A great quote I learned from Oprah was "Persistence over resistance".