Friday, October 30, 2009

Control your Internal Dialogue | NLP is Fun

How much time do you spend worrying about things over and over again.

Or saying things to yourself to steal your Joy or make yourself feel bad.

Do you focus on things about yourself that make you feel bad.

Hear somebody from your past Knocking you and saying unkind words about you.

Talk yourself out of doing a thing and Repeat it over and over again.

If you have this kind of negative internal dialogue on Autorepeat in your head, you will soon find yourself lacking Confidence as you talk yourself out of things.

Even though these are only thoughts, thoughts become Suggestions when repeated and suggestions that are believed become Action which becomes our behavior.

Do you know that these thoughts even change your Physiology, the way you experience the world and interpret your experience with other people.

Let's talk about a way you can change all of this easily and with Practice, using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Self suggestions are just as powerful as Hypnotic suggestions it is a process or hypnotizing ourselves to believe what we repeatedly say to ourself these become familiar thoughts and lead to predictable Actions.

It's kind of like having a nagging Person constantly telling you, you are not good enough and in the end it may not seem worth even trying new things to improve your life as Fear and doubt begin to take over your thoughts.

Just for today ... begin to notice the kind of thoughts you are having, and how many of these are negative suggestions ?

When you become aware of the patterns you run through your mind you can interrupt them and also change them with a bit of practice.

Do you really believe you can change these negative thought patterns ?

Changing habits begin with a strong desire to take action now when you have decided the habit is no longer useful or helpful to you.

If you are ready to begin now here is an exercise to practice.

Sit comfortably and Close your eyes, listen to the direction your internal voice is coming from and note the tonality of the voice you may even recognize it as a voice from your past instead of your own voice if you really focus.

Now Change the Tonality of your voice into something utterly ridiculous, like a pink cow chewing green grass and saying these things with a mouse in a circus costume on their back.

Have fun with it and notice if you make the voice slow or stutter or high pitched or raspy and sexy how this changes the impact of your internal dialogue.

The more ridiculous the voice and then had your funny images the more you disarm the Impact of the voice, and you begin to feel better already.

Now find a voice that suits where you want to go with it, and also try that voice on, picture your own most powerful voice even see yourself at a time you were most powerful ;)) and now strongly place that voice in the direction you originally hear the voice coming from.

Take a moment to think about some negative things in the past you were used to saying inside your head.

Replace each negative statement with a confident and powerful statement instead using your new unwavering Powerful voice AND EXPERIENCE your most powerful Image.

How do you like that, I bet it feels amazing.

Do this as often as you can, and if for example you slipped back into old habits of negative internal dialogue just interrupt yourself Immediately, easy peasy !

Richard Bandler co - Founder of NLP says say Shut up "Shut up Shut up Shut the ____ UP"!

You can say whatever you like and make sure to remember when you are interrupting a pattern to make it juicy, so it must make an immediate impact and be a complete contrast to the mood your were in before.

Invent a pattern interrupt statement now so you are prepared...

Continue to repeat your new positive statements in your powerful unwavering voice.

Notice how this begins to change how you feel about yourself look in the mirror and watch your physiology change and note all other subtle shifts.

Now let's see how far we have come ...

Notice how your Physiology looks when you say negative words to yourself too, and remember how you communicate with yourself is the way you will experience the world and people will experience you.

NLP is Fun so have fun with it !

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