Friday, March 19, 2010

NLP Practitioner Training | NLP is Fun

Have you always wanted to attend an NLP Practitioner Training.

In our NLP Practitioner Training you learn  all there is to know about The Foundation of Neuro Linguistic programming.

This is the Art of changing your internal Subjective Reality.

Once you have mastered this, then you can become equipped to handle all Life has to throw at you.
At Home, At work and at Play. Learning NLP is one of the best Technologies you will ever have possession of, in fact it is a combination of Conscious and unconscious Learning that Changes how you make decisions and seek fulfillment in the world.

Because of this, it continues to become more and more useful as time goes by. Years and Years from now you will have continued to learn and demonstrate the Power of knowing NLP at Practitioner level.

Here is what some have said about Learning NLP with us.
" It is an Everlasting tool to use for my self and In turn I can use it with other people".

Perhaps you have a special reason in mind for learning NLP just Like many students do what you will discover along the way is: A whole world of Possibility and new experience becomes possible for you too.

Here is what One practitioner said to me
"Thank you for everything, you are Like Oprah and Mary Poppins rolled into one"
If you would like to know how our NLP Practitioners course will change your life then click here for more information.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

NLP Beginners Study Group March 16 2010

Learn NLP in an Experiential Setting of Study and Application
This group has been set up to Assist those of you who are curious about NLP may know some about NLP and want a thorough Foundation to :

What NLP is
What NLP can be used for
How NLP will change my Life
What real Techniques I can learn from NLP
How I can use NLP on my own Problems
How Learning NLP affects your confidence and Improves your Life
How I can use NLP on other People at Work
How NLP Teaches us to Experience the world differently

As Usual we will combine the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis through Experiential Teaching to allow you to Immerse yourself in the full Impact of the Advantages of NLP.

This Group Gives all Student's a Self Paced experience Leaving no one behind in a Solid Foundation of NLP.

It is Designed to be a 4 part series with each week Beginning where we left off in the Last week.

What will I get when I attend.

Discussion of all Techniques Used
Live Examples of Applications being taught
Recorded Examples of all Techniques being Taught
Multiple Level unconscious Demonstration and application of All Techniques being taught
Handouts to take home practice and Study
Practice Time at the Study Group
Home work assignment to be completed before the next Group
Follow up and Aftercare of what you have learned
Question Time to resolve any Learning Anxiety you may have experienced in the past.
Assistance in Learning all new applications of NLP

See more here: 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to use a Bind in Hypnotic Language | NLP is Fun

For those of you who are curious about Hypnosis here is a small chunk on the use of Some Binds you can use during your inductions:

These Binds are made famous by Milton Erickson who was known for smooth executions such as these in his language patterns.

Some are Simple Binds and some are slightly more complex, here are the examples:

Simple Bind: 
Would you like to come now or regret coming later ?

Double Binds:
I wonder whether you will notice the change in yourself or others sooner or later.
Coué Binds:
Which means that if at sometime you try to think about hypnosis like you used to, you'll also discover, even if you try not to, that you will begin to sense a better option coming to you.
Time Double Binds:
I wonder if you will notice how you have improved on the day you come or a day later.
Double - Dissociation Binds:
You can discover a resource without knowing how you did or know how you did without knowing where it came from.
Reverse set Double Binds:
Now i know it has taken you some time to decide to continue learning hypnosis, and i respect that. And there are obviously things that you want to Improve on in your own time. So Let's agree that you will begin them when you are good and ready. ok
Non Sequitur Double Binds:
Intermediate Hypnosis is available to everyone and you will feel more confident.
Emotion Binds:
And know... as you become more confident and more positive, or just more happy about things generally ... you might like to ask yourself: how will the change happen? and then wait and see when they start, what you notice. 

Conscious /Unconscious Double Binds:
Even if you consciously consider changing without knowing how you will do it you can unconsciously know how you'll do it without thinking about how it is done.
You to can learn how to execute these Binds and more .. find out here:
Btw if you enjoyed reading our NLP Blog then why not look through  some of our other informative posts on NLP is Fun.
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Monday, March 8, 2010

What would you Do if you were not afraid ?

Hi Everyone it is great to be able to chat with you again, I have missed you. Life has a way of Shuffling priorities once in a while :)

Here is a very cute Interview I did of the Naught Boys of Hypnosis who are a banging Stage Hypnosis Comedy Act and Las Vegas Headliners.

The rest of the Interview will be posted on shortly for all to see. I will let you know when.

"And if you did know what would that be ?"
Is a Term you may hear in NLP and specifically in Coaching or Personal Development.
This is usually in answer to somebody you ask the following question to:
  • "What is your Ideal Life/Situation/Circumstance etc..." and then they might say:
  • "I don't know" and then you can say:
  • "And if you did know what would that be ? "

It is a great way of taking the weight off the question and so free's up the imagination to answer hypothetically without any real responsibility.

The great thing about this is that the Questions and answers open new ideas and cortical pathways as the answerer has to imagine ... the answer engaging in their own new neural pathways.
Also the unconscious mind goes to work now on the possibilities, when before the options may have seemed plugged/Blocked.

So here is a New one:

What would you do if you were not afraid ?
It sounds like a general question and certainly you could answer it in a general way

You Could say:
  • How do you know I am afraid, I am not afraid of anything and then flex your muscles to prove it!
  • I don't know and then we could say "what if you did know ?" ..
  • You could take a few moments out and think about things that you knew you were afraid of ...
  • You could read the rest of this post to find out more about what I mean, if you were not sure.
Believe it or not Fear is used repeatedly as a Motivator in our Western society.
It is often very easy to motivate people to take action by mentioning things they already are afraid of:
Many people are afraid of not having enough:

And these things show up as manic behaviour driving them to do a certain thing .. More ..

Work more
Relax more
Play More
Drink more
Smoke more
Study more
Love more ...
Have more sex

It may be to the point that they are missing the point and becoming destructive in their actions, without even realizing it !

For example:

Work more and miss out on fun times
Relax more and miss out on Work
Play more and miss out on responsibility
Drink more and miss out on being clear headed
Smoke more and miss out on exercise
Study more and miss out on living
Love more and miss out on letting others love you
Have more sex and miss out on a for filling relationship

Of course these are just examples.
Usually a behaviour is for filling a higher value.


Steven works more because he is afraid he will not make enough money for his family
David relaxes every chance he gets because he is afraid of being controlled by others
Mandy plays more than she should because she studied so hard at UNI and she is afraid she will miss out again


So if you were to take a few minutes and ask yourself What am I afraid of ?

Then make a list of behaviours that stem from this fear.
There may be other things that you are afraid of too, no time like the present to clean house.

One of the things I noticed when I was afraid of was hurting a certain persons feelings ... I went to extraordinary lengths because of it. .. It really got out of hand ;)
In the end, I found it was better for all involved just to tackle the issue and come clean about it.
What sense of freedom I felt when I did that !
You see sometimes we distort the Fear into something so big it takes on a life of it's own!

Take Time out now and Decide:

What would YOU DO If you were not afraid !

Have fun with it.