Monday, March 15, 2010

NLP Beginners Study Group March 16 2010

Learn NLP in an Experiential Setting of Study and Application
This group has been set up to Assist those of you who are curious about NLP may know some about NLP and want a thorough Foundation to :

What NLP is
What NLP can be used for
How NLP will change my Life
What real Techniques I can learn from NLP
How I can use NLP on my own Problems
How Learning NLP affects your confidence and Improves your Life
How I can use NLP on other People at Work
How NLP Teaches us to Experience the world differently

As Usual we will combine the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis through Experiential Teaching to allow you to Immerse yourself in the full Impact of the Advantages of NLP.

This Group Gives all Student's a Self Paced experience Leaving no one behind in a Solid Foundation of NLP.

It is Designed to be a 4 part series with each week Beginning where we left off in the Last week.

What will I get when I attend.

Discussion of all Techniques Used
Live Examples of Applications being taught
Recorded Examples of all Techniques being Taught
Multiple Level unconscious Demonstration and application of All Techniques being taught
Handouts to take home practice and Study
Practice Time at the Study Group
Home work assignment to be completed before the next Group
Follow up and Aftercare of what you have learned
Question Time to resolve any Learning Anxiety you may have experienced in the past.
Assistance in Learning all new applications of NLP

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