Friday, September 7, 2012

NLP | The Disney Strategy | NLP is Fun

The Disney Strategy was modeled by Robert Dilts and is based on Walt Disney who had an extraordinary strategy for his business process and in bringing his Imaginations Into Animation.

can read more about that here. Of course this is an incredible method to use for business planning and execution.

The Pattern:
Begin with creating Three states which are:
1) The Realist
2) The Critic
3) The Dreamer

Each of which will be represented with spatial anchors, these will be used to install each of these resourceful states in later use.
Mark the three spaces out on the floor and then go through each one as outlined below.

Step 1.
What is it I want to create – The Creative Visual Dreamer / Creative Genius 
Begin to Create the spatial anchor: relive a past memory of a time of heightened creativity from your past.
As you reach the peak of that experience you will Spatially anchor this state and "Step into" the Dreamer" Spot

Next, engage in this powerful feeling using all of your resources and while fully experiencing this Amplified feeling.
Begin by answering the question:
What is it I want to create” ?
Use your whole imagination and fully engage and brainstorm as many possibilities as you can think of without restraint for this idea.
Think of the overall big picture while fully engaging in all sensory representations.

Now Construct your new Imaginations as it relates to the question "What is it I want to create" ?
Engage in all the Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic aspects from a 1st Perceptual Position (which is fully associated through your own eyes) - This will be your own intimate perspective as a full on sensory experience.
And a 2nd perceptual position –  Which is an observers additional perspectives which may add more ideas.

State as you step out.

Step 2.
How will I bring these imaginations to Life – The Realist / Organizer
Now remember a time when you excelled in a position of a planner, you were extremely organized more so than ever before the ultimate planner, when at your peak of the experience begin to Step into The Realist Position.

As you fully engage into your Action state with all of your needed resources organize your imaginations into concrete plans, sort through what is actually possible with the resources you have available. Create a time line and a sequential action plan fully engage in the feeling part of this process to bring it to life.

Then Construct your current Visualization by engaging VAK from 1st position to 2nd perceptual Position – An outsiders perspective which allows you to gain a second look at the Idea from a completely new unbiased perspective.

State as you step out of Realist position.

Step 3.
Look for any holes in your Plan – The Internal Auditor / The Project Manager 
Step Into a time when your were able to constructively analyze a situation and move the process into fruition. Create your spatial anchor by fully activating the state of being the inspector and finding flaws in a process ahead of time. Employ a solution based approach. When you are at your peak of the experience begin to Step into The Critic Position.

Now it is time to begin to walk through each aspect of your plan and inspect and test for any future inconvenience or inconsistencies. This is the perfect opportunity to ask yourself do I have a plan b or how will I overcome any hurdles along the way.
This helps to understand your true commitment level to the process right upfront.

Test your plans until you achieve your outcome with an internal Digital Auditory Inspection. Here you will become the project manager fine tuning the overall project and every detail for improvements every single step of the way

The Visualization experience can be further enhanced to a bigger picture / larger experience by engaging VAK from a 3rd perceptual Position with an overview of each of the 1st and 2nd perceptual positions.

State as you step out.

Use The “Act As if” frame to help you with your Mental Drills and or using a Role model to help you achieve fully associated states d you cannot connect to a previous experience.

VAK = Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic sensory experience or Gestalt of emotion

Use the Tote Model as you:
  • Test
  • Operate
  • Test
  • Operate
You can use this for any decision making process or strategy.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NLP - Semantically Charged Words | NLP is Fun

Let us have some wickedly simple fun while remembering something we can make use of every day.

This pattern I am sure you are already using, so now I will bring it to the forefront of your mind and then you can use it even more deliciously.

We can add emphasis to our statements by using this pattern for an extra zest. The Emphasis word is meant as an extended descriptive or amplification of meaning.

These additions are well partnered with the appropriate energy and Tonality for a thoroughly congruent transmission.

This is great for Hypnosis of any kind and helps to express a suggested emotion to set the tone in the statement.

I'll bet you are looking forward to getting home once and for all and truly enjoying a peaceful night of well deserved restful sleep in your own bed for a change.

I am so Psyched about Tuesday aren't you I can hardly wait

The kids will be thrilled to see their new Bikes when they get back

The dinner last night was Amazing in every sense of the word

You are going to be so stoked to see what I have for you this time

You can Totally notice her transformation

He sounded Completely different

They are entirely exclusive to this area

She is such a sweetheart

Seriously take a bite you will love it

I have underlined the Charged additions, now your turn I am certain you will have fun making some of your own

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Boom. Let's Go !
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