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Jack of all trades or Master of None | NLP is Fun

Lets Talk about Goal setting 

One of the many great things about NLP is that Neuro Linguistic programming goes to great lengths to help a person become accurate in their Goal setting.
For example like when we create Well formed outcomes  which I wrote about in detail some time ago.
What I have found with most people is the habit of being too abstract in what they want. 
One of the reasons I think this happens, is because they have not yet connected their conscious and unconscious mind as one.

Be Congruent in your Goal setting.

They do not yet have an internal alignment or in other words an unconscious congruent belief, that their goal is attainable.
In the meantime they find themselves focusing on what they do not want, and the impact of not having what they want.

For that reason I wrote 10 Steps to congruent Goal achieving which is an abstract way of getting into the state of Daydreaming and then noticing and connecting to smaller chunks.
The majority of this process is Self Hypnosis which is a stress free, relaxed unconscious way.
This has been really helpful to do before attempting to drill down to NLP Well Formed outcomes.

Be Precise in your Outcomes:

I have found that Precise Goal setting is great to do in that order.
The Key to become more resilient in maintaining the action needed to succeed in any Goal is:
a) knowing exactly why you have this Goal, why it is important  
b) what is the driving force of ongoing internal motivation of your actions.

This will make all of the difference, on your journey of implementation.
So connect to the very reason that your Goal is so important to you, there is a great chance that your Goal is connected at some level to one or more of your Values even at an identity level.

Refine what you Mean:

For example in the work that I do, Treating the Whole professional from the ground level up.
It didn't just come to me in a hap hazard way, I went though a process of finding out what exactly and specifically what it was that I wanted to focus on and Specialize in.
Here is how I discovered this, I began by:

1) Understand my own experience. 
2) A insatiable desire to improve myself, 
3) After making progress I wanted to share my discoveries and help others in a generalized way
4) Then I wanted to Improve how I communicated with people to perfect the process of helping them
5) Then I wanted to learn how to Influence other people to be motivated enough to create the change
6) Then I wanted to experiment with new things I had discovered by doing my work
7) Then I wanted to turn my work into particular systems I could share with other people
8) Then I wanted to make my systems holistic, simple, plus efficient
9) Then I realized the people I mostly liked helping were professional people who were interested in helping other people.
10) Then I wanted to just Focus on helping the professional service people who shared  similar values to me.
So as you can tell, it is a constant refining process isn't it, to decide what is Important and why and then to continue shaving bits off.

Specialize in what you love doing

When you first learn NLP, there is so much you can do you may be tempted to try to Fix everything and everyone.
Instead Decide who you enjoy working with the most and consider specializing with that particular group of people. Get specific about who they are and why you enjoy working with them.

My Story 

When I very first started doing NLP my ideas were quite different, than they are today. They have evolved into using NLP at a more unconscious level because NLP really is a Spirit or an attitude of cooperation. 

I design new processes and create strategies that speak to the specific work I do. With NLP there is so much I can do, and to this day I am beyond grateful for the technology I have under my belt .

By doing this instead of being a "jack of all trades", I can become the Master of the skills that I like to use in my work.
Because as I continue to learn and study daily. I improve in my specific area, which actually is an ongoing thing.

I find that this creates Better Sales people, Better Leaders, Better Business People, Better Executives, Better Influencers, Better Coaches, Better Presenters etc.
These are the people I find myself working with the most and since I always work with them, I perfectly understand their experience.

This helps me to stay energized and focused to do what I love, and plugged in to my most creative natural abilities and talents.

Because of this, I have been able to develop People who are more comfortable in their own skin, more confident, with better self esteem, Self worth, more adaptable and excellent communicators.
Who are Self motivated, High achievers that expect the best for themselves and challenge themselves for excellence every single day.

Specifically because they are able to achieve more consistent resourceful States for a longer duration of time.

Goal setting Summary:

To recap here is what I suggested.
1) 10 steps to congruent Goal Achieving
2) Well Formed Outcomes
3) Find your Compelling motivation (based on your Values)
4) Fine tune the Real Outcome
5) Shave the bits off that don't apply to you 
6) Focus on being a Master instead of a Jack of all trades
7) Continue to learn every single day 
8) Teach and develop other people with your knowledge
9) Create a more efficient process
10) Continue to refine and improve

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