Monday, June 4, 2012

10 Step to congruent Goal Achieving

We have talked about Well formed Outcomes before where I explain the NLP process of executing a Goal.
In this post I am talking about the mind set needed to create the perfect energetic space for congruent Goal setting.

To achieve a goal can be easier said than done, in life there are tons of variables aimed at grabbing our attention. If we are not careful we can easily get distracted without even knowing it, sometimes an unconscious desire is driving this kind of behaviour.

It is very important to create a state of congruence before hand and get clear, you can take a moment out to truly jump start your goal achieving with these 10 simple steps.

#1 Flush out the Clutter
For many people clarity and complete freedom from emotional clutter is a new idea.
You can try it on for yourself to notice the stillness that exists within that kind of harmony.

#2 Get clear and in alignment
Take a moment to relax in a comfortable chair,
Focus on any one thing internal or external
Release all judgment and thought as you just begin to stretch your body and your mind in relaxation and notice.. Your own breath

Slow all breathing down; even notice your chest rise …. And fall down gently.
As a light green blanket of peace flutters gently over you and your life .. softly brushing your cheek first then enveloping each part of your skin in one soothing motion.

Peace abounds, as you become one … with yourself, with your mind, body and soul.
As the Universe and you merge into one abstract source of energy.
Now close your eyes… if you haven’t already.

#3 Visualize the Big Picture
Now.. It is time to understand an overview of what the big picture is for you
Allow any pictures, feelings, sounds and vibrations to come into your presence and begin to notice them.
You can often tell by your own physiology and any signs of stress, faster breathing for example if this is a great fit for you, at even an unconscious level.

#4 Release all negative belief and feeling
Exhale all discord and begin to release any limiting belief, staying in positive expectation.
Gain an understanding of how to create this feeling as a physical external projection.
Focus your energy where you need it the most on creating and sustaining Empowering Belief.

 #5 Begin to form a Plan of Action
What are the next steps?
Take time to fill in the gaps of missing details even if they are abstract or hazy to begin with if they carry weight and you are drawn to them, allow yourself to explore them further.
Now begin to get even clearer.

#6 Set an Intention
Before one creates a lasting change one must have an intention, a reason for desiring the positive change in the first place.
Intention is always best understood when one is in a mood of wellness harmony and peace, take a moment to meditate on your highest intention

Ask yourself what is my intention for this action, what do I want to get out of this and what need or desire does it truly serve and secondly: why is this important to me.
Take the time out to understand the answers fully.

#7 It needs to be compelling enough to create movement
It must be compelling, enough so that on even days when you don’t feel like it, at an unconscious level there is motivational snap back to get you back in the saddle.

#8 Figure out the next steps
Once you have decided on your intention, find out what are the next steps.
Notice your energy, Physiology, and your mind state and maintain vital well being.

#9 Become Focused and Resilient
There is stuff in life that just happen, to everyone, some more than less. Decide to stay on target and watch out for massive energy drainers.

Commit to become resilient and super focused, ask yourself:
“Is this helping me to reach my goal”.
If the answer is no, Revise your Action sooner rather than later.

#10 Don’t stop till you get enough
Keep going; take it from the top until you reach your goal.
Remember when you are ready to make your Goals Well Formed Outcomes these steps will guide you through.

Do you have any tips to share about Goal setting, what Goal setting habits have worked for you  ?
How serious are you about achieving your Goal, are you working towards it each and every day, what are you doing regularly to improve ?

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