Monday, November 29, 2010

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One of the most important Processes we can Do is really Get Clear with our Wants and Desires.
Before doing this exercise you can make sure you are congruent and really clear with This exercise 

When Goal setting in NLP we Chunk Down to the most Minute Detail, until we can actually have some real markers to Calibrate our Progress along the way, and have gone through Mental Drills of what Having it, would really be like.

I invite you to take some time and work on this exercise by yourself, Get Really Clear about what you want.
Your Well formed Outcomes Need to be:

1. Stated in the Positive.
i.e: I will achieve Excellence as a Professional Ballroom Dancer.

2. State what YOU can do and maintain (Independently).
i.e: When I complete the state Levels and win, I will then go on to practicing 4 hours a day and hiring a dance Coach to become more competitive.

3. Context, Where, Whom, and When. 
i.e: I am going to Win the Championships in Ballroom Dancing next March in Las Vegas at the Venetian, Rob and the rest of the crew will be there.

4. State Specifically in Sensory Based Language.
i.e: I will see myself wearing a beautiful Pink Dress while being handed the Trophy for the Gold, I can hear the crowd cheering and calling out my name, I feel elated on Cloud nine.

5. Sequential Bite Sized Chunking.
i.e: starting today I will practice 2 hours a Day, when I win the state Level, I will then step my game up and go to 4 hours a Day Practice, 2 between 8-10 am and 2 at 6-8pm, I am going to hire Carlos who I have already spoken to and from there I will .....

6. Be Specific and Include necessary resources.
i.e: According to my Funds I have enough money to cover me till the state Championships, at which time I am expecting to gain attention from a Sponsor, I have already spoken to ...

7. Specify Sensory specific Evidence of Achieving outcome.
i.e: When I can feel the Cold Gold Trophy in my hands and my heart is beating fast and I can hear myself say I just want to thank My Mum, then I will have achieved my Outcome.

8. Associate to Motivation for Outcome, and make it compelling.
i.e.: I am looking forward to the $500 k prize and all the sponsorships I will be offered .. I will be Rich !

9. Ecology Check - Does this fit your overall Functioning.
i.e: I am Ecologically Sound, I do not have a Baby or a Husband and I have always wanted the adventure so I can still respect my ecology.

You can do this List for every Goal you have, It really challenges what you say you want and you get the chance to experience and practice it which is great Mental Mastery.

How serious are you about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, what are you doing regularly to improve ?

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Thanks for reading, Speak soon.

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