Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NLP and Law Of Attraction Join Forces for Harmonious Effect

I would like to share my thoughts with you about Manifesting, and Attraction,Qualified enjoyable Clients, Friends, Money, Health, Business, Creativity and so on..

I know many of you have difficulty staying in a High Energetic Vibration, in order to Manifest Exactly what you Deserve for your Life and your Business.

It Really takes a Systemic Approach and initially quite a Bit of Discipline. It may help you to Remember though we ARE all conected and we ARE all one Energy Field.

When you consider this it makes perfect sense.
We are the Image and the Likeness of God. Which means Seperately and Collectively we/You have absolute unlimited potential.

We have heard this so much it somehow takes the juice out of it, because we havent yet been told exactly how to get past ourselves on the way to doing this.

Ok then Why isn't it working so Far ?
Well this is a Question I hear all over the place, and believe me when the movie "The Secret" came out, I bought it for everyone I knew that was working on their Personal Development, Are they all Wealthy and Healthy Now ?

Not so Much ..
Why do you think this is, well first of all nobody can MAKE anyone do anything, and if you have tried you can also feel the ripple of that same kind of energy come back in your life.

I am a Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) so because of this my mind is conditioned to think in Patterns, Codes and Strategies.

So what I learned about the Law of Attraction was learned through my own experience which I Reverse Engineered and then began to teach to other people who were focused on "THE Economy" which is not a real thing, it is not Tangible, it also is an installation in a persons Mind.
Just Like Manifestation, and with both thoughts Feelings are created, and the effects of each thought leads to an entirely different thinking process and ultimately Reality, which then creates your Lifestyle.

I could speak about this for hours because I live it, and use it in my own life All Day, Every day, it has become part of an unconscious thinking proces and indeed an "Alternate Reality". I am not saying it was Easy, it was not ! Because it challenges all previous mental teaching from birth.

There is so much more to say ..
If you would like to know from start to finish how it is done, please join me this weekend where I will be showing a select few Business People how to get into the flow of this lifestyle.

NLP I spoke about before helps to Challenge your Thinking processes and as well as that there are other several other componants.

Why Then is it that All NLP'ers are not Attracting like Mad,Again it is a discipline that Challenges your Beliefs Values and at some level your Identity so there are many reasons why not.

Here is the Link with the full Details. I look forward to meeting you in person.

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