Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The NLP Interviews - Michael Perez

There is an Air of Gratitude as people are focusing on Family and Thanksgiving for the holiday coming up this week.
Seems like a great time to reflect on some Oldies and Goodies.

This week I am featuring more Interviews from The NLP Interviews we have some of the most incredible NLP interviews on this site and have alist of others we are going to add in 2011.

Today I am featuring Michael Perez who many of you know as the Incredible Community Mentor for NLP Connections sometime ago.

Michael is a wealth of information on subjects like Neuro Science, Hypnosis and NLP, I am fortunate to share that I was mentored by Michael for more than a Year and his Input and creative style of Communicating made a Huge difference to how I experience the world and help others.

He is a mesmerizing person to talk to for hours if you have a curious mind such as mine, I have fond memories of walking in Islington (London UK) with Michael and listening to his Philosphies and Teaching.

I invite you to Watch, Learn and then later Connect with the Incredible Michael Perez if you Ever have a chance to either be Coached by, Mentored By or Taught by Michael Perez I Highly, Highly, Highly recommend it.

The NLP Interviews Michael Perez

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