Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NLP Language pattern Cleft Sentence | NLP is Fun

Let us Take a quick peek at some NLP - Hypnotic Language Did you know:
The more language patterns you do Consistently the better you will feel about Hypnotic language.

It is probably because of your persistence in practicing language patterns Daily That you find Interesting  ways to slip them elegantly into conversation.

Language Patterns can be Chunked down to Tiny chunks and practiced until you get a thorough understanding of how many ways you can use them.

Today we are Learning Cleft Sentence:
Here is another Example:

It was great Discipline on your part to continue studying NLP even when u got busy and I am sure that is why you are excelling right now.

It was the idea you had of making it fun in the first place that allows your Learning to happen so quickly

It is splendid the way you set aside a few moments each day to study NLP that is why you are doing so much better than those who are not.

It is useful to repeat examples 3 or 4 times and that is why the structure of this pattern becomes so obvious.

The Structure is becoming Obvious isn't it... It is a simple 3 step process:

1) "It" Begins the Frame
It is a presupposition which allows a person to accept more without second guessing or questioning what the speaker is suggesting.

2) That comes next and is followed by a solution.
It is because I put it first
that I then convinced you about that
3)= being the answer to your being  fabulous

Can you Notice how simply one can play with words and influence at the same time?
How many cleft sentences can you make immediately ?

Richard Bandler suggests doing around about 100 for each language pattern.
It is because you take the time to practice so much that you unconsciously run them off so perfectly ..

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The NLP Interviews - Romilla Ready

Today I am featuring Best selling co Author of "NLP for Dummies" and "The NLP Workbook" Romilla Ready.

Romilla is an Internationally known Relationship Expert and has a great way of explaining NLP in a Fun, Interesting and relevant way.
Romilla Ready Bio

Her Books are used by some NLP Training schools as part of their pre course reading work, and takes a simplified approach to breaking down  a pretty thorough outline of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming for Intelligent people ;)

To watch a variety of Internationally known Top Trainers check out  The NLP Interviews  and for Romilla Ready's Full Video Interview please click Here

If you are interested in Contacting  Romilla and having some NLP fun with her please access her site here
Ready Solutions  have some fun with Romilla you will be happy you did.

*I am in no way affiliated with Romilla Ready or Ready Solutions LTD all of my comments are experience based and my own personal opinion.

Find out about You NLP and me  NLP is Fun in Las Vegas  as usual have fun with it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

What would you do If you were not Afraid | NLP is Fun

What would you Do if you were not afraid ?
What a question, I love this question on so many different levels.

Today I will pose this question to you Dear Reader, In order to address a Fear of Failure one may have or a touch of "Free flowing Anxiety" instead consider and Wonder what you might do without the Fear.

If you are an NLP'er this question is not a new one for you, and WHAT IF ... you just took a moment out of your day, just for and pondered the answer to this question.

If you knew for sure everything would turn out beautifully what exactly would you do ?
Just some food for thought. Have fun with it !

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pivot Grammar | Hypnotic Language | NLP is Fun

One of the best things about NLP is our ability to influence other people through the use of Language.
I really love this simple way of phrasing embedded suggestions while creating Trance states.
Here is a Small and Powerful nugget.

Pivot Grammar (Created by Richard Bandler) is so powerful and easy to create and play with.
Here is an example:

You can ... Can you think of a time you will next use this ..
So You will ... Will You ...do it sooner or later ..
And things ..Things ..and stories that ..
Do you ... You Do .. usually ..
Your lovely .. Lovely ... your face is quite .. 

And so on ..
So getting the hang of it is super easy I am sure You are ..  Are you  going to apply it today do you think ?

Btw, It produces mass confusion when stacked and is great for on the spot scripting for pattern interrupt and Altered States that are needed for movement.
I am sure you have heard this before before this day is over you will become an expert in this pattern.

Learning language patterns can be simple and people are often already using lots of them. Perhaps even You do .. do you want to practice now, then.

Remember When learning new things it is good to get Small Chunks at a time, Bite size pieces. If you like this NLP Blog then be sure to share it with more people who will benefit too.
There are over 200 more Empowering articles to enjoy and remember NLP is Fun so enjoy the whole experience.
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