Sunday, June 12, 2011

Circle of Excellence

In order to Be Excellent one must access a resourceful Excellent state Internally.

Here is a great Exercise to practice being at your most Excellent:

Circle of Excellence:
 Think of the Highly Profound Resourceful state you would like to achieve

Remember When:
When in the Past have you ever achieved this state at it's Pinnacle before .. Begin now to go there in your mind

Choose a Powerful Symbol: 
Imagine there is a small circle (or even another shape, colour or anything you prefer) on the floor that you can step into and it quickly powers up this response ... Your chosen Symbol powers up this response just by picturing it.

Activate Fully Associate:
Activate your Symbol..Visualise..Hear the sounds ... Feel the Feelings ...Now notice all of the pieces of the process.. Remember...what is first..Remember ..what is next..and what else..Fully Experience your memory of being in this Peak state making note of everything you learn and remember.

Turn it Up:
Now Crank it up by pulling the Lever past the highest range and feel the vibrations in your body of Amplifying more and more and more .... Higher .. Higher Resourceful Higher Targeted Peak State !

Now Blow the lid off it so that you learn all you need to learn in this experience and have fully changed your mentality and Physiology.

Break state ..

Activate and Engage again ..

Program the Flip Switch:
Keep going until you feel confident you will have created this automatic flip switch for your internal powerful resource in nought to 3 seconds you can engage your circle of Excellence however and whenever you like.

When you know for sure you have got it, keep it as an accessible tool and reach for it as needed.
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