Monday, July 12, 2010

The NLP Interviews - Kevin Hogan

Lately I had the pleasure to Interview Persuasion Master and Best Selling Author and Speaker Kevin Hogan.

Kevin Hogan is Author of over 19 books ranging on subjects of Influence, Persuasion, Hypnosis, Personal Development, Business and more.

He is also an Outstanding Speaker and Hypnotherapist, World recognized Consultant to the White house, BBC, ABC and more.

Kevin exudes a passion for making the most of your time while here on earth and I left the interview with even more admiration for this Gentleman.

As you watch the Interview Kevin Reveals his Thoughts on a number of different Exclusive issues, ranging from his time as a poverty stricken youngster in uncertain times, to his Secret to staying on Top in the Business World in the present economy.

To Gain Access to the Full Interview, click the Link below:

Kevin Hogan The NLP Interviews

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Become the Observer - NLP

Can you Observe yourself having a Thought without Judging the Thought ?

You can observe ... "I am feeling _______" and then just notice .
You may then like to ask yourself "How was this Feeling created" ?

Putting yourself into a Cause position instead of Effect means you can be accountable for Creating this Feeling.
So you may like to ask "How did I create this feeling" ?
When you begin to question your thoughts instead of randomly accepting them it provides a checkpoint to explore the meaning of your Feelings.

Perhaps you will notice a pattern forming.
You may like to begin to Journal and observe your thoughts more often.

For sure you will notice some themes and trends in your thinking in due time.
Make it fun all Exploration of Thought is progress as long as you continue to explore.

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