Monday, June 22, 2020

NLP Milton Model | Indirect Patterns of Elicitation | NLP is Fun

Do you like Ericksonian Hypnosis, if you love Neuro Linguistic Programming you would love these Indirect Elicitation patterns which come from the Milton Model. which of course is the Language Modeled by Richard Bandler and John Grinder on Milton Erickson

Here are Milton Ericksons Indirect elicitation patterns 
Using them will get a response that is extremely specific even though it is requested in an indirect way.

Embedded Commands
Softeners on either side and the Command Embedded in to the middle. I have written about this extensively here 
"Perhaps you already know that you will decide to go, in the end"

Analogue Marking 
Set the Command apart by using some type of Marker you are "Marking" out an action that needs to be taken either by changing your voice tonality in some way or using a tool to touch as you speak of this action each time.
"You may realize that Everyone loves being Hypnotized in one way or another" 

Embedded Questions 
And Embedded Question is a Question that is hidden within a larger statement.  
"I am wondering if you would like to be hypnotized again when we next do it" 

Negative Commands
Put the Negative first and act as if you do not want what you want.
"I don't know if you like this style of language pattern or not" 

Conversational Postulates 
If I say this, you could say yes or no but what I really like about it, is that you take instant action instead.
"Could you shut the door" 

"So as you go inside, wherever you go when you get in there I often wonder where you go inside, you know how far can you go, and what I want you to do is remember ."

Richard Bandler

Remember these incredible hypnotic patterns begin the process of change and transformation as the person has to go inside to discover all of their answers.These are suggestions within suggestions that work wonderfully, can you imagine how well they will work for you to now ? 

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Milton Model Presupposition | " You might become Aware" | NLP is Fun

You might become Aware is a Milton Model Presupposition simply becoming aware is noticing what is already there isn't it.

All you have to do is Notice and when you do you will be plugged in to noticing it and that is a great feeling isn't it.
Who wouldn't choose this.
This brings all of your attention exactly where it is practical and focused on your outcome, the outcome you would really like don't you.
That Trancy feeling of going inside yourself to that harmonious place of possibility and focusing on what you like even more.

Have you noticed what happens first as you become more aware of where your attention is going ?
Perhaps you would like to spend even more time focusing on the things that you like and feel great to you .. it is just a thought.

The Pattern is:

"You might become Aware of _________ when you _________ "

You might become aware of your knowledge expanding easier than before as you read NLP is Fun can you notice the fun feeling of learning more Neuro Linguistic programming now ?

Would you like to have fun with this pattern you might notice this is easier than you think when you use it.

"Now what I would like to do is something simple, and what I would like you to do is to start now, because you see, one of the things about hypnosis is its purely a subjective experience and if you are going to have a subjective experience, you really should do it yourself."

Richard Bandler 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Conversational Hypnosis | Stacking Realities | NLP is Fun

In Neuro Linguistic programming our focus is on creating Transformations always and in all ways NLP Language patterns are a great way to use conversational change that will work in every area of Hypnotic language to create a massive change.
"Stacking Realities" is a process that embeds one story inside another. it can be a little bit confusing as well as relaxing to experience.
Follow along with this simple and yet highly Influential Language pattern.

How to Stack Realities - Conversational Hypnosis 

1. Decide on the intended outcome first think of it as a Theme that unconsciously threads your stories together and make sure it meets all well formed conditions.

2. Put together quite a few bite sized story pieces and make sure they all can lead one into another perhaps using the Milton model "Quotes" pattern although you decide what will work best for you.
I had a client once  a little bit like you as it happens ..... who wanted to .... which had been causing her an enormous amount of worry ... until one day when she met a nice young man at the Bike shop and he said "well you could worry all day and night but will that change it" My father always would say "If you don't like it. fix it" and she realized after a spell all her attention had been going on what she didn't want, and said wow I really  value the process of living in the moment and just being present ....

3. When using quotes take the opportunity to embed a process into the quote
 " Milton Erickson would always utilize what was happening at the time to his own advantage" I heard Richard Bandler say "Think of a Challenge as an opportunity"

4. Test this simple and effective strategy out with a partner and get creative with it.

"Before you learn to give people the right suggestions you must know how to ask the right questions, and the right questions are those that tell you how the problem functions, rather than why the person or his or her therapist believes it occurred"

Richard Bandler 

Let me know how you do with it and realize you could learn something new on this Blog every single day for a year with close to 300 Blog posts on NLP is Fun NLP Blog so see you on the next one.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

NLP Pattern Visual Squash | NLP is Fun

Neuro linguistic programmers use a pattern called Visual squash which is an NLP Pattern that is easy and fast to over come inner conflict, indecision and unconscious turmoil.
This Exercise is used in Neuro linguistic programming to experience real wholeness for the purpose of well being.

Remember if the unconscious and conscious mind are in conflict the desired state will not happen and the new behavior will not shift into high gear. this feels bad too and can cause other behavioral problems.

Here are a couple of examples of when to use Visual Squash:
You want to loose weight but eat cake all the time and have no willpower
You want to drop your mean friend but find yourself spending more time together
You say you care about doing something different but always do the same thing

Inner conflict feels bad and in the end the person will feel bad about themselves and their behavior.

How to do Visual Squash and resolve internal conflict

1) Identify the area of conflict and make a mental image of each, fully associating in Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Olfactory Gustatory use your hands and put one part in each hand.

2) Learn and Understand the possible highest intention of each part and name them for yourself visualizing each one and feel the weight of each one, is one heavier than another ?

3) Share the positive resources between each of the parts and develop an Image of the integrated shared resources now Visualize it and pay attention to this being a positive feeling.

4) Turn the parts to face each other while focusing on the Third image of the highest intention and positive feeling  and squash all parts into this it is fun to make a sound (like squishing or slapping) when your hands merge together and experience the changes from Problem state into Desired State.

5) Experience the powerful positive energy of the new integration, by bringing your hands to your heart and experiencing your whole wholeness for as long as you like.

6) Pick any situation in the future to future pace your experience of wholeness in a place that in the past may have been in congruent.

A mother brought her son to Mahatma Ghandi. she begged " Please Mahatma tell my son to stop eating sugar"Ghandi paused and then said "Bring your son back in two weeks" Puzzled the woman thanked him and said she would do as he asked.Two weeks later, she returned with her son . Ghandi looked the youngster in the eye and said, "Stop eating sugar" Grateful but bewildered, the woman asked "Why did you have me come back in two weeks to just tell him that, I am sure you could have told him that the first day ?"
Ghandi said "Two weeks ago I was also eating sugar" 

This excerpt was Taken from Maps, Models and the structure of Reality by Kim Kostere and Linda Malatesta
Reference Millman, 1980, 1984 P. 135

Thank you for stopping by and If you enjoy reading this article then please share and I look forward to learning how this powerful NLP pattern resolved internal conflict for you.
NLP is Fun has many articles about Neuro linguistic programming, Language patterns and Hypnosis for you to read, in fact you could probably apply one pattern a day for a whole year. see you on the next one.

Monday, June 15, 2020

7 Habits of a highly Effective NLP Coach | NLP is Fun

If you know about Neuro Linguistic Programming you will know That NLP can be used extremely well for Coaching and Learning, as well as learning how to Model a new behavior.
In many ways NLP Coaching is a highly effective alternative to traditional therapies.
Because of the components emphatically used.

Neuro = Using sensory awareness predicates = to identify and transform experience
Linquistic = Using Language to Identify an Transform patterns
Programming = Rewiring patterns that do not currently work and installing patterns that work highly effectively.

Perhaps you would like to become an NLP Coach or receive NLP Coaching or Training, here are some of the points to consider when choosing a Neuro linguistic programming Coach.

Here are 7 Habits of a highly Effective NLP Coach 

1. We are Proactive and creative with the focus on outcomes more than being formal in our approach.

2. Our Sensory awareness is highly developed and we respond to our client in the present rather that creating a strategy of what could or should be done.

3. We demonstrate creative flexibility, adapting and using different approaches that work and teach our clients to use the same approach in their own behavior.

4. We share an unspoken belief that the structure of a clients problem is more important for creating a change than the content of the clients problem.

5. We see every problem as a challenge and an opportunity to learn something

6. We regard the clients circumstance as an attempt to deal with a problem, rather that seeing them as "broken" or "Stuck"

7. We have certain unconscious, intuitive skills and behavior patterns in common.

"Build powerful hope for People, build it not so much from understandings. Build hope from an experience. Create this experience, reality is built from ideas. Create this experience repeatedly. Most of the time, most people have that backwards."

Richard Bandler   

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Powerful Affirmation Techniques | NLP is Fun

Many people wonder do Affirmations really work, for that reason I have decided to speak on this NLP Blog post about how to get the most out of your own affirmations.

You make also be wondering can you use NLP to create better Affirmations and if you are curious about how Neuro linguistic programming will improve your affirmations you will love this post.
I will explain an affirmation technique you can use right now that impacts the unconscious mind very quickly.

How to create a Powerful affirmation that works instantly
You must decide on your Outcome first to create the most powerful affirmation ever


Get clear on what is the specific desire and turn it into an actual sentence like this
I want to get better at football


Create the real Affirmation and turn it into an I am Statement like this
I am great at football

Now Amplify and turn up the volume and intensity of your affirmation which makes you fully connected to it and in NLP we call this Fully Associated.
Real eyes if you cannot feel the reality of this statement you are dissociated from the outcome which means you probably are in conflict with the belief or expectation of this actually happening.
If this is the case it is very likely it will not happen.
Your unconscious mind must accept this before it happens.

Now explain how you have evidence of this Visual Auditary Kinesthetic say it like this
I know this because V.A.K (evidence):

I can see myself Playing better than I ever have now
I can hear people telling me I am great at football
I feel great about my football skills now

Now Amplify this into another Positive and stronger statement add another plus to it
And I am always getting better

Repeat the completed Affirmation 10 times each one

And Now

Now Visualize yourself doing the actual outcome and repeat 10 times

Notice the shift 
The more you commit to this process the faster you will receive your reward,
Most of all have fun with it!

You may be interested in repeating this exercise as many times as you can for lots of reasons. You are in charge of running your own brain as soon as you like,


Saturday, June 13, 2020

NLP Modeling Exercise | NLP is Fun

Here is a fun way to use NLP to become better at building a skill. In Neuro linguistic programming we call this "Modeling" because we are learning from a role model.

Have a go at making NLP easy and fun, and you can do this is by keeping it simple in the following way.
Credit for this NLP Modeling exercise goes to Richard Bandler co Creator of Neuro lingistic programming 'NLP" .

One of my favourite  things to do is to cook Jamaican food and I modeled my Auntie who used to cook delicious Jamaican food for us that felt great in our hearts and Tummies.
Here is a dish that I cooked recently, and I have become so good at cooking Jamaican food that I also am called to cook many times for my friends and family.

Although I have no plans to own a restaurant, I have successfully catered many private events. Part of the reason is I actually love cooking the food of my heritage.

It is a wonderful anchor that reminds me of great days long gone. As I cook I get to recreate memories for my friends and family and the joy they experience delights me.

Are you ready to become a Modeler ?

Step 1:
Decide what the skill is that you would like to learn or decide on a person you admire and would love to behave like.
Find all media to review and make yourself comfortable and relaxed while reviewing all, and remember the more relaxed you are the more your unconscious mind will easily adopt the behavior.
Notice all Visuals - Auditary - Kinesthetic - Olfactory - Gustatory components. 
Observe - Relax - Familiarize the What

Step 2:
When you feel as if you are fully present in the components of this persons actions.
Close your eyes and relax Visualize them doing it with all amplified sensory awareness of their behavior and what they do and how they do it.
Notice all Visuals - Auditary - Kinesthetic - Olfactory - Gustatory components.
Relax - Visualize - Amplify - Notice the How

Step 3:
After you feel as if you have "Got it" then "step in to them and Act as if" you can see through their eyes fully associated to all of their mastery
Step into - Act as if - Experience
Notice all Visuals - Auditary - Kinesthetic - Olfactory - Gustatory components.
Explore in 3D repeat several times noting your discoveries as a strategy for yourself.
Step in to - Explore - Notice

Step 4:
Run again from your own associated position and repeat several times until you can do it without trying too hard.
Notice all Visuals - Auditary - Kinesthetic - Olfactory - Gustatory components.
Repeat - Improve - Adjust

Step 5:
Step out of your persons body completely and retain the applied process integrated into your own natural processes
Notice all Visuals - Auditary - Kinesthetic - Olfactory - Gustatory components.
and re-run this over and over again, improving every single time.
Notice all Visuals - Auditary - Kinesthetic - Olfactory - Gustatory components.
Adopt - Adapt - Run - Improve

Step 7:
Repeat the whole exercise over again and do daily for a month
Notice all Visuals - Auditary - Kinesthetic - Olfactory - Gustatory components.
Perfect - Repeat - 30 days

If you think about it, the world is yours when you become an NLP Modeler. If you like this article then be sure to share with friends that would like to learn more about NLP Training and learning NLP for themselves.
There are over 300 articles on NLP is fun so be sure to click on any other article to learn NLP as soon as you would like

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Alphabet Pain by Owen Fitzpatrick | NLP is Fun

On the bright side some people have proven to be contributing towards ending racism and those people will be highlighted in my blog as heroes, especially when so many are silent.

Today I am Featuring Owen Fitzpatrick of Owen Fitzpatrick International (OFI)
Owen Writes in his description:

"So, last week, I was struggling to write out what was going through my head about Black Lives Matters and the George Floyd case and the protests.... so I wrote a poem called ‘Alphabet Pain’ and got some friends to record it with me. Here it is. Edited by Michael Cutrone. Narrated by Shahana Jan, James Boyd, Esther Levy and Owen Fitzpatrick."

Owens Alphabet Pain Poem is so powerful, I would love to hear your thoughts.
Black Lives Matter 

An open letter 2020 | NLP is Fun

An Open Letter

It is such an incredible time to be alive. Vegas is opening back up with the lights on again on the strip and many gathering places such as Restaurants and Casino's open.

It still does not feel the same and we know that people are still getting sick with Covvid 19 unfortunately. Many places are still on some type of lock down even being punished for being outside when more than two people at a time.

We are in a worldwide racism protest to overcome the senseless killing of Black people at the hands of Police Brutality over the years. George Floyd's murder shook the hearts and minds of most every person alive.
One Police Officer asphyxiated the life out of his black male body for 8 minutes and 46 seconds by kneeling on his neck with his hands in his pockets while his 3 Back up officers watched and did nothing to spare his life.

Around the world people are outraged at the inhumanity of it in general, and the White supremacist movement rising in America and even worldwide in particular.

We appreciate each of you that stand in support, and we pray for better treatment wherever we are.
We must continue to make a stand until this racial injustice is improved and on a permanent rise to equal human justice for every single person without any hint of oppression of one race or supremacy of another.

To say nothing and attempt to ignore it as these injustices are brought to the surface is no longer an option. Silence is just the same as violence.

You know that no race is superior to another. No person's life is more valuable than the next person.
We are speaking about Life force and for that reason we protest.

Black lives Matter

We Pray for the families whom have already lost loved ones in this protest stand strong, God bless you.

Stand Firm

We have many role models who have paved the way to teach us this.
We must also find a way to get back to the goodness of "us" in our souls.

A way to heal ancestral Trauma
A way to Thrive and yet continue to stand firm.

May you be safe in all ways blessings, love and protection to you and your family.
If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything.