Thursday, June 11, 2020

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An Open Letter

It is such an incredible time to be alive. Vegas is opening back up with the lights on again on the strip and many gathering places such as Restaurants and Casino's open.

It still does not feel the same and we know that people are still getting sick with Covvid 19 unfortunately. Many places are still on some type of lock down even being punished for being outside when more than two people at a time.

We are in a worldwide racism protest to overcome the senseless killing of Black people at the hands of Police Brutality over the years. George Floyd's murder shook the hearts and minds of most every person alive.
One Police Officer asphyxiated the life out of his black male body for 8 minutes and 46 seconds by kneeling on his neck with his hands in his pockets while his 3 Back up officers watched and did nothing to spare his life.

Around the world people are outraged at the inhumanity of it in general, and the White supremacist movement rising in America and even worldwide in particular.

We appreciate each of you that stand in support, and we pray for better treatment wherever we are.
We must continue to make a stand until this racial injustice is improved and on a permanent rise to equal human justice for every single person without any hint of oppression of one race or supremacy of another.

To say nothing and attempt to ignore it as these injustices are brought to the surface is no longer an option. Silence is just the same as violence.

You know that no race is superior to another. No person's life is more valuable than the next person.
We are speaking about Life force and for that reason we protest.

Black lives Matter

We Pray for the families whom have already lost loved ones in this protest stand strong, God bless you.

Stand Firm

We have many role models who have paved the way to teach us this.
We must also find a way to get back to the goodness of "us" in our souls.

A way to heal ancestral Trauma
A way to Thrive and yet continue to stand firm.

May you be safe in all ways blessings, love and protection to you and your family.
If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything.

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