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NLP Pattern Visual Squash | NLP is Fun

Neuro linguistic programmers use a pattern called Visual squash which is an NLP Pattern that is easy and fast to over come inner conflict, indecision and unconscious turmoil.
This Exercise is used in Neuro linguistic programming to experience real wholeness for the purpose of well being.

Remember if the unconscious and conscious mind are in conflict the desired state will not happen and the new behavior will not shift into high gear. this feels bad too and can cause other behavioral problems.

Here are a couple of examples of when to use Visual Squash:
You want to loose weight but eat cake all the time and have no willpower
You want to drop your mean friend but find yourself spending more time together
You say you care about doing something different but always do the same thing

Inner conflict feels bad and in the end the person will feel bad about themselves and their behavior.

How to do Visual Squash and resolve internal conflict

1) Identify the area of conflict and make a mental image of each, fully associating in Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Olfactory Gustatory use your hands and put one part in each hand.

2) Learn and Understand the possible highest intention of each part and name them for yourself visualizing each one and feel the weight of each one, is one heavier than another ?

3) Share the positive resources between each of the parts and develop an Image of the integrated shared resources now Visualize it and pay attention to this being a positive feeling.

4) Turn the parts to face each other while focusing on the Third image of the highest intention and positive feeling  and squash all parts into this it is fun to make a sound (like squishing or slapping) when your hands merge together and experience the changes from Problem state into Desired State.

5) Experience the powerful positive energy of the new integration, by bringing your hands to your heart and experiencing your whole wholeness for as long as you like.

6) Pick any situation in the future to future pace your experience of wholeness in a place that in the past may have been in congruent.

A mother brought her son to Mahatma Ghandi. she begged " Please Mahatma tell my son to stop eating sugar"Ghandi paused and then said "Bring your son back in two weeks" Puzzled the woman thanked him and said she would do as he asked.Two weeks later, she returned with her son . Ghandi looked the youngster in the eye and said, "Stop eating sugar" Grateful but bewildered, the woman asked "Why did you have me come back in two weeks to just tell him that, I am sure you could have told him that the first day ?"
Ghandi said "Two weeks ago I was also eating sugar" 

This excerpt was Taken from Maps, Models and the structure of Reality by Kim Kostere and Linda Malatesta
Reference Millman, 1980, 1984 P. 135

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NLP is Fun has many articles about Neuro linguistic programming, Language patterns and Hypnosis for you to read, in fact you could probably apply one pattern a day for a whole year. see you on the next one.

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