Sunday, June 14, 2020

Powerful Affirmation Techniques | NLP is Fun

Many people wonder do Affirmations really work, for that reason I have decided to speak on this NLP Blog post about how to get the most out of your own affirmations.

You make also be wondering can you use NLP to create better Affirmations and if you are curious about how Neuro linguistic programming will improve your affirmations you will love this post.
I will explain an affirmation technique you can use right now that impacts the unconscious mind very quickly.

How to create a Powerful affirmation that works instantly
You must decide on your Outcome first to create the most powerful affirmation ever


Get clear on what is the specific desire and turn it into an actual sentence like this
I want to get better at football


Create the real Affirmation and turn it into an I am Statement like this
I am great at football

Now Amplify and turn up the volume and intensity of your affirmation which makes you fully connected to it and in NLP we call this Fully Associated.
Real eyes if you cannot feel the reality of this statement you are dissociated from the outcome which means you probably are in conflict with the belief or expectation of this actually happening.
If this is the case it is very likely it will not happen.
Your unconscious mind must accept this before it happens.

Now explain how you have evidence of this Visual Auditary Kinesthetic say it like this
I know this because V.A.K (evidence):

I can see myself Playing better than I ever have now
I can hear people telling me I am great at football
I feel great about my football skills now

Now Amplify this into another Positive and stronger statement add another plus to it
And I am always getting better

Repeat the completed Affirmation 10 times each one

And Now

Now Visualize yourself doing the actual outcome and repeat 10 times

Notice the shift 
The more you commit to this process the faster you will receive your reward,
Most of all have fun with it!

You may be interested in repeating this exercise as many times as you can for lots of reasons. You are in charge of running your own brain as soon as you like,


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