Thursday, June 18, 2020

Milton Model Presupposition | " You might become Aware" | NLP is Fun

You might become Aware is a Milton Model Presupposition simply becoming aware is noticing what is already there isn't it.

All you have to do is Notice and when you do you will be plugged in to noticing it and that is a great feeling isn't it.
Who wouldn't choose this.
This brings all of your attention exactly where it is practical and focused on your outcome, the outcome you would really like don't you.
That Trancy feeling of going inside yourself to that harmonious place of possibility and focusing on what you like even more.

Have you noticed what happens first as you become more aware of where your attention is going ?
Perhaps you would like to spend even more time focusing on the things that you like and feel great to you .. it is just a thought.

The Pattern is:

"You might become Aware of _________ when you _________ "

You might become aware of your knowledge expanding easier than before as you read NLP is Fun can you notice the fun feeling of learning more Neuro Linguistic programming now ?

Would you like to have fun with this pattern you might notice this is easier than you think when you use it.

"Now what I would like to do is something simple, and what I would like you to do is to start now, because you see, one of the things about hypnosis is its purely a subjective experience and if you are going to have a subjective experience, you really should do it yourself."

Richard Bandler 

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