Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Conversational Hypnosis | Stacking Realities | NLP is Fun

In Neuro Linguistic programming our focus is on creating Transformations always and in all ways NLP Language patterns are a great way to use conversational change that will work in every area of Hypnotic language to create a massive change.
"Stacking Realities" is a process that embeds one story inside another. it can be a little bit confusing as well as relaxing to experience.
Follow along with this simple and yet highly Influential Language pattern.

How to Stack Realities - Conversational Hypnosis 

1. Decide on the intended outcome first think of it as a Theme that unconsciously threads your stories together and make sure it meets all well formed conditions.

2. Put together quite a few bite sized story pieces and make sure they all can lead one into another perhaps using the Milton model "Quotes" pattern although you decide what will work best for you.
I had a client once  a little bit like you as it happens ..... who wanted to .... which had been causing her an enormous amount of worry ... until one day when she met a nice young man at the Bike shop and he said "well you could worry all day and night but will that change it" My father always would say "If you don't like it. fix it" and she realized after a spell all her attention had been going on what she didn't want, and said wow I really  value the process of living in the moment and just being present ....

3. When using quotes take the opportunity to embed a process into the quote
 " Milton Erickson would always utilize what was happening at the time to his own advantage" I heard Richard Bandler say "Think of a Challenge as an opportunity"

4. Test this simple and effective strategy out with a partner and get creative with it.

"Before you learn to give people the right suggestions you must know how to ask the right questions, and the right questions are those that tell you how the problem functions, rather than why the person or his or her therapist believes it occurred"

Richard Bandler 

Let me know how you do with it and realize you could learn something new on this Blog every single day for a year with close to 300 Blog posts on NLP is Fun NLP Blog so see you on the next one.

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