Monday, June 15, 2020

7 Habits of a highly Effective NLP Coach | NLP is Fun

If you know about Neuro Linguistic Programming you will know That NLP can be used extremely well for Coaching and Learning, as well as learning how to Model a new behavior.
In many ways NLP Coaching is a highly effective alternative to traditional therapies.
Because of the components emphatically used.

Neuro = Using sensory awareness predicates = to identify and transform experience
Linquistic = Using Language to Identify an Transform patterns
Programming = Rewiring patterns that do not currently work and installing patterns that work highly effectively.

Perhaps you would like to become an NLP Coach or receive NLP Coaching or Training, here are some of the points to consider when choosing a Neuro linguistic programming Coach.

Here are 7 Habits of a highly Effective NLP Coach 

1. We are Proactive and creative with the focus on outcomes more than being formal in our approach.

2. Our Sensory awareness is highly developed and we respond to our client in the present rather that creating a strategy of what could or should be done.

3. We demonstrate creative flexibility, adapting and using different approaches that work and teach our clients to use the same approach in their own behavior.

4. We share an unspoken belief that the structure of a clients problem is more important for creating a change than the content of the clients problem.

5. We see every problem as a challenge and an opportunity to learn something

6. We regard the clients circumstance as an attempt to deal with a problem, rather that seeing them as "broken" or "Stuck"

7. We have certain unconscious, intuitive skills and behavior patterns in common.

"Build powerful hope for People, build it not so much from understandings. Build hope from an experience. Create this experience, reality is built from ideas. Create this experience repeatedly. Most of the time, most people have that backwards."

Richard Bandler   

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