Monday, June 22, 2020

NLP Milton Model | Indirect Patterns of Elicitation | NLP is Fun

Do you like Ericksonian Hypnosis, if you love Neuro Linguistic Programming you would love these Indirect Elicitation patterns which come from the Milton Model. which of course is the Language Modeled by Richard Bandler and John Grinder on Milton Erickson

Here are Milton Ericksons Indirect elicitation patterns 
Using them will get a response that is extremely specific even though it is requested in an indirect way.

Embedded Commands
Softeners on either side and the Command Embedded in to the middle. I have written about this extensively here 
"Perhaps you already know that you will decide to go, in the end"

Analogue Marking 
Set the Command apart by using some type of Marker you are "Marking" out an action that needs to be taken either by changing your voice tonality in some way or using a tool to touch as you speak of this action each time.
"You may realize that Everyone loves being Hypnotized in one way or another" 

Embedded Questions 
And Embedded Question is a Question that is hidden within a larger statement.  
"I am wondering if you would like to be hypnotized again when we next do it" 

Negative Commands
Put the Negative first and act as if you do not want what you want.
"I don't know if you like this style of language pattern or not" 

Conversational Postulates 
If I say this, you could say yes or no but what I really like about it, is that you take instant action instead.
"Could you shut the door" 

"So as you go inside, wherever you go when you get in there I often wonder where you go inside, you know how far can you go, and what I want you to do is remember ."

Richard Bandler

Remember these incredible hypnotic patterns begin the process of change and transformation as the person has to go inside to discover all of their answers.These are suggestions within suggestions that work wonderfully, can you imagine how well they will work for you to now ? 

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