Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Language Matters - NLP is Fun

Language Matters doesn't it, some people say that Words are just words, those of us whom use words on purpose know the power of words don't we.

As Occultists, Philosophers and Psychologists know Words have magical Effects.
Richard Bandler  - Guide to Transformation page 31 

Words have enormous Power and speak directly to a persons Unconscious mind. If this were not so advertisers and sales people alike would not spend so much time on writing the "Copy".

Words trigger responses in other people, words are hypnotic,  words are influential, words are suggestions.

Your words can create an unintentional meaning in other people, perhaps you did not even mean to, in this Chaos culture of 2020 please think before you speak.

Many of you know I am a LOUD advocate for the Civil rights of Black people world wide.
Of course personally it means something to me, that it may not mean to you.

With that being said, it can mean something to you if you care.
An example of this is, those of you know I love Dogs and Animals. I spoke out quite a bit when people used to say nasty things about Pit bulls and tried to generalize about their behavior.
I care about the treatment of Dogs passionately although I am not a dog.

In this Blog post I would like you to consider that words matter, we could argue about the meaning of words blah blah blah.

I am going to be transparent with you.
Any one of us can find a word that insults another person, this is why words matter.
If you care about becoming an excellent communicator that is not an ***hole.

Think before you speak !
Calibrate the meaning of your communication.

Real eyes words can be substituted for words that  work better within a certain context. you loose nothing, in fact you exercise your skill in being mindfully creative and flexible.

If you put your foot down against it, well in my mind you are on the wrong side of an argument.
Change your words to be empathetic to a persons experience.

Treat people with the dignity and respect any one of us desires.
I love you, all of you. Blessings.

If you want to read another post about NLP specifically be my guest there are around 300 Published Neuro Linguistic programming articles as well as articles about Hypnosis, NLP Language patterns and more on NLP is Fun.

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